1 Chapter 1: Summoned to a new World

On a normal Monday on the planet Earth, a teenager with black unkempt hair and black eyes could be seen running to school. He had relatively average facial features and was built quite leanly, though underneath his clothes he had quite compact muscles from exercising. He was wearing a blue blazer with white outlines over a white shirt, with a brown leather bag strapped over his shoulder. This man was Suimei Yagaki.

What others didn't know was that this seemingly normal teenager is actually a modern magician who is a member of the magician society. A modern magician could be considered to be something like a scholar who researches the mysteries to accomplish a thesis. Due to the development of science, magicka has been driven to the underworld, and magicians have become a target for elimination by all powers. This is why, at least to the public, magicians do not exist. If their identities were to be revealed, they would be mercilessly slaughtered for going against the perceived normalcy of the world. This leads to all magicians hiding their identities.

Suimei arrived at the door of his classroom right before the first bell rang, something which was a common occurrence for him. He quickly steadied his sleep-deprived body from staying up late into the night researching magicka. Suimei opened the door to be received with multiple clicks of tongues and annoyed glares from most of the male students with looks of disinterest from most of the females. Suimei noticed that his best friend Hajime Nagumo wasn't at school but quickly got over it. Ignoring the looks like always, he headed off to his chair at the back of the class, next to the window, the typical protagonist seat. This brought a look of annoyance to the face of Daisuke Hiyama, a man with brown long hair and the ringleader for the people who tried mocking Suimei, though he didn't have the courage to actually do anything to Suimei remembering the brutal beatdown he suffered after the first time he confronted Suimei.

Just as Suimei was about to sit down, the cause of all the hatred he received arrived, one Kaori Shirasaki. Kaori quickly started walking up to him, "Good morning, Yagaki-kun! You barely made it on time today too. I think you should at least make an effort to come earlier." Kaori was one of the few people in the whole school who treated him kindly, and also the reason everyone hated him. She was one of the most popular girls in school, and beautiful enough to be considered a goddess by many. She had sleek, black hair that went all the way down to her waist, and large alluring eyes filled with kindness. Her small nose sat perfectly upon her face, and her pink lips were the epitome of perfection.

She always seemed to have a smile on her face, and her knack for looking after others combined with her strong sense of responsibility made her one of the most respected students at Suimei's school. Moreover, she was tolerant and understanding to a fault, to the point where no one had ever even seen her look unhappy before.

And for whatever reason, Kaori had taken an interest in Suimei. Most people assumed Suimei was a terrible student because he always slept in class due to his frequent all-nighters (in truth, he had very high grades). And, since Kaori was always looking after other students, they believed that was the reason she talked to him.

Had her overtures convinced Suimei to become a better student, or had he naturally been a better looking guy, the other kids might not have minded Kaori's interest in him as much. As it was, though, he was sadly as average looking as one could get, and his favorite motto was "hobbies over real life," so obviously his attitude toward school had shown no signs of improvement either. As it was, the other average looking male students of his class couldn't stand the fact that Suimei was so close to Kaori. "Why him and not us!?" they thought. Meanwhile, the other girls simply thought he was being rude to Kaori. They were unhappy that he wasn't even attempting to reform his habits. Truthfully Suimei did not care much about school and spent most of his time focussing on magicka.

"Ah, good morning Shirasaki-san." Suimei replied back with a somewhat stiff but at the same time gentle smile on his face, not minding the bloodthirsty looks the other males were sending him. Hearing his reply Kaori smiled happily at him. While Suimei genuinely did enjoy talking to Kaori, her naivety and ignorance of the troubles she caused was genuinely baffling to him. The reason for Kaori's affection towards him was also unknown to him. He had not frequently talked to her nor did he consider himself to be handsome enough to gain her favour. Not knowing why she liked him so much, he simply decided to roll with it, though making sure to always keep a certain distance.

"Good morning, Yakagi-kun. Why do you keep staying up that late every day?"

"Looking after him again, Kaori? You're really too nice for your own good."

"Seriously. Talking to a failure like him's a total waste of time."

