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MMORPG : The Conqueror


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While players had gone off with their journeys and achievement in the game, Rylan was still stuck up in the middle of nowhere, finishing a clue that had left him in the dust compared to the other players. And finally, he had finished this endeavor and got a secret class, a class that was forgotten in the canal of history, a class that was once feared by the superpowers and top tier factions, the Weaver! - [Cheap privilege chapters' price!] 1$ / 50 coins for 5 chapters ahead 2$ / 100 coins for 10 chapters ahead 4$ / 200 coins for 20 chapters ahead Pushing for WSA! Up to 3-4 chapters a day! Your every review, comments, golden tickets, stones, and supports will be considered to make more chapters each day! Just make it feisty!


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