24 Chapter 24: Girly side

To keep his life, Eiji intended to get out of the academy during lunch break again.

But Tenten visited his classroom earlier than expected.

'Oh no...she is blocking the path to the door...looks like I need to jump out of the window!'

"What is that scary senior doing here again?"

"I don't know, probably for Eiji here again."

"Damn, I'm kinda envious now that he is friends with a cute upperclassman!"

"I would normally agree, but she seems even more scary than the girls in our class..."

"Eiji, you know...I waited for you the whole morning, but you didn't come so I thought that you are feeling ill and stayed and home. But now I see you here..." - Tenten said that with a scary smile while approaching him slowly.

'Do I have to pay for the damage, if I destroy the windows? Shit, even if I have to pay off the debt for the rest of my life, at least I will keep my life!'

When Eiji start to get up for his grand escape, Tenten suddenly appeared right before him.

"*Gulp*...hey what's up Tenten?"

"Haaa...you know, we knew each other for some time now and I know that you are often unmindful, but sometimes you go too far and do things which are really hurtful, you know? So if my cooking isn't good just tell me, then I will know where to improve...so please, really try today what I cooked for you..." - Tenten's scary smile vanished, while a sad face started to form.

'If she says it like that, wouldn't I be a total ass if I didn't try?'

"Okay I will try...but don't get upset if I tell you honestly, okay?"



When Eiji dug in, tears started to stream down his face.

'I don't know how, but it's actually edible compared to last time!'

"...so, how is it?"

"I-I'm really surprised...compared to last time the improvement is immense! Honestly, the last time was pretty bad, but now it's actually decent. I'm sorry about my behavior, please continue cooking for me, I really want to see how much you improve!"

Tenten started to get red: "I-Is it that so? Anyway, I should return fast or else I will be late for my class..."

She hurriedly left while trying to hide her red face.

"Hey, somehow she didn't look scary now but rather cute..."

"Yeah, she is way more girly than the girls in our class...damn this Eiji! Now I'm jealous of him!"

"Hey what are you boys saying about us? Humph, you guys are just envious that we only chase after Sasuke!"

"Yes, why would we care what you losers think about us! If you would be cuter, we would show you our girly side too!"


Not long ago, Iruka tried to ask the Hokage if he could not teach Naruto because he found it really awkward dealing with Naruto since he contained the very monster which killed his parents.

When Kakashi heard it, he eventually convinced Iruka not to do so.

After Naruto got himself involved in a dangerous situation, where he was attacked by Takigakure spies, Iruka saved him and reprimanded him for his reckless behavior.

This surprised Naruto because it was the first time anyone in the village actually showed concern for his well-being.

After that, Iruka started to be stricter on Naruto, so that he will become a fine shinobi.

But now Iruka visits the Hokage because of another problem student.

"Good afternoon Iruka. What brings you here today?"

"Good afternoon, Lord Hokage. I wanted to talk about a student of mine..."

"Is it about Naruto again?"

"No, it's about another one...his name is Eiji..."

"Eiji? Hahahaha...what did he do?"

"You know him, Lord Hokage?"

"Yes, I know him...Hayate talked a lot about him...this Eiji is really a funny one...Hahaha...anyway what difficulties do you have with him?"

"This...I don't know where to start. His attitude is really bad, he often skips classes and now he seems to get himself involved with some bad people...his grades are also really below average...he is even worse than Naruto in Ninjutsu. The other day when I taught them the Transformation-Jutsu, even though Naruto's transformation was bad at least he could transform himself, while Eiji couldn't. I wanted to ask you if it would be appropriate to expel him..."

"Hmm, do you know that one of his hands is injured, which makes it difficult for him to form signs?"

"This...I didn't know...but doesn't it make it then impossible for him to become a shinobi?"

"Well, normally it's a huge handicap, but I would advise you not to look down on him. I suspect that in terms of fighting capabilities he is at the top of the class."

"But...how can this be? Even his Taijutsu is only slightly above average, and don't get me even started on his long-range weapon usage..."

"Hahaha, well he is certainly a unique fellow. He is pretty much the definition of a one-trick pony. Don't you see how he is always carrying a sword with him? According to Hayate, he is one of the most gifted pure Kenjutsu users in the village."

"Hayate said that? But even if it's true, his behavior is still a problem..."

"Well, I certainly understand him. He is a top Kenjutsu user, so when the academy teaches only things which he doesn't specialize in and has no merit for him to learn, of course, he would get bored and frustrated. So my advice would be, to just not force him to learn things he doesn't want to. Before he enrolled in the academy, Hayate spent a huge amount of time to train him, so you don't have to worry."

"It certainly makes sense...I will take your advice to heart, Lord Hokage."


At the Super-Duper-Apple-Farm Gangs headquarters, which was only a wood table with a wooden bench in a park.

One of Konoha's Heavenly Kings was currently questioning the boss of the Peeing-Dogs Gang.

"So you are telling me, that your whole Gang was trashed by some small brat, who isn't part of any gang?"

"Yes...he was stronger than we th -"

A fist in his face interrupted him.

"Tell me who this brat is, or else I will test the new move I developed to dethrone this arrogant empress on you!"

"It was a kid called Eiji..."

"Eiji? Hey, you over there search for this Eiji, while the rest of you punish this worthless garbage for their incompetence!"

"Wait please - ARGHHH!"



I used the Naruto wiki to summarize the backstory on how Iruka and Naruto got closer.

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