1 Pregnant

City Hospital, A city

8:30 pm

"Miss, you are pregnant. Congratulations!!", the doctor told her, "You are one week pregnant."

Hearing the doctor's words, Yun Xi's mind went blank. She couldn't utter a word, she didn't know what to do and how to feel after hearing those words.

"Are you sure, doctor? Are there any mistakes?", she asked the doctor after coming back into her sense.

The doctor gave her an annoyed look and said, "Miss, I have been a gynecologist for more than 20 years now and we just did your blood test. Do you think the reports could be wrong? Or do you not believe my words?"

"No... No, I am sorry. I did not mean that. Thank you, doctor. Now, what do I do?", she asked.

"Look, Miss. I will be direct with you here. If you don't want the baby, they can get an appointment for an abortion. But let me ask you if you girls really don't want the baby, then why do you not use any protection? Girls these days tcktcktck.....", doctor murmured.

"If you want the child, then you should start taking care of your health and lower your workloads. Avoid any cold and too spicy foods. Start doing light exercise suitable for pregnancy but don't get too tired.", the doctor continued.

"Now that you are pregnant, you will start feeling changes in your body. You may start getting morning sickness after you enter 6 weeks of pregnancy and there may be changes in your appetite. But, it also depends on how your body functions. Some may not get any morning sickness at all while some really have a difficult time having it. You will also start feeling tired easily and get sleepy.", the doctor told her.

Yun Xi was really getting a hard time listening to the doctor's words. She was not sure about keeping the baby or not.

Just at that time, the doctor continued, "You will have to get frequent check-ups in the hospital now. I will provide you with the date and time."

Yun Xi did not know how she got out of the hospital. She was not in her right mind. She was confused about everything happening in her life. After getting out of the hospital, Yun Xi didn't know where to go. She just kept wandering around when she came across a park. She decided to get some rest there, so she went inside and sat on the nearby bench. It was already 9:30 pm at night so there wasn't anybody around.

While seating on the bench, Yun Xi started to recount everything that happened that day.


(Beginning of her memories of that day)

"Let's break up. Let's annihilate our engagement.", her fiancee, Song Kun told her.

She was very shocked to hear these words from him because she had never expected him to say that to her.

So, she had asked him 'Why?'

"Sorry, but I have no other options left other than breaking up with you. I really have to do this, Yun Xi.", he had told her.

"I am not asking you this, Song Kun. I am asking you why do you want to break up?", she screamed at him.

"Because I have to marry Xie Zhi.", he replied.

"Who? Xie Zhi? Isn't she your adoptive mother's daughter? Hah! So, basically, you are marrying your sister? Wow! I am impressed by you, Song Kang.", Yun Xi replied him in a sarcastic tone.

"I...", Song Kun wanted to say something but Yun Xi raised her palm in front of him and stopped him from speaking.

"Does your mother know about this, Song Kun?, she asked him, "I am sure she will be really disappointed in you."

She knew this because his adoptive mother, Song Yi, actually wanted to adopt her (Yun Xi) at that time but Yun Xi knew that Song Kun always wanted to be adopted in a good family so, Yun Xi requested Song Yi to adopt Song Kun instead of her. At that time, Song Yi was amused by her words so she had asked her why she wanted Song Kun to be adopted. Replying to her question, Yun Xi had said that she will be happier if Song Kun was adopted instead of her, and Yun Xi had also promised Song Yi that if she ever missed her daughter then she could come to visit her anytime time.

Amused by her words and character, Song Yi decided to adopt Song Kun and also decided to provide all the education fees for Yun Xi. But Song Kun was unaware of all these.

"I know. I know she will be disappointed in me. So, first thing tomorrow morning; I am going to tell her about my decision and also take my name out of her household registry.", he said.

"So, why did you exactly decide to marry her?", at this time, Yun Xi was already calm.

"Xie Zhi told me that if I marry her, she will accept her mother and also ask her father to bring her mother back to their house and live as a family. You know how much mother missed her and wanted to be with her daughter. So, I can only do this much for her and give her family back to her and make her happy for the new life she provided me.", he told her.

"So, you think Xie Zhi will really do as she said? Do you think she will really accept aunty Song as her mother? Hah!", Yun smirked, "Fine, Song Kun. Let's break up and never meet each other again. I hope you will be happy marrying your sister."

With that, Yun Xi left from there.

From that moment, Yun Xi really had no one whom she could call her family. Song Kun was the only one who was with her through the orphanage but he too left her. From then on, she was really alone. Remembering all the memories with Song Kun, she really wanted to cry but she told herself to be strong and that Song Kun was not worthy of her tears.

She also decided not to hold any grudges against Song Kun because if she herself was in his place, maybe she would have done the same for her adoptive parent's happiness.

So, she left that place without holding any grudges and never look back.

After she left him there, she began to feel drowsy and nearly fainted so, she decided to get a check-up in the hospital; maybe visiting the hospital could make her busy and save her from heartache.

(End of her memories)


A gush of wind passed through Yun Xi, and then only she came to her sense. She realized that she was still in the park. She also began to feel cold so she decided to return to her rented room. She got up from the bench and started walking towards the road to catch a bus, but while crossing the road, she saw a speeding car rushing towards her. Her mind went blank, she wanted to move from there, but she couldn't move her legs. She watched helplessly as the car came rushing towards her.

While trying to move from there, she fell down and she could only close her eyes fearing the pain.


Yun Xi slowly opened her eyes when she did not feel the pain she was expecting. Then, she saw the car stopped few feet away from her, and then she fainted; maybe because of fright or emotional turbulence she went through all day.

Before fainting, she thought she saw a figure getting out of the car but before she could look properly, she lost her consciousness.

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