60 Preparation for Rescuing That Someone

The dining room was usually used for eating, just like any ordinary household. However, due to the recent change of event, Del gathered everyone at that dining table after the recent emergency quest that Pidma gave to him.

"So, you are telling me to follow you in a journey that your spirit gave? I meant, after everything that you have given, I'm not really in the position to refuse. After all, you did give me food, a place to sleep, and some extra," Cassandra licked her mouth.

"Yeah, blood," Del held his neck.

Cole was eating and not listening.

"Cole, could you stop munching for a while?" Del said.

"Oh, sorry, sorry," Cole stopped eating.

"About this thing that my spirit told me, I have to rescue the member of the heroes party. Now, as you guys know, I think I have said many times that I don't want to be in contact with the heroes party, much less rescuing them. Still, all things considered, I have a feeling that this is Anna that we are talking about."

"Anna? Anna as in your twin sister, Anna?" Cassandra asked.

Del nodded.

"Well, I will say that we shall rescue her, or anyone that we encountered in Westwend Valley. After all, the person that we rescued will thank us for saving our lives. Still, I understand that it's really against your principle, Del. Cole, what is your political insight on this one?" Cassandra said.

"Why do you even ask me that?" Cole said.

"Unlike you, I know politics but I don't care a single bit about it, I just help who I can help even though I work with Internal Security," Cassandra said.

Cole sighed, "Fine. First of all, if what you said were true, then the crumbling of the heroes' party might come sooner than previously expected. However, it doesn't mean that the heroes' party is crumbling. Second, that person that you rescued might be able to give an insider insight into the whole situation. Third, the person that you rescue might have some use for our team."

"I hope so. If we want to rescue him/her, we might as well go now since we only have 72 hours before someone dies," Del said.

"By someone, I presume that you meant the person that you're going to rescue, right?"


"Let me explain something first," Cassandra said.

Westwend valley was a dangerous place, mainly because a huge concentration of monsters could be found in the region. It was also the place where the Elbanian kingdom orchestrated all of its execution from being thrown by rocks to being burned alive. The victim was usually left in that Valley and the monsters would take care of the rest.

The monsters inside of the valley varied from ordinary wolf to giant lizard defending their territory. There was also a myth that a serpent actually stayed in Westwend Valey, but a myth was just a myth. It also meant that they needed some serious weaponry just for the sake of going there.

That valley also didn't have any town nearby so there was no stopping by for rest in a town. It also meant that they had to endure non-stop ride inside of their car which was not a big problem, but Del also needed his own rest from driving non-stop.

"In conclusion, we need a lot of planning before we are able to go rescuing your friend which may or may not be dead," Cole commented.

"The way that you put it makes me really question my judgement," Del said.

Cassandra just shrugged, "C'mon, Cole, I think it's a good opportunity to repay Del for what he had been doing for us. Just think about it, if it weren't for Del, I doubt you can do your research peacefully in this continent."

Cole just nodded, "Well, you have a point."

Del needed to think about every single posibbility. The humvee had a M2 Browning heavy machine gun turret on top of it, but would it be enough to kill a giant snake that basically wanted to kill him the moment he saw him? Then again, he could just put a BGM-71 TOW missile to replace the M2, but it would also create another problem. His ability to engage multiple target would be severely reduced.

"Cassandra, about this serpent, is it real or is it a myth?" Del was unsure.

"Hmm, it might be real, it might not be real. Heck, I don't know. That place is one of the places I will avoid during my visit in this continent. Sure, the humans somehow have a way to deal with the large concentration of monsters there, but I don't."

"How so?"

"The Elbanian somehow had a way to keep the monsters at bay while doing the execution. However, I also know that they usually left their victim half-dead to let the monsters finish the victim off."

Del thought, "That sounds… inhumane."

"It is."

Cassandra little details added something to Del's judgement about the quest. It meant that the victim of the execution would be highly likely to remain alive for a little amount of time until the monsters finished them. Maybe it was why there was a timer on that quest.

