Mistress Of Enchanting Dragon
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Mistress Of Enchanting Dragon


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What is Mistress Of Enchanting Dragon

Read Mistress Of Enchanting Dragon novel written by the author Dream_blue98 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering mystery, sliceoflife, revenge, tragedy, historical. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[Warning… Mature content.] Seventeen years old Silja Castemont, a beautiful, prideful, and mysterious princess of Atlanea. The simple life of Princess Silja started to fill with questions a few days before she approached her eighteenth birthday. Series of horrible dreams and unusual events made her simple life complicated. But that wasn't all. She didn't know her act of helping an old guy would turn out to be a ticket to attend a bride choosing ceremony of the prince of the biggest kingdom of North. What will happen when a princess is forced to attend the ceremony by the groom's Father? Will she be able to find a way to escape this marriage? *** Donovan Regalhelm, eldest Prince of the Northern Empire. Handsome, powerful, cold-hearted, Evil. His father forced him to choose a bride before his 28th birthday. What will happen when a cold-blooded prince sees something interesting when he meets Princess Silja for the first time? He forced her to marry him by all means but the reason behind it wasn't love. What was so special about the princess of the small Atlanea kingdom? ***Excerpt*** The bride, dressed in a white wedding dress, was sitting inside the decorated wedding chamber. Soon the door opened and she heard the heavy footsteps coming closer. Silja lifted her head and saw his handsome profile hidden in the shadows. "Stand up." He ordered in his usual heavy indifferent voice. Silja gazed at him for a moment with her misty hazel eyes but followed his order anyway. The dress was heavy, making her movements clumsy. "Striped." He ordered as she stood up in front of him. "Huh?" Silja snapped her head and looked at him in shock. "I said, stripped all the clothes." He repeated The girl was so shocked that she couldn't react. "Ohh do you want me to help you? What a naughty princess we have here." He moved his feet and started to walk around her in a circle. He stood behind her and moved his fingers in the air and with movements of his hand the laces of her dress started to loosen up. Silja felt her dress loosen and hastily tried to secure it. He came forward after opening all the laces from behind. And with just another snap of his fingers the dress fell on the floor. "Nooo" The girl's eyes were filled with tears but she refused to let them fall. And in the next second all the fear disappeared from her eyes and rage took place. In the next second the cloth on his body caught fire and the ashes flew in the air. "Interesting." He smiled like a devil. ### Hello, guys. Please support the book and add it to the library. # Cover edited by ImagineTishaD and lettering done by Snoring_Panda. Check their books out. The picture doesn't belong to me credit goes to original creat Anna stokes.

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This story has potential. The FL is a kind and smart princess. I like novels with strong female leads and I have my fingers crossed that Silja doesn't turn into an enamored flimsy person who melts whenever ML gets into visual range just because he is handsome. The ML seems to be coldhearted and manipulative, and I hope that Silja stays clearheaded and gives him some hard time. 😉 The novel has mystery and magic and I can't wait to see what will happen next. The author gives an advance warning that English is not her first language, and it shows. However, the errors are not very bad and they didn't stop me from understanding what's going on. An editor or the help of some proofreading tool (like Grammarly) will definitely raise the level of readability and it will be easier to enjoy the ride. Overall, I recommend this novel to readers who love fantasy. 👍


[Reviewed on: 12-10-2021] [Reading status: 11 chapters] ● Strength: - A considerate and 'everyone's loved' sister and daughter FL is waiting for you to be saved. Well, she's not exactly a white lotus since I'm betting on her strong personality (she listens to her heart and observes things) I think and I believe she will use her brain too I near future. - The plotline is hate-to-love relationship, however the tension of the atmosphere which the author has created can be imagined effortlessly. - The major strong factor is the emphasis on every character's emotions and thoughts. Benjamin is protective, while the parents are mysterious yet trying their best to keep the daughter safe. Apart from Silja, the rest characters revolving around her are also fully developed, even her maid. - The reader gets immersed in the tension created from chapter 3 and can predict the potential plotline but I'm counting on the author for deviation. (ps, the title of the work) - What caught my attention was the chapter one and mirror, owff~ - The male lead is your renowned playboy, abusive, probably torn emotionally and gives a 'fix me' vibe. But let's hope the fl wwil not bow down to him. - Despite English being author's 3rd language the narration is highly readable. ● Weakness: - There's no distinction between the notes & chapter content in 6th 6nd 8th chapter, which caused confusion and disrupts the flow. [Overall remarks: Conspiracy filled romance with round characters. Except supernatural and action. Serious tone and requires focus.]


lt's 5* for me even in spite of typos here and there. lt's a book l picked to read in daily recommendation only for 200 points but couldn't drop l love it. A refreshing book after reading so many transmigration novels. There's no rush, the story is growing at a steady pace but still able to arrest your attention and keep you curious at the same time. l love leads with strength, character and mysterious background, this novel gave me too, Silja and Don. l also love that l can't predict what will happen next. A novel with great potential.


