1 Main gods

Hello mortals, my name is Psyche and I am Dafne's twin, as every summer we spend with our grandparents at the family beach house, it is customary to come here to listen to the Greek stories of our grandparents every night, including Psiqué. And Dafne by the way we already know why we are called like that, that so many times I listen to her I think I already know the whole story seriously this family has been obsessed with Greek myths and history and well I am not the exception because every morning like today I go out to the sea to sit on the sand to read my book Ovid's Metamorphosis.

And right now here I am sitting with my book on my lap.

Let's start from why I come to where Poseidon, "The sea" or Neptune his name according to Greek mythology.

Well, it is a quiet place, which gives us calm from the sand, of course because inside it it is the opposite, it is so immense that seeing it makes our problems and fears small.

Neptune was the son of Saturn, brother of Jupiter, Pluto, Juno, Ceres and Vesta, great-grandfather of Hippomenes, a mortal and not to mention Venus, the goddess of love and beauty that arose from the foam of the sea and mother of Cupid, the Love's God.

Juno is the wife of Jupiter (Zeus) that is to say that they are brothers, Jupiter is the king of the gods, god of the heavens. Ceres is the goddess of the harvest, Pluto the god of hell, and one hell is hell, the place where people who die in sin go.

And Vesta or Hestia is the goddess of the hearth. Phaethon son of Helios and Helios the sun god. Servant sadness of Venus as well as Restlessness, Proserpina daughter of Ceres, maiden of spring and queen of hell.

Morpheus god of dreams, Mercury the messenger god, Minerva goddess of weaving and handicrafts. Iris goddess of the rainbow.

Envy a goddess ...

Apollo, Bacchus and Diana (Artemis) are children of Jupiter just like Mars (Ares) the god of war and since Psyche is a perfect princess and Daphne like Echo, Climena and others is a nymph, Daphne is the daughter of Peneas the god laughed.

The immortal gods are the descendants of Saturn although there are other gods who are at their disposal and, the mortals are those who live on earth!

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