1 Chapter 1: Coming Of Age

Today, I am going to be officially 15 years old. How rude of me, I forgot to introduce myself. Hi, I am Aki-Bae-Chin Jazmin Li-Kim( yes, I know i have a long name, that's because my parents couldn't choose ); I am a female, I currently live in Seoul, South Korea, where I go to school, and I have 3 older siblings. My family includes; the twins, my sister jenny Xiu Li-Kim, and my brother Jaden Takeshi Li-Kim; they are both 23 years of age, my third older sibling is Jessica Yo-Yo Li-Kim, who is 17 years old and suffers from brain cancer, Lastly are my parents; my dad Chijoke Jin Kim he's Korean-Nigerian, and he is currently 40, and my mom Adeline Amy Li is Chinese-Candian, and she is currently 50. Lastly I have a big family about 50 members in total from both sides.I believe that's a good enough introduction to me and my family.


Today is February 14, 2019, and today marks my 15th birthday. This year my parents promised me that we'd celebrate, and surprisingly it's going to be my first time celebrating my birthday since my family now has a lot of money. I am super happy not only because I will be celebrating my birthday but celebrating as a family under the same roof. I'm happy about that because my dad is a Master Sergeant in the Army,my mom is a general surgeon, the twins are college students studying Architecture( Xiu) and Chemical Engineering ( Takeshi). Lastly Yo-Yo has spent half of her life span in the hospital. And as for me, I'm a student at Yongsan International School of Seoul, and in my 10th year ( a sophomore in high school, I'm a very smart student, so i started school early and skipped grades).


I arrived at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport at around 4:40 a.m. The first thing I did was to call my mom;

" Hey, Mom," I said excitedly.

" Min Min, my little baby Jazzy Min Min, are you here already? I'm 2 hours away, but there's a lot of traffic, but I'm on my way." My mom said; hearing her voice was amazing.

Time skip to 30 minutes…

After about 30 minutes on the phone with my mom, I noticed a tall middle-aged man looking at me like we've met before.*~~Chills~~* About 15 minutes later, the middle-aged guy walked up to me, and i noticed that he was my childhood friend, and our parents' always called us boyfriend and girlfriend, and sometimes even husband and wife.

" Yes! I knew I didn't see wrong," He said excitedly, " Jazmin Li-Kim, right?"

" Yes! Crusty Dusty Kookie?!" I said

" Don't call me that," he said.


After about an hour of catching up with kookie, my mum finally arrived at the airport.

" min!!" I turned and saw my mom; my eyes filled with tears since I haven't seen my mom for so long.

" MOM!!" tears rolling down my cheek.

" Mrs. Li-li is still pretty, even now," Kookie said.

" Would I be bothering you if I asked, would you like to come to celebrate with us?" my mum asked.

" No, you wouldn't, plus I was hoping to stop by anyway since I have Jazmin's gift with me."

My mom and kookie caught up a little on our way home. After what felt like forever, we arrived. When I came in, I rushed and gave my dad a hug, gave the twins each a hug, and gave my sister yo-yo a hug.

" Minnie, Honey, go upstairs, there are some boxes there, and they are there waiting for you." my dad said.

" really… WAIT...could it perhaps be from...M- my grandparents?"

My family, including Kookie, looked at each other, as if they'd known someone who has died.

So… I asked the question that made yo-yo yell, " What happened to my GP and gm?"

" COULD WE NOT TALK ABOUT IT...JUST GO UPSTAIRS AND OPEN YOUR DAMN PRESENTS," Yo-yo yelled with tears rolling down her face.

" Don't be so harsh." the twins said in sync.

" W-what happened to them?" I said , starting to feel like I've been kept in the dark.

" We'll talk about it later, go up… the presents are waiting to be opened by its owner."

Still confused, I ran upstairs and saw so many boxes in my room , as if someone was packing my stuff or something. The first box I opened was small;in it was Asian/American snacks and drinks, and it was from my brother TiTi( Jaden's nickname). The next box was medium-sized and in it were items from Versace,Gucci,Forever 21, and some concert tickets, and I knew right away it was from my sister queen( Jenny's nickname ). The second to last one was also medium, and it was a TaTa teddy bear ( BT21 merch), snacks,merch from my favorite boy/girl band, and the only person who knew my favorite boy and girl band was Yo-Yo. The last and Final box was large with holes all around; I opened it then squealed out of happiness…" What Happened " everyone yelled in sync. The living thing inside the box that made me fill up with happiness was me getting a baby samoyed and a baby Pomeranian. I've always wanted these types of dogs, and they are very expensive, making me so grateful for receiving such an amazing present.