I would've never expected myself to be drawn in to a fictional world and relating myself with a fictional characters so easily. I could easily feel the motivation of the characters and their interactions only made me hungry for MOARR. kudos to the author, must recommend.


This book is really nice..... I read other book of yours too and they are not comparable Both are really good THE STORY IN THIS ONE IS AWESOMEEEEEE


Oh my Naughty Dreamie is back with smut filled ride, dudeee😳😳😳. Let me take a breath for a moment, ..... Ahhhhhhhhhh....owwww myyyy dear lord of lord! I smell smut! Yes smut 😣🥰🥰....Like a moth attracted to flame, I am attracted to Silja and the dark prince's dark love story! Don't forget to give me spoilers pleaseee.....


This novel is so fresh and amazing. If you read it, you won't regret it. The character progression and development is well paced. The novel progression is also paced in a way that makes sense and has good rhythm. There are minor grammatical errors but it doesn't take away from the angst and excitement of this novel. I can't wait to see what happens next!


I was hooked after a few chapters and haven’t even considered stopping. I just finished all current chapters (through 144) with no regrets, and I’m eager for each new update. I’d definitely recommend this read! Check out this book’s tags, they’re pretty accurate. (Except it needs a romance tag, too!) I have definitely been I giggling, snickering, and thoroughly frustrated (when the story calls for it), and I credit that to the author’s story telling. It’s not trashy—pretty clean so far, actually— and I like it that way. Anyone can write trash, but I’m more interested in an author convincing me that two people are actually in love. It’s a slow burn, but I think that’s needed when you have two characters at odds from the beginning. I looove the way they interact, though! In fact, I like all the characters, and you get quite a variety. I don’t think this is a slow start, but if you want instant action, you’ll need to stick with it for a couple chapters as the author sets the scene, introduces more characters (instead of dumping them on you all at once), and gets the plot moving. But you won’t be disappointed. I don’t feel like any of the chapters were wasted, they all served a purpose in building the story for an enjoyable read. There are some typing/grammatical errors, but it doesn’t really detract for me. The updates are very regular, and the author always gives bonus chapters for meeting goals. If you like being in contact with an author, I think she does a good job of responding to comments she clarifying any questions. Thank you for a great book in my library! 🧡


i dont know whay happened but i lost the updated version of mine that i purchased l as st month. im already in chapter 125. now its back on chapter 115. i can't find the remaining updated chapter i already read. helo please


I'm in love with this story trust me, im addicted to this story the more i read the more i love❤️, i want to follow you on your any social acc, please update more chapter as soon as possible im dying to wait for it ... 😖


Don't usually read romance but this was pretty enjoyable, the main character is strong willed, much better than trashy weak willed throughout whole story type of mc, descriptions and execution of plot points done well too, what drags the story down is the mediocre writing quality, I can tell the author tries hard in his descriptions and depictions but wether it is because of English being a secondary language or lack of knowledge on the written word, the word choice and sentence structure is not that great, quite a bit of grammatical errors too, I would recommend you work on your writing quality, because everything else is good.


I have been very pleasantly surprised with this Story. It is one to keep in my list. The characters are good and the story line is always evolving. You don’t read thinking that you don’t understand the world It is taking place in. It is nice to read and know you will find out about the whole world.


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a really good story I like the way you develop the character and plot it's really intriguing[img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins][img=coins]


It definitely has potential, it kept me intrigued enough to keep going which is good, though I admit I had to adjust at first when I noticed recurring errors, eventually I was able to interpret what was meant and it became an easy read. Wasn't even sure what direction the story would go, since I normally don't read this specific genre, but I honestly still enjoyed it, keep it going!


It's a great story, fun and easy to read since there is beauty in simplicity, nonetheless, I don't think you sorta failed to deliver the story as a reader that is great. I like how the MC is generous and sophisticated. Tho just friendly advice try to reduce repeated words to describe the same thing, use a bit strong verbs and lessen your adverbs and lastly add a cliffhanger at the end of every chapter. I'm rooting for you, good luck.


Both the male and female leads were well written from the start. I like that we get a look into each of their lives and get to know them before they meet. The story itself has an interesting concept to get any fantasy lover to keep reading! Great story so far.


An interesting take on the genre , a bit slow in the beginning but catches up really quickly. It has a lot of potential and the author really put his heart and soul into it


From the very beginning, the reader can feel that author has a concept for the whole story. I like the FL, she has a strong character. The plot is interesting. Just be care full with punctuation. In some places, we need a sentence of explanation, especially when you describe the background. I don't mean to 'sell' the story, but just give the reader some clues or a little bigger picture.


This is good. I've always loved royalty themed story so it is easy to be immersed in this. I hope it gets better because I could already feel the looming danger in the next chaps. Aside from some sentence structures and grammar errors, I really saw its potential especially that the world building is constructed well and not to forget that there's some mysteries to look forward to. Kudos, author!


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