1 ~Synopsis~

M. Amoura Sonata, A Mistress Grim Reaper born through birth and not suicide. Starting off in 1564, she had just witnessed a Demon's "birth". Who is he? When she meets a man working for the Phantomhive household who resembles this demon she saw before, she instantly receives more problems on her hands than she already has. A Star-Student colleague from YEARS back is now a villain on the top wanted list of the Reaper Dispatch. Red haired, sharp toothed reaper paired up with their total opposite, who Amoura has taken an interest to...

Grim reapers, who are already ahead of time and are quite modern, have already discovered spectacles and suits way before humans have.

Demons, hungry as ever, popping up everywhere and becoming servants?

Humans, the same as they always are; greedy and notorious, yet still proper and dignified.

What an interesting adventure we'll have together.

Upcoming Chapter: "That Shinigami, Always Busy."

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UPDATE: Now released!

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