Mommy Stuns The World After Her Divorce

A sham marriage? House arrest? Dream girl? After years of marrying Wen Jin, Yu Anwan felt her love and passion for him deplete completely. Forget it. One would never see the arrival of a boat at an airport, and a heart that didn’t love you would never warm up for you. Yu Anwan completed the divorce procedures, and then disappeared without a trace. Wen Jin had thought he wouldn’t care, but when he saw the empty bedroom, he panicked. “Yu Anwan, where are you?” Six years later, Yu Anwan made a stunning comeback with two children in hand. Wen Jin stared at the children in shock. “I’m your daddy.” Elder Yu and Younger Yu shook their heads. “No, you’re not. Mommy says that our Daddy died!” Wen Jin was speechless. He silently swore to never let her leave ever again.

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Mommy, Did You Come Back to Find Older Brother?

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Then, the two of them fell silent for a moment. Yu Xiaobao blinked her eyes, propped up her chin, and innocently asked, "Brother, Mommy, what are you doing?"

"Nothing!" Yu Dabao and Yu Anwan both responded simultaneously.

Upon hearing this, the mother and son exchanged glances. Yu Dabao snorted and bluntly said, "Mommy, are you trying to say that this place isn't safe? Are you afraid someone might be watching us, so you want to tell me that we're moving away?"

Yu Anwan smiled awkwardly and remained silent.

Annoyingly, although it was true, why did Dabao have to be so straightforward? He made it sound like she was a coward.

However, Yu Anwan did not deny Yu Dabao's speculation.

Yu Dabao glanced at Yu Xiaobao out of the corner of his eye. Seeing that Yu Xiaobao's attention had returned to the cartoon, Yu Dabao looked at Yu Anwan.

"Dabao, why are you looking at me?" Yu Anwan took the initiative and asked him. Since Yu Dabao had already seen through her plan. She said directly, "Uncle has prepared the villa in Jiang City. We'll move there directly."

Yu Dabao paid no attention and instead asked, "Mommy, did you come back this time to find brother?"

Yu Anwan fell silent for a moment when Wen Zhanyan was mentioned. In the end, she sneered and said, "Of course."

"He won't agree," Yu Dabao said straightforwardly.

He was Wen Jin, their daddy.

Of course, Yu Anwan knew that. Her expression became even more solemn. Then, she sneered. "I can't allow that b*stard to disagree. I'm not the one begging him now, he's the one begging me."

Yu Dabao raised his eyebrows and did not give any face at all. He let out a long "oh," it was evident that he didn't think highly of Yu Anwan's words.

Yu Anwan directly pinched Yu Dabao's face and said fiercely, "Dabao, tell me, do you not believe me?"

"Oh, I believe you," Yu Dabao replied indifferently.

Women and villains were hard to handle. When Yu Anwan got upset, she could nag at you until you broke down. For the sake of peace, Yu Dabao could close his eyes and coax Yu Anwan. After all, coaxing someone wouldn't hurt him at all.

Yu Anwan snorted. She knew she couldn't win against Yu Dabao, so she went to find comfort in crying with Yu Xiaobao.

Yu Xiaobao was an adorable little angel, sweetly coaxing, "Mommy is the best. I love Mommy the most."

Yu Anwan was delighted by the coaxing. Yu Dabao couldn't stand it any longer and resignedly packed the luggage he had just unpacked.

After all, his sister and mother weren't reliable. The only person he could rely on was Yu Dabao himself!

An hour later, the three of them calmly left the hotel suite and returned to Shen Xingyuan's villa in Jiang City.

When Wen Jin returned to the villa, his sharp gaze fell upon the garage. There was no evidence of tampering, not even a trace left behind. Even the surveillance cameras were destroyed.

Not to mention how Yu Anwan left, but even within the security system, every trace of intrusion was completely wiped out.

Wen Jin stood there silently, while Shen Bin and the bodyguards in the villa were trembling with fear. They did not even dare to make a sound.

"A bunch of useless people," Wen Jin scolded them with a dark tone.

In the next instant, Wen Jin's volatile temperament was fully revealed. He directly grabbed the neck of one of the bodyguards, who looked at him in terror, suffocation looming over him.

"What use do I have for you? You can't even keep an eye on a woman. She left here so openly, and you guys didn't even notice. What exactly are you all doing?" Wen Jin questioned, each word enunciated with emphasis, resonating from the depths of his throat.

The bodyguard's legs turned weak, and he didn't dare utter a sound.

Wen Jin refused to accept any explanations. He only wanted to see the final result.

And indeed, they had failed in their duty.

Until the bodyguard truly believed he would perish in Wen Jin's hands, Wen Jin suddenly released his grip. The bodyguard collapsed to the ground, but in the blink of an eye, someone silently dragged him away, vanishing before Wen Jin's eyes.

Wen Jin lowered his head and calmly picked up a piece of paper from the ground.

The elegant handwriting on it was etched clearly in Wen Jin's memory, it was Yu Anwan's handwriting.

"President Wen, tsk tsk, remember your promise. The matter from six years ago, consider it settled."

The words on the note were like a sharp blade, cutting into Wen Jin once again. It made him realize how much he had underestimated Yu Anwan.

Other than Yu Anwan, no one had ever dared to toy with Wen Jin like this. From six years ago until now, only Yu Anwan possessed audacity.

He recalled what had happened in the garage.

Wen Jin called out to Shen Bin, "Shen Bin, transfer Han Qingqiu from the sanatorium to Ruijin."

Shen Bin was stunned for a moment, but he did not dare to hesitate. He quickly said, "I'll handle it immediately."

Han Qingqiu was Yu Anwan's mother. Since Yu Anwan and Wen Jin got married, Han Qingqiu has been in a vegetative state, never waking up.

If it weren't for the Wen family's financial resources, Han Qingqiu might not have survived a few years ago.

After Wen Jin and Yu Anwan divorced, Wen Jin could have ignored Han Qingqiu, but every year, Wen Jin would still allocate funds to the sanatorium on time to keep Han Qingqiu alive.

But other than that, Wen Jin and Han Qingqiu had no contact whatsoever. It was as if he had never even visited Han Qingqiu.

Now that Han Qingqiu had suddenly been transferred from the sanatorium to Ruijin, Shen Bin couldn't help but feel puzzled, but after a moment, Shen Bin understood.

Wen Jin was forcing Yu Anwan to appear voluntarily.

Shen Bin's scalp went numb when he thought about how Yu Anwan had publicly cuckolded Wen Jin six years ago and even accused him of something he couldn't do in front of the media.

He didn't dare to imagine how much commotion Wen Jin and Yu Anwan would cause if they bumped into each other.

While Wen Jin remained standing, he crumpled the note and threw it into the trash can.

However, the next moment, Wen Jin retrieved the note from the trash can, calmly folded it, and put it in his wallet.

In Wen Jin's palm, there was also an earring. It was the one Yu Anwan had dropped during their lovemaking.

Wen Jin's gaze grew increasingly dark, tinged with a trace of ruthlessness, but it quickly disappeared.

"Yu Anwan, run. Let's see where you can escape to," Wen Jin thought to himself.

Then, Wen Jin left the villa in large strides. The black Maybach's engine roared, and soon it disappeared on the main road outside the villa.


The following days were uneventful.

Yu Anwan's emotions gradually relaxed to the point where she wasn't on edge at every little movement or sound.