11 Hunting, Divorce and Movie Date

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After winning the national championship, the 6th grade passed like a breeze and our team practiced like normal and but due to the summer holidays, we disbanded and will meet again for the next grade after the vacation.

So this summer as I was 12 years, I asked my grandpa to take me on his hunting trip and him being not too busy,, Dad, Uncle Cameron, and grandpa went to his cabin in the woods, with me. Grandpa and Uncle Cameron taught me to use a crossbow and I even shot some 12 gauge rounds from grandpa's shotgun, it was a fun weekend and my Dad, like every time trying to impress my grandpa, once again did something over the top, which blew up in his face later and I and Uncle Cameron had a laugh about it on the whole remaining trip.

Overall it was a nice weekend and grandpa told me to come again next summer, but no Dad. Other than that for the remaining summer, I once again had a job. Still, this time at a sneaker shop, due to my being big in size and knowledge about sneakers, I got a job at my dad's friend's shop. I worked at minimum wage, but I had a supplement income source as well being with my system AI, I created a bot that lets me make trades according to the information in my mind and some memory from my past life in the system database.

And let me tell you, the income from the trades, for one day, was my whole summer at the shoe store, but I needed that job for the next stage of my business plan, which I will open after the subprime mortgage crisis and the trade money will also help me for a big startup fund and I will not have to depend on grandpa for money.

Another thing happened this summer, Grandpa and Nana got their divorce, it was brutal for grandpa(hehe) because he had to pay a lot of alimony to Nana and he was not very happy about that, but that was the court decision and like every divorce, children choose a side and as usual, Mom went to grandpa's side and uncle Mitch to Nana's like every time, he has to clean the messes, Nana makes.

This summer, the whole family also went to the beach and I asked Gigi to come with us and I even asked permission from his mother and she was finally persuaded with a phone call from my mother.

The beach trip was not that memorable, but the reaction I was getting from the other girls at the beach was memorable and I almost had a fight with Gigi for the first time, not the fight that friends have, but a serious kind and due to me being mature, I came out unscathed and my relationship only grew stronger with her because of me handling the situation like a veteran, even I don't know, how I got that good at the relationship, but that happened and we moved on and then we also went on a movie date.

The only movie we can go to watch that summer was "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" due to age issues, this movie was the only one we can go to without our parents, so we did.



Gigi POV

As I was almost ready for my movie date with Nate, I went downstairs and asked the driver to take the car around, and then I got on and as Nate was at his grandpa's house, I decided to pick him up. My car reached Jay's home and I went inside and met Jay at the bar. He told me that Nate was in the backyard with his family, so I went there and the whole family was there yet again and Aunt Claire and Uncle Mitchell were arguing about their mother, Nate's nana like every time nowadays. Nate saw me and came toward me and I gave him a hug and kiss, he has to bend down to hug me every time and I like this feeling when he holds me. As we were hugging, everyone's eyes were on us and I blushed very hard and ran outside. Then after some time, Nate came outside, and Aunt Claire came to see him off. Nate and I got in the car and reached our destination we had the best seats in the theater and Nate bought us some snacks before the movie and we sat in our seats just as the movie was about to start.

The movie was superb and after the first part, the sequel was more entertaining and funny, the whole movie went in a blink, and the last scene when Captain Jack was eaten but the monster was also surprising, and I thought they killed the hero just like "Titanic", but Nate said there would be another sequel next year and Captain was not dead, so I was relieved, but when I asked, how did he know that, he just smiled at me with his "signature smirk". God! I both hate and like this quality of his.

Then, after the movies, we went to eat something and there was a Chinese restaurant nearby that he liked, so we went there the owner knew Nate from before and when Nate gave the order in authentic Chinese, even the waiter was surprised for one moment and I noted that he taught himself another language like he already knows French, Spanish, German, Korean and Japanese before this and now I added Chinese in the mix and he may even know more languages than this.

So, then I asked, "when did you learn Chinese, I didn't know that you can speak this language and fluency was like the owner of this restaurant."

Then he said, " I learned it this summer, and I practiced it on the Chinese customers that came to the sneaker shop."

Then, we ate the dishes that he ordered and he ordered for me as well, I usually eat Chinese food with a fork and spoon, but he ate with chopsticks like he ate Chinese food from the time he was little, and here it is again, I asked how does he know to eat with chopsticks and he said "It helps with the flexibility of fingers"(don't fact check) and his basketball shots rely on his fingers, so started eating it with chopsticks from when he was like 5 or 6 years old, so yeah he ate with chopsticks from the time he was little.

After eating, we went to the car and driver dropped me first and Nate went to his grandpa's house on foot, but before going he gave me a goodbye kiss not on the cheeks like he usually does, but on the lips and I froze there and I didn't even know when he gave me another and ran like ghost were chasing him.

So, we both had our first kiss and second on the same day and it was good and just how I imagined it and more. I went inside and my sister started asking me questions about the movie and my date, but I went straight to my room and then I saw his message coming on my phone, he sent me a wink emoji [;)] and then we chatted like this for some time and then we said good night at like 11 p.m. I changed into my night clothes and was on my bed, thinking about our date today, I never knew, when I fell asleep.


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