137 Rebuilding

Hiro and the rest appeared in the house and let out a big breath of relief. Hiro smiled and said "We're back-" there was a loud shout "DADDY!" and Hiro was tackled by Sakura. He caught her and spun around before putting her on the ground.

He looked at her and nodded in satisfaction. She had a long ponytail going down to her ass and was around 5'7, her chest and butt were plump and she didn't look like anything was wrong with her.

For reference, Isabella was 5'8 and they were both 15 years old. Then again, girls grow faster than guys and Zerotwo was 6ft, Hiro was 6'2.

Hiro grabbed Sakura and lifted her clothes, looking for any marks as he said "Are you okay? Did anything happen while we were gone? Did you eat well?" Sakura teared up and hugged him saying "Everything is fine. I missed you." she hugged Zerotwo and Isabella, crying with tears of joy.

Zerotwo smiled and Isabella grabbed Sakura's hands saying "I HAVE to tell you about what happened, sis." Sakura giggled and they started talking endlessly. Hiro rolled his eyes and whistled, a dozen Hiro's appeared and merged into him again, Hiro got all their memories for 2 years, all the training, etc.

Eri looked around nervously while Yami just said "Ah." and crossed his arms. Hiro patted their heads and put them down on the ground. Eri held Hiro's leg, while Yami stumbled to the toys, before falling face first into a bunny plushie.

Hiro shook his head and walked outside, hearing a commotion.

He watched Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi run past him. Hiro shot out his tails and grabbed the 3 saying "How many times do I have to tell you to stop running around like monkeys." Konohamaru said "You damn old man! Let me go!"

Udon and Moegi covered his mouth and shook in fear saying "Sensei! He didn't mean that!" Hiro closed his eyes and took a deep breath before roaring "I'M ONLY 34, YOU DAMN BRAT!" his shout echoed across the entire village and blew Konohamaru's hair back.

Kakashi was reading when he heard the shout and chuckled "He's back." before disappearing.

Konohamaru swayed and said "Gomen... Sensei..." Hiro smiled and put him down saying "Good! Now you know!" he flicked his middle and index finger up and said nostalgically "Room!" an invisible dome appeared around the entire village.

Hiro grabbed the air and a cat appeared in his hands. The cat started hissing and Hiro lifted it close saying "Ehhh?" the cat shivered and pressed it's paws together, bowing it's head and meowing. Hiro threw the cat to Konohamaru saying "After you send in your mission come here." before walking back into the house.

Konohamaru and the cat looked at each other and Konohamaru said "He's still scary." the cat nodded and meowed in agreement. Konohamaru lifted it and said "Hey! You're not too bad, cat!" the cat meowed smugly and gave him a thumbs up.

The duo of boy and cat laughed together and walked away hand in paw.

Udon mumbled "Did he just become friends with a cat?" Moegi had hearts in her eyes as she said "That's my Konohamaru~!" skipping after him. Udon sighed "It's a cat..." as he flashed after the duo.

Hiro walked into his study and looked at the friend shelf, there were more! There was new additions with Mavis, All Might, Kakashi, Guy, Jiraya, Fuyumi, Teuchi, and Makarov. They were all in different poses and Hiro smiled as he looked at them.

He went back downstairs and Eri ran to him, grabbing his leg and looking scared. She didn't like new places. Hiro patted her head, he gave her a 10 year experience token and she could control her quirk as easy as breathing now. Not to mention he unlocked her everything.

She was a little monster by herself.

Konohamaru knocked on the door and Hiro went to open it, Konohamaru said "Hey! What did you need me for?" Hiro walked outside and went to the backyard, he took out the Monkey Scroll and said "It's time for you, Konohamaru."

Konohamaru gasped and jumped around, Eri watched him and hid behind Hiro's leg. Hiro chopped his head, slamming him face first into the ground as he said "Pay attention!" before unrolling the scroll and telling him what to do.

Konohamaru wrote his name in blood and left his hand prints. Hiro rolled up the scroll and said "Now summon." Konohamaru summoned a small monkey ninja. The monkey looked at Konohamaru and said "Hey! I was bathing with some beauties! What did you call me for?!" Hiro blinked and Eri gasped in awe.