*Time skip to about 20 minutes later…*

It was quiet at the dining table, no talking much, just mostly eating.

" *cough cough*. So how's everyone been doing?" try to break the silence by asking how everyone's been doing, but someone didn't like that.

" We've been fine…" yo-yo said so coldly "... Let's just eat in silence for a while, Ok?"

Nodding my head with a sad look.

After eating, I went to the visitor's sitting room because I felt like a complete stranger around my family. I sat down on the couch and by me saw a box that said " from Jackson Wyatt Kim-Jeon( P.s kookie), I opened the big box and in it was a bouquet of my favorite flowers( lavender), with chocolate, and a heart-shaped card with $500 in it.

The card read:

" Dear Jazmin,

Today is the day you finally turn 15; though I'm 2 years older than you, we are practically twins and inseparable.In this letter, i wanted to tell you my true feelings. Since i we were little toddlers, I have always had feelings for you; though we're like siblings, I just wanted to let you know that no matter what happens in the future, I will always love and cherish you. And I hope we could get married in the future,so don't like any other boy, ok? Happy birthday, I love you.

~~ sincerely, Jackson

Your future boyfriend and husband."

After reading the letter, I was filled with a cringe because he didn't seem like the type to say much, plus he seems like the cold type.


A little about Jackson Wyatt Kim-Jeon, he's Blasian, he is 17 years old , he's 6'6( I'm 6'0, so we're both really tall). He's a Model from Elite modeling ( so he models for different clothing brands), a singer under the Columbia records and YG entertainment company, and an actor.Overall he's just famous and known worldwide, and Yes, he's my best friend from childhood. Now you know him, let's move on. ( P.S he calls me Mo-MO since the first thing I said was Moo-Moo).


Two days after celebrating my b-day with my family and kookie, I went out to hang out with Kookie since it's been a while. We went out to so many places, ate so many things and last we spent time with each other and had fun while spending time with each other. That day was February 16,2019, and I'll never forget that date because that's when I confirmed my feelings for kookie. That day is when my heart flutters and skips a beat ( sometimes races ) whenever he's around or really close to me.


After that day, the next night, around 8:38pm , my dad talked with me about my grandparents.

" Hey, Honey, about your grandparents.." My dad came into my room with that sentence starter.

" What happened to them?" I asked very curiously.

" … your grandparents they were...um… Killed in a three-way collision. I'm sorry, honey, I know how much they meant to you."

" y-you mean they are …" Memories with them start flashing through my mind, and tears start pouring down my eyes."...D-D-Dead." The tears start pouring out more.

I looked over at my door and saw Yo-Yo, who was crying too. And I told my dad," Please, leave. I want to be alone." My dad left, nodding while closing my door. I lay in my bed thinking about every memory with my grandparents and remember how they would always kiss me and call me their little ray of sunshine.


( Knocking on door ) " Hey honey, I have something to tell you." My mom said, coming into my room.

" hey, mom…" *sniff sniff* "What do you want to tell me?"

" Min Min, when you're going back to South Korea, Jackson(kookie) will go with you, he'll be going to school with you,ok? So look after him,ok?" my mom said.

" ok, mom, I will," I said, slightly smiling.

After that talk, my heart raced nervously and happily.


My vacation came to an end quickly. My family and Jackson's family came to the airport with us to send us off. Our flight was at 9:30 pm, and it was 8:45 pm, so we quickly said our goodbyes and went to our gate. While at our gate, there were so many girls looking at me, laying down on kookie's lap as we waited for our flight. Kookie saw that I was feeling embarrassed, so he covered my face with his jacket and told the girls to stop taking pictures of us. My heart fluttered at that moment. After a ten-minute wait for our flight to arrive, we had first-class tickets, so we boarded first, and everything about the first-class part was just amazing.After the flight that felt like it took years, I arrived at Incheon International Airport. Since Jackson is under YG Entertainment , his company got us a travel bus. But, it was a hassle just to get out of the airport because Jackson had so many fans waiting for him at the airport, so it was a hassle getting out of the airport without starting dating rumors and without getting hurt. When we arrived in Yongsan-gu in Seoul, we would be living in Hannam The Hill apartments. We went to our rooms right after eating dinner, and to myself, I said," I can't BELIEVE THIS is THE BEGINNING."