72 Preparation is Everything.

I love being prepared.

Why do I say it? simply, it is because of that shifty bastard Danzo, well it was the moment when I decided to slow down on the Anbu and 'retire' of it, well even when Danzo was my cool uncle I never trusted him, the is too suspicious for his own good.

So when that suspicious guy became shifty and an asshole, I used my move of 'exiting' the Anbu to cut the strings that attached me to him. Obviously this displeased the dark shinobi immensely, so he of course started plotting against me, for the so-called betterment of Konoha. I may or may not have accelerated his little experiment show of trying to recreate the Mokuton and have his little loyal pawn to do his bidding.

And this, of course, involved our resident child predator Orochimaru, well it is like you say experiment and the guy just pop up out of nowhere, so the duo of child predators swiftly took some orphans and eagerly started their 'little' experiment, they were like two little kids on Christmas eve. And yes, I know the irony of it.

Well, while the child's nightmare duo made their little experiment, I am finishing some preparation myself. The thing is the moment I've told Danzo about my bloodline power I was already putting some of these plans in motion, so from some years I've been putting some explosive tags around his 'secrets bases'.

Well, you see a shinobi of Danzo or Orochimaru level can survive easily an explosive tag, 10 with certainty, 100 with some difficult but relatively manageable, 1000 is more difficult but is still not impossible, 10000 here we are already breaching some dangerous limits, 1000000 well at this point is kinda impossible for any of them to survive right now, both of them aren't as powerful as their cannon version, Danzo doesn't have the Sharingan yet, and Orochi hadn't made the more freakish of his experiments yet.

So my strategy is simple, I can't simply walk to their doors and kill them, the bastards have a lot of political bullshít going for them, and don't even get me on acquiring proofs, going to court a.k.a. the Hokage, and a bunch of other things, I choose the easiest solutions. Blow everything up and put the blame on the experiments. No one will suspect a Senju that isn't good with Seals ( I didn't tell anyone I am a Master of the craft) to orchestrate something like that.

The best part is that the duo thinks of themselves so smart that they probably don't suspect anything, don't get me wrong both are paranoid to a fault, they made their hideouts on some pretty obscure places, any normal Anbu would have extreme difficulties dealing with them. But for someone with [Observation Haki], they might as well put a neon sign to make it less inconspicuous.

So since I have detected their bases or some new ones they might create, I send some clones to flood the places with explosion tags, how they don't detect the tags? well, I ain't a master Sealer for nothing. And as much as both are good with seals, they can't compare themselves with the Uzumaki standard. An this Is valid for both the Loyalty seal of Danzo and the cursed seal of Orochimaru, I already cracked both.

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Well the cursed seal isn't complete yet, but its bases are already made, I think Orochi is missing some crucial ingredients like Juugo DNA, and other things, but the guy already did the seal work, sadly for him, I easily cracked it. It was easy because I've seen both of them develop the seal [Observation haki] is such a cheat.

While I was putting some more seals I said: "Well both of the guys are more cockroaches than anything might as well up the explosion seals number.". Proceeds to put one billion seals on each hideout.

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