Konohamaru said "You're my summon! I'm going to be the 7th Hokage!" The monkey said "I don't care about that! Call me when there's beauties around!" before disappearing. Konohamaru was stunned and Hiro laughed.

Enma suddenly appeared and looked at Konohamaru before saying "You kept your word." Hiro smiled and said "I always do." Enma smiled and looked at Konohamaru saying "I am Enma, the Monkey King. I was also your Grandfather's summon."

Konohamaru was in awe and Hiro said telepathically "He doesn't know. Let's keep it that way." Enma nodded and explained to Konohamaru how the summoning worked before advising him to keep the scroll safe at all times. If it gets lost, there won't be anymore Monkey ninja summons.

Konohamaru promised with his life, stunning Enma, who smiled and patted his head before disappearing to tell the rest of the monkeys.

Hiro gave Konohamaru the Monkey scroll saying "Don't lose it." Konohamaru hugged the scroll and nodded, Hiro smiled and said "Come and eat inside." he brought Konohamaru inside and started cooking with Eri helping him, bringing over vegetables. Hiro smiled and said "You don't have to help, Eri."

Eri said tenderly "I want to, daddy." Hiro smiled softly and brought her to his shoulders saying "You're such a cutie!" Eri giggled and hugged his head.

A while later

Hiro went to serve the food and smiled at Kakashi, Guy, Jiraya, and Naruto already sitting down. He made extra for this exact reason. He served the food and sat down saying "Time sure flies..."

Jiraya laughed and Hiro added with an extra vein on his head "Yet you're still in my damn house for a free meal!" as he tackled Jiraya and beat him up, making everyone sweat drop. Jiraya shouted "Help! Your food is too good!"

Hiro growled "IT'S FREE TOO, EH?!" Jiraya screamed and the rest ate quickly.

A while later

The kids were away, playing and talking. Zerotwo was holding Eri and Sakura was playing with Yami as they caught up with Naruto.

Hiro was sitting at the table and served coffee with croissants as he said "The village?" Kakashi sipped his coffee saying "Nothing has changed." Hiro rolled his eyes and said "Of course it hasn't. Did she do ANYTHING during this time?"

They were all silent and Hiro rubbed his eyes saying "Great. There's a new face on the wall, and nothing has changed. That's stellar. Did she make a Medical Ninja facility at least?" Guy just shook his head.

Hiro scratched his neck and chuckled angrily, Jiraya said "There's something else. That Akatsuki group is moving again." Hiro sipped his coffee and hummed "What did she say about this?" Jiraya sighed "Keep watching."

Hiro laughed and said "Omega useless..." he sighed and said "Alright, let's do it. Hokage time for me then." the three were stunned and Jiraya said "How are you going to?" Hiro shrugged "We'll manage. Just ask her to retire, she's done nothing except put her face up. Go talk to the elders, I'll start working on the Village itself."

They nodded and Hiro flashed away.

He appeared under the village and spread out his 'Room'. He teleported all the New Anbu out saying "Rebuilding. It will be a while, report to Kakashi and Jiraya." the ninja nodded and disappeared.

Hiro looked at everything and mumbled "This isn't good... It looked like a fucking prison..." he sighed and started moving his hands around, using his new magic. He wiped away everything inside, before creating a giant empty space under the village.

It was basically a giant square.

Hiro hovered in the air as materials flowed out and were morphed to shapes he wanted. He coated the walls in metal, making the floor and roof out of them as well. He compacted the rock around the metal building to make it firmer so it wouldn't collapse in on itself.

He went under the square and made an even bigger room before assembling a giant Arc Reactor and hooking it up to the cube. He sealed it shut, it was going to be only him who knew about it. Fortunately, the area was deep enough to the point that unless the Planet explodes, nothing will even touch the Arc Reactor.

It was completely safe.

He then started working on the new Anbu area, the bottom floor was the training room with high tech equipment and unbreakable materials. The next floor was a living area with bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, tables, etc.

