MMO: Isekai no RPG - A Virtual Life In Another World - (English) Book

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MMO: Isekai no RPG - A Virtual Life In Another World - (English)


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In the year 2030 after world events, technology will start to become even more part of the daily lives of people in general and thanks to this advance, virtual reality games have taken new directions and thus a new VR game called MMO: Isekai no RPG has emerged, where players when putting on glasses are taken to another world, a typically medieval fantasy world where they become the characters themselves, going through epic adventures and struggles. The success was such that in one week thousands already had an account in the game, the Japanese developers were so surprised with what they celebrate the feat never seen before, however something happened, the players did not want to leave the game anymore and many abandoned their real lives to live "a virtual life in another world."


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