MMORPG: The Tales of SoulsMMORPG: The Tales of Souls

MMORPG: The Tales of Souls

by _chomps

3.5(87 ratings)

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In a world where power within a game is used to solve crises in a country. Find out what our players will do to survive in this world, where they care about their level and equipment. --------- The story begins when the young Liu Yang turns sixteen and has his initiation to start playing a game called Project: Unknown. Due to an accident while he completed a quest, Liu Yang got a mysterious chest, and after discovering that it belonged to a master of souls. Liu Yang embarks on the journey to becoming the next master of souls. Follow the adventures of Liu Yang as he talks and helps those who have died, but have not left this world. This is the tale about the one who has the power to see and talk to souls. This is The Tale of Souls. -------------------- Cover created by MikeWe - https://forum.webnovel.com/d/27252-free-covers-for-your-books --------------------

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