1 I want proof

Oh hello there, and welcome to my (MC) room, which is like every other room of a middle-class kid, who is trying to get a government job after college graduation, even though he can easily get a private job but he doesn't, because he knows he won't be able to handle the private sector (they fucking slave drive you on your early years, and if you don' make the cut then you are fired).

Well, you might be wondering why I am telling you about jobs because it does not matter to you in any case. Let me tell you, its because I don't wanna do a boring 9-to-5 Office job for my whole life, when will I get the time to enjoy my life to go see places, hang around with people, get into relationships, get to try the different type of foods from all around the world.

That is the reason, that one year after graduation I am still sitting in my room, living with my family, playing video games, reading light novels and watching youtube all day long. so let me tell you about my self I am a 21-year-old guy (how a 21-year-old graduates college well, its common in India) 5'11'' with fair skin and a little bit chubby (I have wide shoulders but belly fat) and my name is Pearl Sky (a pretty unique name for an Indian guy right that is because my family does not have a religion, we are free to choose what to follow, but its very convenient to be an Atheist since no one knows how to judge you by your name). You see no matter how secular the place you live in this world, the people around will still judge you by your name and religion.

So now that I have introduced my self and the depressing things have been said, let's talk about why you guys are here, you wanna know about the Modern system right so let's start, I was watching a youtube gaming video about how cool these next-gen games are and cursing my PC for not being able to run them, and myself for not having enough money to upgrade the setup (as I told you before my parents want me to study so why would they get me a good setup since they know I only play games on it).

As I was closing my browser, I saw that I have a window open separately, I thought this was just one of those stupid ads, and as I was about to close it, I saw the words Modern system (you guys can guess what happens next) and I thought this might be a good read to freshen up my mood from that video, so I clicked on the novel's title the Modern system to open the main page and at that exact moment a power cut happens and my mood worsens, as I didn't even saw the summary and that is gonna pester me.

As I was thinking about the Modern system (novel), a heard a voice in my head...

[Welcome, how would you like to create your account are you gonna login via messenger, critter or J-mail please create a user ID and password. The password is gonna be biometric for security reasons, and for an enjoyable experience it is suggested that you link all your accounts including bank accounts to the Modern system.]

"I think I am too exhausted that I am hearing things" (have I watched too many videos"

[Please create a user ID and password]

"Who is it, come out and stop this prank, I would rather believe that aliens exist than a system"

[Please create a user ID and password]

"I said I don't believe you, and, if you want me to believe that you are real then I want proof" (no system is planned/designed to give proof of their existence, the MC just believes that they exist and follows every command/quest like a bitch)

[Choose the following options as proof

1. Get ₹10000 in your bank account.

2. Get your hair colored pink.

3. Get your fear of crawlers to vanish.

4. Get the moon to explode.]

"What the fuck is that last option, just say the end of the world instead of exploding the moon!"

[Please choose the proof]

"There are only two options that do not end horribly the 1st and 3rd (I love my dark brown hair too much too chose 2nd option) 1st can be done by anyone (human), I choose 3rd option"

[It has been done]

"What, I don't feel any different, and what are you fucking Shenron!"


"To the point huh good, cause I don't like obnoxious system anyway" (how to test whether my fear is really gone or not) don't tell me that I have to go near one of those bastard lizards.

After going around the house I find one of the bastards hanging around the Tubelight, I go towards it (still there is a distance of 1 meter) and surprisingly I don't feel a chill down my spine when I see one so close. Doesn't that mean, this system thing is real!.

I get excited (who would not?) and I walk back towards my room and sit in my chair and ask the system

"What are you? who made you?"

[I am the Modern system and you have to register for the second question as this info is only available to a registered user]

And that's pretty much all I know about the Modern system, I am considering whether to register or not because it seems like a scam, even though it does have some kind of supernatural powers. I have questions which this thing does not wanna answer i.e. why did the system come to me, Are there any existing users of the system, would I change somehow after registering and the most important one can I unregister and delete my account afterward.

[Please create a user ID and password]

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