1 The death is only the beginning

A teenager who wasn't the biggest fan of getting girls, although he easily could, would much rather spend his time watching anime (his favourites include One-punch man, Parasyte or One piece) his is name is Kilo, he never imagined he would have died on the same day just 5 years later, the day of his family's death as well as the same way, being hit by a white truck just 4 blocks away.

He knew it, he knew he was dead as soon as it went pitch black and felt like he was falling which seemed like an hour but suddenly he hit what seemed like the ground without a sound as well as no pain, he was confused especially when he heard the voice of an old man.

"Hahaha are you alright kid," the old man asked while still laughing "that was quite the fall, also forgot to mention you're dead."

"HOW CAN YOU MENTION IT LIKE THAT!" Kilo replied in a yell before starting to go back to his normal voice "well, it's not like I didn't know, also I am fine just where is this place?"

"Oh its good you're okay and this place, it's my home as well as where I reincarnate the people of my choosing and you are going into a world of your choice with 5 wishes, of course you get to choose stuff like looks, family, place of reincarnation as well as age without using a wish, so tell me where you would like to go and what are you're wishes?" the old man asked with a gentle smile.

"hmmm, maybe one-punch man, no ahh I got it," kilo said with a cheery voice and a huge smile across his face and yelled out "ONE PIECE!"

The old man smiled and said "What else?", the began the huge list from Kilo.

" I want to look handsome, be quite tall, with dark red eyes, brown hair and for ever fit like not body builder but someone who looks fast and not someone you want to mess, I want to be in the 'Monkey D' family and called 'Monkey D Kilo', I want to be Luffy's biological older brother, 3 years and 2 months older while having the same home as Luffy as well as being born and raised with him." he said quickly after taking a huge breath.

The old man gave a smile and asked, politely if that was it and if they could move onto the wishes now and with a nod that Kilo gave before taking another huge breath of air and started saying his wishes.

"Wish one: I want to be the best in the world at all haki, Wish two: I want to have an awaked air-air logia devil fruit (being able to control air and wind while being able to both make and turn into air or wind) without the weakness of seawater or water, Wish three: I want a ring that can hold items like a inventory with infinite storage, Wish four: I want an incredible healing factor that doesn't leave scars and heals any physical injury in a matter of seconds even if my head or limbs are destroyed, Wish five: I want to be good enough with a sword to be a million times better than the world's greatest swordsman, Dracule Mihawk"

The old man yet again asked if that was all while Kilo nodded and said "Yes that is all, when do I go?" then, suddenly the ground opened up as the old man said "Now, have a safe journey."

As soon as the old man said that Kilo suddenly went into the body of a new born baby and the man who was next to the woman who was holding him with a smile said "How about we call him Monkey D Kilo."

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