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Mistress Shinigami (Black Butler FanFic)


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Mistress Minah-Amoura Sonata (Referred to the musical word; "A composition for an instrumental soloist, often with a piano accompaniment."), is the heir to the Shinigami Dispatch, A pure blooded Grim Reaper born through birth. With her Father's guidance, she will learn the ways of the Shinigami who collect and manage souls- instead of the supposed task of being a Lady in General Affairs. One of her very few "Friends", the Goofy Othello, is accompanists with the well-known star student, "Afterlife Citizen #136648" (The presumed Undertaker that you guys know and Love in the current time Manga/Anime~). She's skeptical about him, but she has other things on her mind, like the sudden appearances of new Demons around the area. Fear not, she'll be her own hero to save the day, that Mistress Shinigami~ Started: May 1st, of 2019