37 Great Lucky Hands

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A narcissistic elder sister who was terrible at directions!

Zhang Yang ignored her as he proceeded to loot the corpse.

[Aphelia’s Staff] (Green-Copper, Staff)

Magic Attack: 168 – 191

Level Requirement: 20

Note: “This staff still carries the stench of Python King’s innards! Poor Aphelia! May your soul rest in peace among the gods!”

“Again! Yours!” Zhang Yang sighed heavily. It was not that he wanted the equipment but more so because he did not want Little Snow saying that he wanted to court her!

Nevertheless, Little Snow giggled happily, carrying an ‘I knew it’ expression.

Hmph, drama queen!

Another loot! Zhang Yang did not believe that it would only drop Priest’s equipment!

[Boots of Agility] (Green-Copper, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +2

Vitality: +10

Intelligence: +6

Spirit: +4

Level Requirement: 20

F*ck my life! Zhang Yang felt speechless.

Again, again!

[Resurrection] (Skill Book)

Use: You will learn <Resurrection>.

Class: Priest, Knight.

Zhang Yang shed a manly tear. All 4 items were for Priests!

Little Snow’s eyes had turned into crescents from smiling, mumbling, “Indeed, kindness is always rewarded!”

Zhang Yang looted the corpse again. He had finally gotten something that was not for Priests!

[Golden Venomous Python King’s Gall]: Quest Item!

‘Ding! You have obtained 15 silver coins!’

With the last item looted, the boss’ corpse disappeared instantly.

“There’s still the chest!” Zhang Yang rubbed his palms and rushed towards the Gray-Silver Chest.

“Wow! A treasure chest!” Little Snow's eyes radiated with interest. “Let me open it! Let me!”

Since they were in the same party, it did not matter who had opened the chest. Zhang Yang moved aside.

Little Snow threw herself on the chest and rested her cheek on the lid of the chest as her hands caressed the chest. Her indulgent expression scaring Zhang Yang.

A fortune-loving and narcissistic elder sister who was terrible at directions!

After some time, Little Snow had finally opened the chest with great reluctance under Zhang Yang’s urge. The unwillingness written on her face was as if Zhang Yang had murdered her father.

10%, 20%… 100%! The chest opened and Little Snow stuffed her hand inside.

[Silver-Scaled Sword] (Gray-Silver, One-handed Sword)

Weapon Attack: 197 – 219

Attack Interval: 2.6 seconds

DPS: 80

Equipped Effect: Increases <Critical Strike>’s rate by 1%.

Level Requirement: 20

Jackpot! This [Silver-Scaled Sword] would really put his current [Refined Iron Sword]'s 16 – 24 Weapon Attack to shame! Since Yellow-Gold equipment could only be obtained from Level 50 bosses, he could use this sword until he had reached that level!

Zhang Yang looked at Little Snow and thought to himself, “Is this yin and yang1 – they’re complementing each other as he had looted her equipment while she looted his?”

“Wow! Such a pretty sword!” Little Snow picked up the [Silver-Scaled Sword]. Before rolling, anyone who was eligible to roll for the loot could pick up the equipment but was unable to equip it nor store it in their inventory.

It was obvious that men and women had completely different perspectives. What Zhang Yang had cared about was [Silver-Scaled Sword]'s supreme functionality while Little Snow had only cared about its appearance.

Zhang Yang rolled 42 points while Little Snow passed without hesitation. The strongest one-handed sword at the current stage of the game then went into Zhang Yang’s inventory.

It was a shame that he had 2 more levels to go before he could equip it.

[Recipe: Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion] (Alchemy Recipe)

Use: You will learn to craft Beginner Anti-Shadow Potion.

Requirement: Beginner Alchemy Skill

Seriously… it came out! This thing's drop rate was not even one in ten thousand. In his previous life, even when the game had reached its mid-late stage, players who could craft this potion only numbered a handful!

[Silver-Scaled Sword], Alchemy Recipe… these were extremely rare drops yet she had looted them both in one instance, what great Lucky Hands! Zhang Yang’s own 2 points of Luck was crap in comparison to her.

“Little Snow, this is something that I need, can you give it to me?” This was a matter concerning his fortune, so Zhang Yang had to quickly speak up.

“I will consider it if you call me ‘elder sister’!” Little Snow was more than delighted.

The lady did look like she was older but Zhang Yang’s mental age was almost 30 years old, so it was extremely hard for him to utter the words ‘elder sister’!

“Eh? You won’t say it? Well then, I’m going to roll now!” teased Little Snow.

“Little Snow, you’re more like Mischievous Snow!” Zhang Yang sighed.

“Hahaha! That’s why it’s fun! Hey, are you saying it or not?”

“Elder sis – ter” Zhang Yang said gritting his teeth. He added another word under his breath, “Witch!”

“Good boy! Come, let big sis here give you a candy!” Little Snow grinned, her eyes forming crescents.

After Zhang Yang kept the recipe, he thought to himself, “Wait till I make a huge fortune with this recipe and make you cry your heart out!”

Little Snow looted once more and the last item popped out.

[Treasure Map Piece (1)] (Gray-Silver)

Use: Put together all 3 [Treasure Map Piece]s and obtain a [Complete Treasure Map].

Zhang Yang checked his inventory. Right now, he had piece (1) and piece (3). This piece would be a recurring one so he unhesitatingly passed. He was extremely contented with the [Silver-Scaled Sword] and the recipe.

