21 Nine Years

Two weeks had passed since the death of Isula, but a cold atmosphere hung over the estate of the Snows. Grey had gone completely mad, cleansing the entire manor slaughtering everyone he deemed a traitor.

The traitors' bodies were hung high into the sky of our home, showcasing all that would occur if you were deemed to be a traitor. In all my years, I had not seen such a slaughter, yet no one dared voice their opinion before the demon known as Greyson Snow.

This had marked the end of my hiding period, and a great change within me had occurred. By my uncle's side, we began planning our next move. I had officially dropped out of school, at least for now; there were far too many factors in regards to my safety.

Mother and Father had objected, but I held steadfast in my decision. I had grown much colder since that day. With that thought of the disgusting Light of Ashna, I began my training with the Demonic Spear of Order.

No more were the days of frolicking with my parents but days of Blood and Steel. Every day I would join in the training ground fight against those older than me until I was bloodied and beaten. Mother would shed tears begging me to take it easy, but I knew that my enemy would not.

Aside from my spear training, I had broken into the next stage, known as Qi Condensation, oddly enough. A Realm where we connect to the heavens allowing us to steal qi from heaven and earth. Qi Condensation had nine stages, where we would gather the qi of heaven and earth into our Dantain.

My breakthrough shattered the record my brother had created, but I did not feel proud. Although, my Grandfather was fuming when he heard I broke through as he had prepared a cultivation bath to strengthen my foundation. Only to be shocked when he discovered that my foundation was far stronger than most.

I had originally wanted to keep on increasing my Cultivation but stopped as I felt my body changing, unfolding into something never recorded in cultivation history. The black vital qi within me had started corrupting my dantian, turning black as night. At first, I was worried, but as the years began to pass, those thoughts vanished.

It had been nine years since the day Isula had died, and the snow family had changed considerably. By Grey's side, my name slowly became known by all as the Snow families Ashen Prince.

With a step into my uncle's office, my hands behind my back with a cold, calculating expression. Grey slowly handed me a few documents causing me to sneer.

He eyed me with an inquisitive stare. Causing me to grown inwardly even after all these years, he still loves testing me. Placing the document down, I poured myself a glass of whiskey from his collection.

"Why not let the imperial whore succeed? Either way, we still win. Marquiss Dra would be in hot water for his involvement allowing us to take over some of his assets. While the house of Julus would be killed off."

"You would sacrifice Marquiss Dra for that reason alone. Preposterous, that man has one of the biggest spy networks in the kingdom. Do you really believe we can just seize his assets so easily?" said Grey with a scowl. His long fingers lightly tapping his desk as we spoke.

"When the imperial whore decided to kill the first prince, it was he who secretly founded that woman's campaign. From what we know, there is a civil war brewing in pendragon, and Marquess Dra is right in the middle. Unless the Snow family is planning on siding with the imperial whore we need to get rid of this thorn." I said, already compiling my own plan behind Grey's back.

"It's not about seizing his assets but about severing the eyes of our enemies. We can't allow Dra to live. It's as simple as that." Taking a sip of whiskey, I smiled, awaiting my uncle's response.

Grey gave a light smile on his frozen face, "Looks like we are on the same page then. I want you to kill his son, Tomas Loneheart. He is currently attending The Academy of War."

Arching my brow, I frowned, "am I an assassin now? I'm sure we have far better people for such matters."

Grey nodded before he looked up, seeing his elder brother walking in, "we do, but I need it to look like it was a younger generation issue. Tomas is Dra's only child; losing him would be disastrous for him. I would rather deal with him a mad man than a cold and calculating one. Plus, his entire focus would be around killing you."

"Using me as a pawn again, fine, but it will cost you, dear uncle. Has my spear been designed, that bastard Ray, refused to craft me a decent one?"

Grey snorted as he waved his hand, "I'm not your nanny. Find out for yourself. Your class starts today. I want Tomas dead by the end of the year. The sooner, the better." he indifferently replied, ignoring my icy glare.

Gitting my teeth, I snorted, marching out of Grey's office. Looking at the morning light, I spat in disgust before heading in a carriage that began trailing towards the school.

Looking deep inside my Dantain as I waited for the carriage to arrive. After nine years, my body had finally stopped adapting to my new realm. I suspected it was changing due to the fusion of Darkness within my dantian.

Feeling the cool, indifferent black mist of qi, my mind returned to the real world as I stared out the carriage window. It was finally time to begin cultivating Demonic Sacrilege. After nine years, I would finally begin my journey to the top.

Laughing with satisfaction, I sat crossed-legged before my mind connected to the qi of heaven and earth. Feeling the neutral qi that hung in the air. A dark vortex appeared deep within my dantian, devouring all the qi around me like a black hole.

My baren Dantain slowly began being filled as I began refining all the qi that was being absorbed. A deep warmth slowly covered my body, causing me to moan in pleasure. Unlike those that had to awaken all their meridian in this stage, I was able to cultivate without worry as Qi began overflowing within my body.

Feeling satisfied, I stopped turning towards a massive castle from nine years ago. Groaning, I stepped out of the carriage, already dressed in the academy's uniform. With my hair tied in a neat ponytail, I gave a cold snort before stepping in what would be my new hell yet again.

"I need to move out...this is exhausting."

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