"Well, Cassandra, do you have any spell that might be able to kill a serpent?" Del asked.

"No. I don't have a spell that could kill something as big as that serpent. I meant, sure, my magic is strong enough for this continent standard, but I doubt that it would be powerful enough to kill a mystical creature like that."

"Ok, ok," Del nodded.

It meant he really needed something powerful to kill a serpent if the serpent appeared. Maybe he could buy a powerful anti-tank guided missile or something like that. What kind of weapon that he should buy though?

Maybe he could buy the classic RPG-7 to deal with the serpent. Well, it was quite an easy and cheap solution, but again, there was one problem with that choice. He couldn't engage the serpent from a distance. He needed TOW to do that. Compared to the mere effective range of 330 meters that the RPG-7 had, a BGM-71E could be fired from 3,000 meters.

Then again, he was only dealing with a risk that might or might not exist. Well, at the very least, he knew that he had two options for dealing with the mysterious serpent. Still, the other problem would be the lizard monsters defending their territory.

Maybe the M2 Browning would help him deal with it most of the time, but once Del disembarked from his car, he might need something else than his own M240. Well, he might be able to use improved ammunition to pull that off.

"Still, Del, you did mention that you need me, how so?" Cassandra asked.

"Maybe because you are the only one among all of us that have a certified medical skill. Cole might be good enough, but I doubt he is capable of dealing with massive trauma," Del said.

"I agree."

"Anyway, since it looks like that we are going to rescue my friend, I think it's a good idea for us to pack our stuff into the car, is that clear enough?" Del asked.

"That's clear enough for me, but I don't know about Cole," Cassandra chuckled.

"Hey, I'm listening, don't worry about it. You just prepare your stuffs and we will prepare ours," Cole said.

"Thanks guys."


"Pidma, show me available 7.62 ammunition."


[Showing Available 7.62x51 Ammunition]

[Ammunition Level: 1] [Tech Level: 5] [Total Balance: 404,500$]

[7.62x51 FMJ] [10x] [25$]

[7.62x51 HP] [10x] [50$]

[7.62x51 AP] [10x] [80$]

[7.62x51 API] [10x] [100$]

[7.62x51 APS] [10x] [120$]

[7.62x51 HE] [10x] [150$]

[7.62x51 HEAP] [10x] [200$]

[7.62x51 IHEAP] [10x] [300$]

[7.62x51 AM-AP] [10x] [350$]

[7.62x51 AM-HEAP] [10x] [400$]

[7.62x51 AM-IHEAP] [10x] [420$]

[7.62x51 AM-APDS] [10x] [450$]

[7.62x51 IAM-TAPFSDS] [10x] [1000$]

[7.62x51 IAM-FGTAPDS] [10x] [2000$] [Laser Scope Required] [Locked]


"I want to buy 800 rounds of belted AM-IHEAP ammunition," Del said.


Four ammo cans containing 7.62 ammunitions appeared beside the couch. All of it contained the Anti-Material Improved High Explosive Armor Piercing ammunition. It should be enough to kill any moving things.

"Pidma, give me a list of available reusable non-guided anti-tank launcher."


[Showing Available Reusable Unguided Anti-Tank Weaponry]

[Ammunition Level: 1] [Tech Level: 5] [Total Balance: 370,900$]

[RPG-7] [2000$]

[Carl Gustav] [2500$]

[SMAW] [3000$]


"Hmm, can I buy an RPG-7 with Tandem munition?" Del asked.

[Sure. How much do you need?]


[Price of one PG-7VR Ammo is 1200$, are you sure?]


[Dispensing Item. Remaining Balance: 359,300$]

Eight rockets appeared right beside of eight ammo cans alongside with one RPG-7. Del lifted up the RPG from the floor and commented, "Damn, this is quite heavy."

Still, Del would keep his RPG inside of the car most of the time. If he wanted to disembark, he would bring his M240 on his back. Nevertheless, it looked like that it was all that he had to prepare before the journey.

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