459 Chapter 459 Immortal fate

After a few moments of silence, a white-robed old man with deep wrinkles around his eyes and on his forehead was the first one to speak, as he looked at the Elders on the table around him and asked in a deep voice

''What does everyone think about this little girl?''

Silence filled the room for a few moments, before a beautiful middle-aged woman with her long black hair tied in a ponytail turned to look at the white-robed wrinkled Elder next to her, as she then said in the same ethereal voice that resembled a fairy's and had resounded inside the other hall a few moments ago

''Elder Sun Wen, I think everyone here understands what that girl's fate entails. 

Death, murder, darkness, blood... and yet this isn't the first time that our Holy sect is getting a disciple with such a deep and complicated fate.

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