8 Chapter 8: The dangers of training

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"I'm training my chakra control."

"Oh let me do it too, I already ran enough for today."

"You know I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to those things so I can't really help you..."

Tenten made a smug face: "Hehehe, then I will teach you, the great me can already use chakra."

"Huh? Are you serious?"

"Hehehe, let me show you..."

She made a few hand seals and directed chakra into her palms.

"This...is this supposed to be the healing technique of the medic-nins?"

"Hehehe, yes. Did I surprise you?"

Eiji looked at her palms: the chakra was completely chaotic, it was like disconnected blob pieces.

Eiji murmured to himself: "Was there a thing where she tried to become a medic-nin before scrapping the idea and doing her weapon thing? Well to be honest I didn't really pay attention to minor characters like her so I don't know..."

"Listen Tenten, this was a complete insult towards all medic-nins."

"Wha..." - her eyes showed complete shock.

"Why do you even try to become a medic-nin?"

"B-Because I wanted to be like Tsunade..."

"Just trying to copy others will most of the time backfire...borrow some kunais from your parents for tomorrow, you will scrap the idea of becoming a medic-nin, okay?"


She suddenly ran away.

"Hmmm, maybe I was a bit too hard to her..."


The next day.

"Why are you here? Didn't you say that you wouldn't be training with me anymore?"

"Humph, I just wanted to show you that you are wrong!"

"Yes, yes, anyway did you bring some kunais?"

"Yes I did, but why do you need them?"

"Well, you will start to practice throwing kunais."

"But I have never used them before..."

"I also don't know anything about throwing kunais, but we will figure things out somehow."

"But I want to practice other things...why should I practice with kunais?"

"Because every shinobi uses them and when we attend the academy we will have to learn it anyway, so why don't just practice now so we don't have to do it later?"

"But what about you..."

"I will practice later but I will show you how you should practice."


"Anyway, let's start. As I said I don't know much, but I guess the secret behind throwing things, in general, should be your posture. You see the tree over there? I will now try to hit it, so step aside so I don't accidentally hit you."

"But it's pretty far...I think hitting it will be too hard..."

Eiji ignored her and throw his kunai - it wasn't even close.

"Well as expected. Anyway now it's your turn. After each failure, you try to change the posture to-" - Eiji

"Yay, I hit it." - Tenten



A few months passed.

Even though I told her that there is nothing more I can do to help her train, for some reason she still comes to the usual place where I train.

It seems like she got the idea of becoming a medic-nin out of her head, so she kept training with kunais and she even uses now shuriken as well.

I have to admit that she really has a talent when it comes to weapons...she can even do now the Itachi-thing where she hits a kunai with another one to change the direction mid-air; she got on my nerves so I told her that she shouldn't be conceited if she can't even to that...and then she succeeded.

It's only throwing weapons so who cares! And I'm not saying that because I'm envious - definitely not!

Anyway, when it comes to my training, I observed a few things when it comes to chakra.

First: it's fairly easy to concentrate chakra on a few specific locations like the feet without hand seals. Concentrating chakra on other spots without is pretty tough.

I asked my parents to teach me some easy hand seals, but I try to train without using them since I need to be able to direct chakra through my whole chakra system and not just to certain spots to be able to accelerate it.

Secondly: I observed that chakra hasn't a fixed speed. If you are angry or something your chakra flow is faster - but the speed difference isn't really that huge.

Thirdly: I mean I already knew this but experiencing the difference is still really cool. You can not only concentrate chakra on the feet or hands to enhance psychical prowess, you can also do it with your head to improve your mental prowess.

Anyway, after the last few months, I made a breakthrough and now I can accelerate my chakra a bit in fixed spots like my hand.

Controlling the acceleration is really hard, so I can't really use it in a fight right now since I'm basically standing still to concentrate.

But that's not important.

What's important is that I feel a difference in the physical enhancement which proves my theory!

Anyway now I want to test something else.

I want to release the accelerated chakra with a bang.

If I'm able to do that I could become a walking nuke muhahaha.

I start to slowly concentrate my chakra into my fist, then move it in circles while slowly accelerating.

After it is at a satisfying speed I release it...




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