Monarch of Darkness, Arsene
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Monarch of Darkness, Arsene


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What is Monarch of Darkness, Arsene

Read Monarch of Darkness, Arsene novel written by the author Lord_Damocles on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, r18, comedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


My end was not majestic, my beginning was not beautiful, but I will make damn sure that I rise once more. No more shall I bend a knee, no more shall I hide, no more shall I cower. No more shall the light guild my path, for only Darkness remains. *** Killed by the universe's greatest killer, Truck-Kun. My existence was twisted as I gazed up at King-Yama, staring down at me with revulsion, "You sick bastard, you ate people." He bellowed, glaring at me with disgust. Snorting, I gathered my courage raising my head high and proud, my voice carrying a hint of pride, "So what, have you ever tried it...Let me ask you, have you ever had sex." A bewildered expression hung on his rugged appearance as he absentmindedly nodded. A slight smirk crossed my face as I declared, "then have you ate ass," "WHAT!!!" He balled in panic, shivering like a guilty man on trial. "HAHA, you call me disgusting, but it appears you were sucking ass, now that is truly disgusting. I don't judge, but if you ask me, I will stick to cannibalism." "THAT NOT A FAIR COMPARISON, YOU LITTLE SHIT," *** I don't own the cover.

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Shhhhh🤫 Just let this review happen. It's not shamelessness...maybe🙄 Follow your favorite cannibal as he travels the world. There will be romance, there will be action, there will be booty, but most of all there will be a feast...if you catch my drift. 😗


Synopsis hooked me😂😂😂 So I thought why not. A great read. I hope ppl will give this one a chance and they should! A fantastic book actually All the best 🧡🧡🧡 Keep it up💓💓


This novel is one of the best On site hands down so many Writers fail to establish a romance that doesn’t make the Mc a simp or alows a side character to outshine the Mc, while at the same time The side characters have their own destiny and are not riding the coat tail of the Mc to gain power ups, his Potential girlfriend does not use him like in many stories on this site 😤🤷🏾‍♂️ she has her own goals and is just a ruthless as the Mc without out shining the Mc or slowing the the pace of the story down, you writers out there that Lie about ruthless Mcs in your description eat your hearts out 🖕🏾and leaRn something from this master writer 😁 world building need some work but other than that Great work 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


Like majority of novels on this site, it starts out well only to become unbearable, cringy and embarrassing to read. Decent quality of writing, with little errors but poor sentence structure... 3 stars Updates are reliable... 3 stars Story development involves almost every single character trying to kill mc with no reason and mc fighting them in retaliation... so plot is nonexistent and in its place is the typical angst and drama associated with silly revenge novels... 1 star because I can't give zero Character design amounts to mc, fmc and everyone else... all characters beside mc and fmc have changes in behavior for plot convenience (eg: his parents who are rebellious turn meek and cowardly so that mc's enemies can attack him, all so that mc can have his edgy revenge arcs... yes they are only revenge arcs so far)... I give this 1 star otherwise i would give it zero Worldbuilding involves mentioning of location names... no place is described hence impossible to imagine... 2 stars


Hmm, an interesting story with an interesting MC and who seems like the FL is also intriguing though weird af, alas the story isn't advanced enough to know more yet. I will say though that there are some grammatical errors that are quite a pain sometimes, though not something that detracts from the story. I've no problem with the update stability, but the pacing seems off, like sometimes it's very fast other times it's excruciatingly slow. Also, fair warning for new readers, I believe that the author doesn't explain much of the world, background and other details that may seem important, it is frustrating af, but he seems to go by the "Give small snippets of information in time" approach, rather than explaining things sooner. As I said this is frustrating though bearable, for me at least, idk about others. Anyway, this is a story with great potential which honestly deserves a chance, though it seems to be obscured by others, I found it by accident myself.


I like Dark novels with evil mC in them Plus the Canabalism Gives it an advantage oVer other novels if you keep him evil and not turn him into a bero and a good Mc it will beone of the bests. (You know Mc can eat his lovers literaly )


Loving this story so far. This work is proof that strong characters make stories worth reading. The protagonist is a fantastic character and is a blast to follow. The humor from his twisted world views and personality make each chapter such an entertaining read. Loved how he talked back to the demon after his death. I also never thought I could find so much amusement in reading a chapter about a baby in his mother's womb, but here you have it. As for the story itself, it is certainly a unique one and I look forward to seeing where it goes in future installments. The author seems to have a clear idea of where he is taking it. From a technical standpoint, this is a well-written work with little to no errors I could notice and the prose flows nicely, making for easy reading. Great original story that is well worth checking out.


One of the best books i read on webnovel. MC has all the characteristics i like. Mostly MC that are described as evil are not evil but in this book i can say hes rly evil xD


great novel over all and a very interesting concept the grammer is not bad only few mistakes are made but the only problem that I face that sometimes I find my self lost a new charchter is introduced and I am supposed to know him ? and the time skips aren't that clear but every thing else is ok


I love this novel ❣💞 ..... ..................................... ......... ................................. .............................................................................................................................


I'll give you a 4/5* right now because I haven't read yet, but ATM of the comment I'll be reading. can't wait because your summary got me interested and hooked


10 over 10. Reading this boon I got chills. the start is very intruiging and the plot progresses so nicely. [img=update][img=coins][img=fp][img=exp][img=recommend] Update stability is my envy. Your dedication is absolutely amazing


Great pacing! Great storytelling. I am truly enjoying reading this novel. It's one hell of a journey. Characters are relatable, especially the MC Arsene. Emoions are there too. I would want to follow him and his journey along. There are a bit of typos here and there but it does not affect the readability that much. Some passages have a poetic tone to it, which i believe, added flavor to the novel. I don't usually read ML-leading novels or cultivation novel but this one has captured my attention. I will surely read on. Its quite fascinating. 🤗


I'd like how you utilize your words to express explosive thoughts. Good job! Also, it's well written not too fast and not too slow. Keep up the good work! Your book is a masterpiece!


I've already added it to my list after reading the first three chapters. I like the way you twisted the tropes. The writing style is smooth and easy on the eye, nothing wrong with other than few punctuations mistakes that I noticed. The descriptions were vivid and easy to understand bringing the colour to the writing. My only advise is that- dark humour is quite hard to write, if you wrote something wrong it might hurt someone's feelings so be keep that in mind. Overall it's a goodread, I was reminded of konosuba reading it.


Here are my thoughts! Firstly, the style of writing the author has is really pleasant to read! It flows nicely, and has just the right amount of description that doesn't bog you down with too many details. The main character is an absolute gem: they are witty, dark, humerous and it was really enjoyable following their blazon antics. I think the plot ia also great, and the world building behind it is well thought out. I was really impressed with how fleshed out this story was when I read it. My only critique is a few gramatical errors, but other than that, great work!


Loving it so far, the main character is hilariously dark. Not a lot of world building in the firat two chapters, but what is there is structurally sounds and pulls the story along. There are some grammar/writing errors. It’s not enough to distract from the story and is easily fixed with a quick edit later. I’m waiting for him to pick back up his canabalistic ways.


Best read ever came through Hope it continues to grow into glory Keep the chapters coming [img=recommend] Ooh please try to bring in his family its been awhile since I saw them Don't forget his cultivation its bad to see the Mc get mopped the floor with in cultivation Thanks for novel all in all its great




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