The only person who'd greeted Suimei, rather worriedly in fact, was Shizuku Yaegashi, Kaori's best friend. Shizuku's black hair was tied back in her trademark ponytail. Her almond-shaped eyes give her a rather sharp look, but deep within her gaze dwelled a kindness that made her seem cool rather than cold.

Standing 172 centimeters tall, she was a good deal taller than most of the other girls in his class. That, combined with her well-built body, made her seem like a dignified samurai. And samurai made for a rather apt analogy as her family actually ran a dojo that taught the Yaegashi style, and Shizuku herself was a peerless swordswoman who'd never lost a single kendo tournament. In fact, she'd been featured in magazines before and had a rather rabid fanbase. The press even took to calling her the modern samurai beauty. Many of the younger female students had started calling her onee-sama in an almost worshipping manner.

Shizuku was actually a childhood friend of Suimei, and they could always be seen together when they were younger. Suimei was actually a student at the dojo in the past, learning swordsmanship alongside Shizuku and being even more talented than her at it. This changed when his father died when he was 12, and he quit the dojo and moved schools. Shizuku was quite depressed by this but had met him again when he started attending the same highschool as her, though he treated her much more coldly than before as if she was a stranger. This both greatly confused and saddened her, especially since he was the person Shizuku had always loved. Suimei, being with her from when they were children, understood her burdens and that she truly wanted to act like a girl instead of becoming a swordswoman. He didn't expect her to always stay strong and even defended her. This was made even clearer to her when he defended her with everything he had in a mugging incident. This all had led her to believe Suimei to be the prince she would dream about, the prince who would always save her.

Suimei truly did not want to treat Shizuku coldly but didn't want to associate too much with her to keep her safe. Suimei actually also had feelings for Shizuku but believed they would never be able to work due to him being a magician, and knowing his secret would put Shizuku into great danger since she wouldn't be able to protect herself. This led to him moving away from her when he was 12 and starting to act distant towards her, but he would always keep an eye on her to make sure she was fine.

The guy who'd greeted Kaori with that rather cliched line about her kindness was Kouki Amanogawa. He was perfect in almost every way. Great at sports, handsome, and had outstanding grades to boot. Even his name sounded heroic. Written with the characters for "light" and "radiance," it gave off a rather dazzling impression.

He had flowing brown hair, soft features, stood 180 centimeters tall, and despite his slender frame still had noticeable muscles. He was kind to everyone he met, and had a strong sense of justice (or so he thought anyway.)

Like Shizuku, he'd attended the Yaegashi dojo since he was young, joining right after Suimei left, and was skilled enough to have competed in national tournaments. He and Shizuku were childhood friends. Dozens of girls had fallen for him, but because he was always hanging around Shizuku and Kaori, very few had ever worked up the courage to confess. However, he still received at least two confessions a month from girls that didn't go to Suimei's school. A real Casanova through and through. Kouki was someone Suimei was never able to like due to his bad habit of misinterpreting adverse situations to his own convenience. To Suimei, Kouki seemed to be foolish and delusional and someone not worth wasting his time on.

The last guy, who'd lazily added on his own comments to Kouki's line, was Ryutarou Sakagami, Kouki's best friend. Ryutarou had short, trimmed hair and a gaze that seemed at once both cheerful and stern. He stood 190 centimeters tall, and had a massive, bear-like frame. As his build suggested, he was a musclehead who didn't have much delicacy.

Because of his love for hard work and hot-blooded actions, he disliked Yagaki, who spent all his time in school sleeping. Ryutarou gave Yakagi no more than a single glance before huffing disdainfully and ignoring him. Suimei couldn't care at all about what Kouki or Ryutarou thought of him.

Suimei dutifully ignored both of the guys, turning to Shizuku and returning a rather formal greeting. "Good morning Yaegashi-san. I've been busy working on something, but I do realize that I should get some more sleep. It makes me happy to see you worrying about me." Shizuku hearing the vaguely formal greeting was slightly crestfallen but chippered up and blushed slightly hearing the end. The two guys glared daggers at him, their eyes all but screaming, "What gives you the right to talk to Yaegashi-san so casually like that, huh!?" Shizuku was nearly as popular as Kaori, after all.

