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Just realized I've not yet reviewed this precious masterpiece😍😍 This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful works with a thorough blending of thrill, pure friendship, humour, romance, wonderful familial bonding and what not❤❤❤ Coming to our ML who acts all aloof, stingy and overbearing at times is a adorable sweetheart😅 The FL is a badass, smart, sassy, optimistic, strong..hehe she's just love💞 We've also got one sweet lil munchkin who can steal our hearts within seconds n she's just too smart for her own good😘 Other characters are also so lively, sweet, and absolutely lovable😇💯 All in all, this novel is amazingly gripping and one of a kind..I bet this gonna be one of the bestest read😻 Great work author.. U got this😍❤


I don't give my novels a full rating because I believe there's always room to improve 😅 That said, I wanna say to all my readers that I LOVE YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH 😭😭😭 Tbh I wrote this book with the least amount of expectation since I felt its my most cliche story. But I was so surprised and overwlemed by the amount of fans this book gained in a short span of time! I am truly grateful to all of you for reading this. I know there are a few disturbing elements like serial killing and some gruesome descriptions (but i swear it's only to show a crime and a lot of these cases are based on real life criminals) But I assure you guys, in the heart of it is a loving family who go through a lot of happiness and heartbreak (albeit in a funny way) I always make sure I portray strong ML and FL in all my books to show that relationships should be healthy. The ML here might seem cold but is really a fluffy guy who would do anything for his loved ones while my FL didn't let her mistakes define her life but rather embraced her regrets. And tying them is a little cutie pie 😂 So I hope you guys enjoy this crazy yet adorable family ❤️❤️❤️


It is very interesting and a different kind of story. A badass detective FL and a classic powerful CEO with a secret mystery on their hands. I can't wait for how the leads will wind up together, given the circumstance. I can see that their love for their child will ultimately bring them closer. At least, I am looking forward to the romantic side of the novel. Hehe! As always, the author writes perfectly just like her other novels. Keep it up! :)


Where do I start? The author writing style which I absolutely adore? Or how realistic these characters are up until now? Or should I go for the plot, which is unique like her other two stories? I didn't join author form her first book but I have been a huge fan of her work from star-crossed which is also why I am reading this one. I have to say this even when it's only 5 chapters I have fallen in love with the story already. So, like a hungry reader I will just beg author for more chapters in the comments. Good job author. You have my support for this story too😍💖💕💝💗


Finally! This has started and knowing the author pretty well for her amazing writing style, I'm sure this is going to be another interesting adventure and I can't wait to follow. Title and synopsis alone looks good and I'm looking forward to the development. Best of luck author.


This novel is intriguing! I am liking the characters so far, and although I usually don't like kids in the novels, Jina is so cute! Good luck!


Just wow!!! 😍😍 What a powerful beginning! Amazing writing style. It's a must read because the CEO ML is so stupidly competitive but it's so cute ! 🤣🤣 You will love him like me and I am sure of it. GIVE IT A TRY FELLOW READERS! It has great potential in plot and characters. You will love it. Good work author! 💕 Keep it up! 🔥🔥🔥


Yeap... Super love this that I give 5 star RATING!! Love how author creatively write this story with misteries, revenge, supernatural things, comedies, romance. The characters are cute, loveable, misterious, handsome, pretty. I could imagine this as a Korean drama... Super duper good. U should read this one


author the story is really great but there's few chapters so plzzzzzz I request author can you atleast 2 chapter per day l know you have your own work and still writing this so plz don't take my words in wrong way


Intriguing, updates are a bit slow but the plot is 👌🏼, one of the beat crime novels i’ve read and looking forward to more books by the same author.


This book is funny, sweet, suspenseful. The author has the ability to keep you engrossed in the plot. Can't wait for more chapters! Guess I read it to fast!


Stumble upon this book. . And instantly got hooked. . It is funny, mysterious, thrilling, a bit scary, exciting, and everything else that is super duper good, different, creative. I will instantly read the other books written by this super awesome talented author. .Thanks for he wonderfully written novel. . Mass mass mass release puhlizzz. .😘😘😘🙁😍😍💖💖


For me, this is the best novel I have read in so long. it is the only only which I didn't drop after 20 chapters and read all the damn 51 chapters despite hectic schedule. And I could have read more if there is more chapters. that's how addictive this story is .The story is well written and will give you a feel that you are watching a horror, comedy, romance kdrama. The story is not cliche like other romance novels and will keep you hooked since the very first chapters. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. ❤️❤️ Ps. @tea_tae what is you update schedule? I wanna know. 😂😂 I can't wait for next chapter.


"Books are a uniquely portable magic"-Stephen King By reading the Author's novels you'll feel this magic. She has the quality to engross you in her creations. I like the title and synopsis and I think others should give it a try. It has high potential. Best of luck, dear author ❤


Only 4 chapters and I feel like reading more! The main protagonist is a mother and a detective. The fact that the child doesn't know about her mom and that letter —it was heart rendering. Keep up the good work Tea!


Reveal spoiler


It's really interesting seeing the love between dectective FL and CEO ML. what kind of romance would be await them? I love to see it further


its a good story author. can't wait for the next chapter. love the story development and mystery. Even love the cute Jina.... rooting for Jina!!!


This novle has a very interesting plot with lovable characters and had me hanging on to every word because it’s just that good. The author keeps me ingaged and I love it so far.


hehehehe it the sypnopsis looks really interesting but i have a question...do you stan stray kids? im asking because of the male lead’s name lol