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Modern Magician in Arifureta


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Suimei Yagaki (Protagonist of The Magic in This World is Too Far Behind) will be replacing Hajime Nagumo as the new protagonist of the story. He will be slightly OOC since the original one is as dense as a black hole and I'm not sure if I'm capable of writing a super-smart mc but I'll try my best. I don't have much experience in writing so don't get your hopes too up about the book's quality but I'll try my best. English should be readable since I'm a high school student in Canada but studying keeps me quite busy so updates will be once a week, hopefully. I'll write until season 1 ends where I'll stop until either season 2 is complete or I decide to actually start reading volume 6 since I stopped reading after 5. (Yes, I know the cover looks weird but I'm too lazy to actually spend more than a few minutes on it.)


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