"If you realize it's a problem, shouldn't you try and fix it? I don't think it's fair to Kaori to keep letting her spoil you. She doesn't have time to always be looking after you either." Kouki warned Suimei sternly.

Suimei simply continued ignoring Kouki and his misunderstandings, until Kaori unintentionally dropped another bomb.

"What are you talking about, Kouki-kun? I'm talking to Yakagi-kun because I want to." The whole classroom broke out in an uproar at those words.

If looks could kill, Suimei would have died a hundred times over from the withering glares he received from the male students. They ground their teeth as they glowered at him.

"I'm sorry about that. They don't mean any harm by it..." Shizuku quietly apologized to Suimei, as she was the only one present that was astute enough to grasp everyone's feelings. Suimei simply shrugged his shoulders and smiled wryly in response, offering a quiet "it's fine."

Meanwhile, the bell signaling the start of classes finally rang, and the teacher walked into the classroom. The teacher began the morning announcements, seemingly too used to the turbulent atmosphere in the classroom to care. Then, as always, Suimei drifted off to dreamland as class began.

Kaori smiled as she saw Suimei slumber. Shizuku, too, stared at Suimei affectionately but slightly worried about how he had changed. During elementary school, Suimei was always very popular and outgoing, but in high school the only friend he had was Hajime Nagumo. To Shizuku, it felt as if he was purposely not creating any strong bonds.

After a while, the classroom began to grow noisy again. As a habitual classroom napper, Suimei's body had naturally attuned itself to know when to wake up. Which was why his hazy consciousness was able to discern from the surrounding noise that it was lunchtime.

Suimei rummaged through his bag and brought out his lunch, a sandwich that he made last minute, but something which still fully sated him. Due to spending most of his time researching magicka, sandwiches had become his go-to meal whenever he needed to quickly sate himself. To Suimei, any time not spent on researching magicka was a waste of time. Even though Suimei was one of the youngest and most talented grand magicians, he had a habit of underrating himself due to a particular incident from the past and the way his father brought him up. While knowing he is powerful, being the one to defeat two of the Greed of Ten, some of the most dangerous magicians alive; he still believed he needed more power because of what he had to lose to strike down the red dragon which heralded the apocalypse.

It seemed that most of the lunch buying group had already left for the cafeteria, as there were some people missing from the classroom.

A majority of people in Suimei's class usually brought their own lunch, though, which was why around two thirds of the class still remained. Additionally, it seemed that some of the students had questions for the fourth period social studies teacher, Aiko Hatayama, and were milling about the teacher's podium.

Just as Suimei was about to start eating his sandwich, Kaori started scooting her seat to him while smiling happily. Kaori then saw the meal Suimei was about to eat. "Huh!? That's all you had for lunch? That won't do at all, you need to eat a proper meal! Here, I'll give you some of mine!"

Suimei was about to reply that he didn't need anymore right before Kouki and Ryutarou arrived.

"Kaori, let's all eat lunch together. It seems that Yagaki still looks tired. And I won't allow anyone to eat Kaori's delicious handmade lunch while half-asleep!" Kouki flashed Kaori a dazzling smile as he said that pretentious line, but Kaori simply looked puzzled. Kaori was a bit slow, or rather just an airhead, so Kouki's handsome guy appeal was lost on her.

"Huh? Why do I need your permission to share my lunch, Kouki-kun?" Shizuku let out an involuntary snicker as she heard Kaori ask that question in such an earnest manner.

Kouki began laughing awkwardly and tried to change the subject, but the important point was that the four most famous people in school were sitting together with Suimei and the rest of the class was not at all happy about it. Suimei sighed deeply and continued grumbling to himself. Just as he was about to take a bite out of his sandwich Suimei felt magicka activating below him and looked down to see a glowing silver circle engraved with various geometric patterns glowing beneath Kouki's feet. Suimei, widening his eyes a bit, tried to stop whatever was going on but before he could do anything the circle expanded to the whole classroom, teleporting them all away.

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