After Little Snow obtained the map piece, the chest dissipated slowly.

“Come, let’s get out of here!” said Zhang Yang as he went into the empty tree trunk. Little Snow hurriedly followed behind.

As he moved forward, Zhang Yang had suddenly realized that the little blinking dot that had represented Little Snow on the mini-map had disappeared.

Zhang Yang quickly asked in the party channel, “Little Snow, where are you?”

“I… I don’t know!” Little Snow replied, “It’s dark everywhere!”

This woman could get lost even when she was following him. She was really something!

“Stay there, I’m coming!” Zhang Yang could only say feebly.

“OK. But hurry, it’s so dark here and the water is so cold. It doesn’t feel nice at all!” complained Little Snow.

“Alright! Alright! I’m coming now!”

The blinking dot had finally reappeared in his mini-map after some few hundred meters of swimming. Zhang Yang swam over to her and said, “Follow me closely!”

She replied, “I can’t even see you, how am I supposed to follow?”

“Can’t you read the map?” Zhang Yang might have thought too highly of her.

“Nope, I can’t understand it. Gives me a headache!” Little Snow replied.

This was how a directionally-challenged idiot came about.

Zhang Yang sighed and extended his hand, “Then grab on to my hand!”


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Holding on to the idiot’s hand, Zhang Yang led Little Snow out of the water. After 20 minutes of swimming, they finally saw daylight, both of them emerging from the bushes.

“My hands are soft, aren’t they?” Little Snow asked out of the blue.

“Hm, they’re alright!” Zhang Yang casually replied.

“How long do you plan on holding them?” Little Snow’s tone was laced with a feeling of the calm before a storm.

Zhang Yang looked. Oh, he had forgotten to let go after holding her hands for so long.

“Hehe, my bad! My bad!” Zhang Yang let her hands go and took a step back to express his innocence.

Little Snow looked at him haughtily and said, “Rascal, be careful next time! I’m not someone you can easily take advantage of!”

Speaking of arguing, Zhang Yang was not afraid of her. Before he had confirmed his relationship with Lin Yu, he still had his fair share of dating women. He just wanted to avoid causing trouble as he would rather not have any affairs with the opposite sex. With a light smile, Zhang Yang said, “I’ll be on my way to complete a quest. See you next time!”

Zhang Yang left the party and headed towards Deckard. He lifted and waved his left hand to bid farewell.

“Tch! Rascal!” Little Snow murmured and opened the voice messenger.

“Hello! Cousin, are you calling me to pick you up cause you’re lost again?” A crisp voice of a young girl came through, “How many times would this be? Come on cousin, stop making a fool out of yourself! You’re a Cambridge graduate, how can you have less sense of direction than me, a high schooler?”

“Hmph! I majored in Business Administration and not Tourism or Geology or even Archeology. Can’t I get lost?”

“Cous, you’ve gotten lost too many a time, don’t you think? Fine, fine, fine! I’m done arguing with you. Where are you? I’ll come and pick you up!” The girl on the other side of the line gave in.

“Who asked you to pick me up? I’m not lost!”

“Eh? Then why did you call me? I was in the middle of grinding!”

“I met that Zhan Yu just now! Hm, he’s strong indeed! Stronger than you!”

“Waaaa, I’m a Berserker. Why would you compare me to him!”

“Nothing. I’m just comparing!” Little Snow stretched lazily and said, “He’s indeed someone worth recruiting!”

“Well then, go pull him in! Hehe, you have big boobs. Didn’t they say that guys like big boobs? He’s sure to be enticed by you!” the girl on the other side of the line laughed.

“You little brat, your boobs are as flat as a sunny side up!”

“Han Ying Xue, I’m warning you! No comments about my breasts!”

“Tch! Sunny-side-up!”

“Hmph! Milk cow!”

Returning to Deckard, Zhang Yang passed the [Golden Venomous Python King’s Gall] over and the head physician’s eyes were wide open, “This is really the Python King’s Gall! I can feel it! This soft sac contains such poisonous venom! It’s shocking! Adventurer, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: The Last Python Gall. Obtained 10,000 EXP!’

‘Ding! You have learned the skill <First Aid>!’

‘Ding! Your skill <First Aid> has leveled up to Specialist!’

‘Ding! You have obtained the title: Physician’s Friend!’

A chain of notification rang at his ears, sounding absolutely melodious!

He opened the <First Aid> window and saw that he had already learnt 5 types of bandages: [Linen Bandage], [Coarse Cloth Bandage], [Cotton Bandage], [Silk Bandage], and [Magic-Woven Bandage]. However, [Cotton Cloth] could only be found from looting humanoid monsters. As of now, he could only farm for [Coarse Cloth].

[Coarse Cloth Bandage]: Recovers 500 HP over 10 seconds, channeling needed. Any damage or movement will cancel channeling duration.

Cooldown: 1 minute.

With the title Physician’s Friend, <First Aid> effect would be doubled, healing 1,000 HP over 10 seconds. That would almost completely refill Zhang Yang’s HP.

Zhang Yang took out a Teleportation Reagent and tore it. A magic circle formed under his feet and he arrived at White Jade Castle 10 seconds later.

Translator Notes:

1 yīnyáng – Chinese philosophical theory where two seemingly opposite forces may complement each other. Everything is interconnected and interdependent. Yin refers to dark while yang refers to bright. Women are generally filled with yin while men are filled with yang.

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