73 Its Free Real State.

After dealing with the cockroach duo, I was relatively more relaxed, liking or not they where a constant bother on my mind, now I just need the perfect timing to explode them.

Well, it wouldn't be difficult, as the 3rd war is coming closer, I will explode their bases the moment the war is declared, like that they will think this was enemy action, principally Iwa explosion crops. Yes, I still hold a grudge against them, sue me.

Now to the second topic of my 'investments', Techniques. You see there is a lot of different technique son this world, some of them deal with a varied arrange of elements and concepts, things like gravity, mind, soul, and much others.

The problem with all these hight tier Jutsus is that they are normally, secret, forbidden, and closely guarded. But this doesn't diminish my longing for them, on the contrary, it just amplifies it.

But how could I obtain these techniques if they are so secretive and closely guarded, should I made complicated deals with those nations and obtain some half-assed copies of them, should I become a spy and be rewarded with toned-down versions of these techniques? Of course not, I am gonna steal them.

How could I steal them? well, its quite simple, to be honest. You see, one of the most interesting things about the [Sage Body], its that my chakra is always so close to nature, so if I add my [Mokuton] chakra, I would be an almost undetectable shinobi.

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This covers one of the aspects, detection. as only Konoha ahs a detection barrier, so most of the other villages are dependent on Sensory shinobis squads, to monitor their borders and important places. And as I can't be detected by them they become kind useless.

but they have normal guards too, of course, a Ninja is someone that is always paranoid to a fault, so they wouldn't be only dependent on the sensors. To this, I would use my [Mokuton Surface Fusion Technique], so meld on the ground like the so fabled Zetsu of Akatsuki.

With this most of my infiltration would be almost set, but how would I detect the correct timing to submerge from the earth and proceed to make copies of these originals secret techniques scrolls. Only one answer, [Observation Haki].

I know my clones can't use my Haki, as it is derived solely from myself they are kind of boomed on this aspect. But, unfortunately for all these villages and secret clans, the range of my [Observation Haki] is monstrous. After I awakened [Future Sight], my normal [Observation Haki] gained a pretty big boost, so most of the time I would pick a mission with the Anbu close to a location of interest, and send my clones to copy everything there, while I guide it with my [Observation Haki].

The Operation was a Humongous success, today I am in possession of the majority techniques of this world, I have infiltrated so many villages and clans, the Big Five, the famous minor villages, and even the distant islands that only appear in movies I sincerely must say that i have lost count. Just kidding I didn't bother to count.

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