8 First Tournament

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Claire POV

As I get up from my bed in the early morning to freshen up, I hear sounds of basketball bouncing coming from our backyard, and it is early in the morning like 6 a.m. and there is only one person in the house, who gets up before even me and that is my firstborn and favorite (don't tell my other kids), Nate, according to him and sometimes I have noticed it as well, that he gets up at around 5 a.m. or sometimes even earlier to practice and this is not a one-time thing, he is doing this for the past couple of year and at first I started to worry that he was not getting the sleep required for a healthy body and I asked him about that and his answer was "Mom if one day you feel like, I am not at the optimal level, kids my age should be at, then you can order me to sleep till late like my siblings" and that is one of the things, he inherited from my side of the family which is determination sometime bordering on stubornnes and like he said he is more active than my other kids or any kid in our area, even after waking up so early in the morning.

Now, I know he has his first real tournament match today according to him because he has participated in other tournaments before and like her he wins every one of them, but he is excited about this one and could not stop talking about last night at dinner also and he asked us to come to watch his match for the first time himself, this does not mean, we did not have watched his matches before, but he never asked us to come because according to him, those matches were not real and according to his performances in that matches, you can bet he was right. He was so much better than his peers and now he says that from today he will be in the big boy league because almost all his opponents will be his seniors.

He even asked the whole family to come as well, especially his grandpa because more than us Nate wants his grandpa to see how good he is and show dad that he did not waste his time and money on Nate when he asked dad to get him admitted to that school.

One last time seeing my boy practicing from the window, I, at last, went to freshen up and today I had to make his game day breakfast, if not he will feel irritated the whole day and the opponent will not even get the chance to play their best game.





Today is the first match to qualify for the state tournament, then after that the nationals. But before all that, today's opponent is our rival school in the same city and this will be the finals as well if they and we play according to our team's strengths. It is round robin style tournament and after that, in the state and nationals, it is like an elimination-type tournament. For the national title, Our team has to play at least 50 games depending on our seed in the national and state tournament. (A/N: I don't know the exact form of the tournaments in the USA, but I am making it on the go and if you know about them, comment in the paragraph comments, so that I can correct them in the upcoming chapters.)

As, our team entered the gym of our opponent team as it is not a home game, but the support for both teams is almost the same, if you will see the seats in the stands, you will know, and looking in the crowd I see my family and Mom is crying for some reason and dad as well, I'll have to ask them why and if the smile on my grandpa's face is any indication, then he is proud. Uncle Mitch is also very happy and Uncle Cam is making his home video and for some reason, Nana is not there, But oh well, what can we do then I wave at them during warm-ups and they also wave back and mom is sending me flying kisses and Haley is making the face when Mom is embarrassing her and Alex even here is with a book to read(typical) and Luke is oblivious to this as any kid his age would.

Then, we enter game time and the announcer is announcing our names through the formation of cheerleaders on both sides, the players are entering the court, and after the captain and vice-captain names, it was my turn as I was the most dominant player on the team and the players also know that, so there was no ill will in me going ahead of them and after he announced my name, I also went through the formation and my eyes went to my GF also in the formation and I winked at her, before taking my position on the court and then after all the players were on the court, the referee came with the ball and the centers from both teams took their place and after referee threw the ball high in the air after whistling, both centers jumped at the same time, but our team's center, who is also the captain won the ball and lobbed it towards the point guard of our team and the game officially started and we went towards our basket on the court and he calls for the formation discussed from the book, coach made and asked us to remember cover to cover, if not done properly you will be punished. So our PG threw the ball towards me as the call was for an ISO play and I am the best iso player on the team by far on accounts of me playing like Aomine and I caught the ball and went towards the basket of our opponent, the opponent SF came and started to defend me but before he could get in the position and I did a crossover Iverson style and I was near the basket for an easy layup but their center was fast and he broke the mark on him by my team's center and he came to defend me but as I was in the layup position with my right hand, at the last moment I changed it to the other hand and completed the layup and the opposite team's center had no chance to defend that as he was not that fast. and we scored first and the crowd on our school side was on their feet clapping and hooting to make it feel like a home game.


and this time it was their turn, but before their team can get into their positions and their PG make a call sign, I was on him, and in a blink of an eye, I stole the ball right from his hand as he was about to pass the ball for the play and the turnover costed their team because after scoring on that turnover and on our turn, the score was now


and this type of play happened in the whole match and after the final whistle, you can not say after looking at the scoreboard that two same-strength teams has played each other, because the final score was


Our team won by a total of 60 points and we outnumber them in almost all statistics, besides turnover because their PG made a lot of turnovers, courtesy of yours truly and my final stats were 35 points, 12 rebounds, 3 assists, 5 steals, and 2 blocks.

After the game, I asked the coach to go with my family instead of the team on the school bus, and based on my performance and the team's win the coach allowed it.

I met Gigi on the way and asked her to come with me, and I told her that grandpa can drop her at her house, but she said that the driver had come all this way and she had to drop off her cheerleader friends as well, so I relented and she gave me hug and kiss for the good game and we said our goodbyes.

After that, the whole family went to dinner at a diner and the whole dinner was them talking about the game after that we went home and on the way in the car, I looked at my stats after a very long time.


Name: Nathaniel Dunphy "Nate"

Age: 11

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 48 KG

Template: Aomine Daiki

Current Body Stats:>

•Strength: 52(99).

•Speed: ​​56(99),

•Bounce: 51(99)

•Agility: 44(99),

•Endurance: 62(99)

•Intelligence/Basketball IQ: 99

Basketball Stats:>

•Mid-range: 62

•Long-range: 59

•Close-range: 58

•Pass: 50

•Steal: 58

•Defense: 65

•Rebound: 62

Other Skills: Leadership, Chic-Magnet, Golfing( A/N: recommend some skills which you think are necessary)


As I look at my stats, I see the changes to my body according to the stats and I was happy with my hard work, but I know you can't get comfortable in a situation because if you get comfortable, it is very easy to knock you down from that position and for this reason, I hate the world comfortable in any situation in the life.

So, at last, we got home and I was not tired but for appearance's sake, I went to my room and laid on my bed like any tired person would and before I know it, I was asleep and mom covered me with the sheets and when she came to check up on me.


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