3 Chapter 3

When the light particles disappeared, what appeared in my hands was the Arc reactor. Not only that according to what I heard in the news all his armor is composed only this reactor, I heard it was nanotechnology.

"Well, Mr. Stark, what the government couldn't get, I got it."


I took the reactor and pressed it against my chest the next moment an armor began to wrap me all over my body.

And at the same time an interface appeared in my vision, which most did not understand.

"I hope it comes with an integrated AI," I thought as I looked at everything that appeared in my view.

"IA are you here answer"

<Hi, it's Friday when I can help you>

He answered I was already worrying how to operate this armor.

"I need to know how to wear this armor"

<Understood. In order to use it you just need to think about what you want it to be and the nanobost will work>

"So easy and I thought I should push buttons and stuff"

Do not take another minute and point the open palm of my hand to the ground. Which then the palm of my hand began to shine making a sound that all fans would like to hear.

I had some sparkles in my eyes when I saw this.

"With this I will no longer fear Enel. Now I just need to get close to shoot him "

With that in mind I retracted the armor and went to sleep. I was tired of doing so much during the day.

The next morning I took the first company and went to the ruins.

I knew there was nothing in the ruins so just take a look and we went higher up through the clouds to the divine sanctuary.

But it was too weird, it didn't send signals from Enel. With his personality it is impossible to let me set foot on this island.

When we arrived at the divine sanctuary, I saw that there were no guards besides I was silent.

"This is weird where Enel is"

As I now had armor I approached the sanctuary and entered.

Inside I saw a fat giant with wings on his back playing with a girl.

More clearly I was crushing it. I ran out of words at that moment.

When he tried to get closer he noticed and turned around. He was small, he didn't even look like he was there.

"Who are you how did you get here?" Asked Yama.

I didn't answer, just raise my hand and shoot him with a laser. Which is a hole near the shoulder.


The girl screamed which later a commotion broke out, screams and gunshots could be heard everywhere but what made me happy was that the screams looked like sheep screams being slaughtered.

"Where is Enel?" I asked as my hand shone.

He started to sweat and tried to get something out of his back, but before he tried he fired another laser. Making his arm separate from his body.


He started screaming.

"I'm not going to repeat it to you. Where is Enel?" I said as I pointed at her other arm.

Seeing this, Yama panicked and cursed himself for relaxing when Enel wasn't there, which was very rare.

Because you rarely see Enel stop using her Mantra and this was one of those times.

"Maximun, the last adjustments of the Maximun ark are finished," he said as he squeezed his shoulder with his arm.

"Ho so that boat is very important for him, so much so that I don't use his Mantra to see what happens on the island," I said as my smile widened inside the hull.

That was a relief if he wasn't busy with his ship, right now it would be a corpse.

"Then when will he return"

"I do not know"

The palm of my hand began to shine again.

"I will say it, I will say it ... ..."

"Tomorrow will come but not what time"

"And the priests?" I knew that the priests did not pose a threat with this armor that I am wearing but it was better to be cautious.

"They went with him"


That said I blew his head. It was no longer useful to me.

When I left the sanctuary I found a rather unpleasant sight. There were bodies everywhere and the fact that everything was white raised him to notice more.

When Marcos saw me he approached me.


"Lord, we lost a total of 10 infants and 17 wounded"

"I also received a report from the camp that some natives attacked this morning"

"How is that possible, how did you hear about our position so quickly?"

"We don't know and the natives we capture don't open their mouths"

'There was no way for them to come directly to the camp someone should see ...'

'Wait. There is another user of the mantra among them, that girl. If I'm not mistaken, her name was Aisa. And knowing the personality of its leader, the fact that a group of strangers will accentuate on the island sure made him angry.

"How many came." I don't think they sent a large group which would be a shame.

"Around 25 native lord of which only 2 survived"

"As for the casualties on our side, about 47 infants died, which is not an official number"

"Why so many." Ask quite surprised, the camp was very well protected.

"About that. According to the report I received, they were attacked off guard and used strange magical weapons and also had a high temperature cannon. "

"I understand what the two learned are called" I asked while rubbing my forehead, they were good guys but their stupidity was on another level.

"The leader calls himself Wiper, as for the other his name is Genbo"

"Very well, tell them to maintain their position, and as if they decide to attack again"

"They can kill them"

"In his order." With that he said goodbye.

Shandora warriors if they do not provoke me then I will have nothing against them but if they are the ones who give the first shot. I assure you that I will destroy and kill your entire clan.

After knowing that Enel would not come until tomorrow, kill all those who remained within the divine sanctuary, as for those who surrendered. I stripped them of their belongings and locked them in a room.

After all that mess I chose 5 soldiers to put on the iron man's suits. They weren't as tough as the armor I had, but at least I would take enough blows to get close to Enel.

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