After that it was the Jutsu library, fitted with all the jutsus Hiro had so far. He made gravity rooms around with varying multiplications of the Gravity for each room that were labeled.

He looked around before installing the electricity and powering the entire place. He fitted the workout room with God Slayer Goods' weights and other training equipment before contacting the Anbu.

It had been 3 days since he started.

He made the door a key pad and gave them the code, putting a seal in their minds that forbade them of speaking of the code. They physically could not say it out loud or write it down, if someone tried to look into their memories, the code would just simply vanish.

They all knew it so it wasn't a big deal.

He sent them back and told them to resume operations as he returned to the surface to find out Naruto, Sakura, and Isabella left on a Mission. Mittens left as well, back to Ninja Neko.

Kakashi appeared and said "Let's go." Hiro nodded and they both disappeared.

Hiro reappeared in the Hokage's office and looked at the papers everywhere. He picked them all up and went over them and all the scrolls before mumbling "What a mess..." he waved and pulled everything to him before adding "Serious upgrades are required... Good thing I did that before."

He clapped and said "Okay! Let's get to work. Shouldn't you be on a mission?" Kakashi said "I copied the Shadow Clone Jutsu." Hiro nodded and said "Okay. Cancel it, I can handle things from here." Kakashi nodded and disappeared.

Hiro made several shadow clones and gave them tasks before getting to work. He floated in the air of Konoha and teleported everyone outside the village, putting them to sleep.

He started changing Konoha completely, restructuring buildings, changing the shape, optimizing the lay out, etc. He even built a Medical Ninja facility and mixed it with the hospital having classrooms in the basement along with training dummies, etc.

He made the train that goes around Konoha from Boruto as well.

He changed almost all the buildings to look more modern and new, while connecting the power to them all and installing lights and modern living equipment, etc. The Hokage building was restructured as well to be bigger and better.

He made a computer and put it in the new hokage's office with the main Network under the Anbu building with the Arc Reactor. Really it was just a network that was around Konoha. Hiro took Oni Attire and God Slayer Goods and expanded the buildings, making them bigger and more centralized, along with his house and Teuchi's Ramen shop.

He remade the Ramen shop to look exactly the same but with his materials, he even added exotic spices and made new tools, connecting everything with electricity.

Hiro looked at the village and nodded in satisfaction, his was good for now. Later, he could make it better. He teleported everyone back and manipulated their memories to believe everything was always like this. He even made them remember what their houses were so they wouldn't get confused with the new lay out.

He passed on the knowledge of how to use all the new things to everyone before snapping his fingers, Zerotwo had sped up time inside the village as Hiro was the only one inside. It took him a week to change the entire village with his magic.

But it was only a day outside, so the villagers didn't miss much, maybe they would be confused about one day but that was it.

Hiro went down to the Hokage's office and started converting all the files onto the computer, tossing the massive amounts of scrolls behind him as he was pushing Konoha into a new technological age.

He called Tsunade to the office and she looked a bit disgruntled. Hiro rolled his eyes and said "Sit down." she sat and said "What do you want, 6th Hokage." Hiro said "Angel." Zerotwo appeared and said "Hm?" Hiro looked at Tsunade and said "How old are you really? Release your jutsu."

Tsunade frowned and released her jutsu, Hiro said "54... Angel, remove 30 years from her please." Zerotwo touched Tsunade's head and reverted her age back 30 years, Hiro gave her Eri's Quirk and since Zerotwo came into contact with Time before, she could use it flawlessly.

Tsunade returned to 24! She was in shock, her tits were firmer and perky again! Hiro gave her an impurity cleanse and said "Drink this, shower, then go to the Hospital. Though you didn't do anything before, you're going to do something now. I want you to train Medical Ninjas." he slapped her with two 30 yr experience token for her Medical Ninjutsu and added "I only want the best. Or I'll revert you back to a child. Go."

She nodded and left in a flash, Zerotwo sat on Hiro's desk and said "Mmm, big boss darling~ I like it." Hiro pulled her into his lap and said "Yeah?" she purred "Mhm~" he grinned and waved, locking the door and closing the blinds.

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