1 Prologue

Los Angeles, California, April 8, 2020


MC is watching the final episode of his favorite show "Modern Family" alone in his hospital room.

As the cast of the show shared about their experience for the documentary, he is also thinking about what would be like if he was there in that life with them, which was not possible as it is just a TV show, but for our MC who has lost his everything in this world a few years back, his only hope is the characters of the show playing on the TV in his hospital room.

As for what happened to our MC, is a long story and rather not pleasing to hear as well, so we will gloss over that part, but there was a horrific accident with MC in the back of his parent's car when they were going for the NBA draft.

Our MC was an aspiring player when he was in the amateur circuit and was going to be a big thing in the professional circuit as well, but one accident not only took his parents from him and his only dream to one day win the NBA FMVP was also shattered like the window of the car.

After the accident, when the family was taken to the hospital, his parents were dead, before the doctor could operate on them to save their life, but the MC survived albeit at the cost of his body being paralyzed from the neck down.

Now in the hospital for the past two years, he can only do some things lying on his bed all day, and his favorite pass time is the anime show "Kuroko no Basket" and a tv show about families which he has lost now named "Modern Family".

His favorite characters on "Modern Family" were Phil and Claire Dunphy and on the "Kuroko no Basket" was Aomine.

But that's not all, what he loved about both shows that the things he lost in his life and can never get again, and with these shows, he got to live those fantasies again.

First "Kuroko no Basket" got discontinued and Now, the final straw has been pulled as well.

As the episode came to its end, his caretaker also turned off the TV and gave him his medicine, and asked him to go to sleep.

But the scenes from the shows from fresh in his mind and thinking about them he gradually fell asleep, but unknown to anyone this is the last time, he would sleep in this life and that night he passed away in his sleep, with a smile on his face.

The hospital has to do the final procedures as there was no next of kin and he was buried next to his parents in the cemetery.




but unknown to anyone his soul was wandering in a white space, where he can still feel his thoughts.

After what felt like an eternity, he met a ROB, who asked him what would he wish for, if given a second chance at life in a new world as it was not possible to go back to his previous world.

After some time, thinking about it he decided to ask the ROB that is it possible to go to a fictional world and after getting a positive answer, he was elated, because he knows where he would like to go.

He said looking at the ROB, that he want to be reincarnated in his favorite show, "Modern Family" as an original character but related to the family.

When asked for the specification, he said he would like to reincarnate as a twin brother to "Haley Dunphy".

and then the ROB asked if he has some wishes to ask as this is a fictional world but still a real world, so no magic or superpowers and he can have 4 of them as well.

After some time thinking about his wishes, he began and said:

"I wish..."



Next chapter for the wishes.

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