1 I Am Back

After an hour of commotion, complete silence could be heard from the General's manor. After the General Yang Fu was crippled by a mysterious person, random people causing a scene in there became a regular routine.

Although Yang Fu didn't lose his hand or leg, he lost what was most important in Tingruo Kingdom. His ability to cultivate. Before this, he was the mightiest man in the kingdom who was a high level medium rank cultivator. No one dared to oppose him. Not even the king. However, after that incident, Yang Fu became a General in name only, losing his military power and his strength to protect his only daughter Yang Wei.

"Shua Ge, what do we do now? I didn't mean to hurt you by saying Yang Wei is a liar who never thought of me as a friend." a girl with teary eyes and pursed lips said pitifully. Laoshu couldn't be described as a disastrous beauty who could bring men to their knees, but could make them want to protect her because of her lotus white and weak image.

"I'll deal with the consequences, Shu'er! This bitch tried to slander you by saying you slept with her useless father. She courted death herself." Crown Prince Wu Shua coldly glanced at the body lying motionlessly against the pillar.

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The figure was adorned in a peach robe that was now drenched in blood. The originally light red lips were now smeared with blood. Despite the horrific appearance, Wu Shua couldn't deny that this girl was so beautiful that his heart stung.

Looking at his only daughter's ghastly state, Yang Fu closed his eyes and muttered, "Father will avenge you, Wei'er. And then he'll return by your side."

"Haha! You will avenge this slut? With what? By spanking your way through my palace? I'm afraid even the eunuch's imaginary son's butt wouldn't hurt with your spanking, trash old man." Wu Shua sneered.

"Come with me, Shu'er. This place is impure for a pure lady like you." the Crown Prince held Laoshu by her shoulder and gently walked her out.

As soon as they went out, Yang Fu rushed to Yang Wei's side, hugged her body and broke down. No matter how composed this old man was, he still witnessed his only kin in the world dying right before his eyes. Although Wu Shua was just a middle level medium rank cultivator, his strength was still more than enough to kill this child.

Yang Wei didn't have the ability to cultivate since she was young. Her parents were both outstanding geniuses, yet she was a trash. Her mother Luo Qing passed away due to an illness when she was only three. Since then, it was only her and her old man.

"Father.." a light and almost inaudible whisper brought Yang Fu's senses back to him. His eyes widened.

In a cold dark room, an old man in grey robe was examining the girl whom everyone considered dead. Ten days had already passed and by then Wu Shua already passed down the news that he went to visit Yang Wei, but saw her being mushy with another man. When that other man got to know that Yang Fei had a fiance, he killed her. Wu Shua mournfully told everyone how he couldn't save her. Everyone was applauding him for being so kind and benevolent as he was grieving the loss of such an immoral slut.

Wu Shua and Yang Wei had an engagement. This engagement was an imperial decree from the king back when the General was powerful. Now that the General was useless he didn't have to fear him and make his son marry a trash.

"So, I traveled to another world. Why did I have to end up in a body with no power? I need answers!" a feminine soft voice muttered. The injured girl was finally alright. Feng Yi was left in shock as he watched the girl saying strange things the moment she woke up. Feng Yi was an experienced physician who was one of the loyal people who subjected themselves to the General manor. He was also a friend of Yang Wei's late grandfather, General Yang Kei. The legend of Tingruo Kingdom. The man who broke through high level medium rank and reached high rank.

"Yang Fu, this girl had no hope of surviving. It's still a mystery to how she survived and recovered within 15 days. This is not possible at all. Take care of her, she doesn't need medicines or treatment anymore."

In a lush green field, Yang Wei woke up. This is where she could find her answers.

"Close your eyes and concentrate on coming here once you recover and I'll answer your questions." she remembered what she heard when she was unconscious.

These 15 days while her physical form was in coma, her soul was in this place, recovering in mysterious speed.

"You are here" a man who wasn't more than 18 appeared before her. If one had to describe how this man looked, they wouldn't be in their right mind to describe anymore. He looked like a mischievous God who often got punished for pulling pranks on the elders. A wolf like aura all around him.

"I am Si Xiao. Your guardian angel and protector of your soul."

"So, let me guess, I died while conning that man and reincarnated in Yang Wei's body who also happened to die at the same time I died?" Yang Wei shrugged. She had already read a lot of novels to not know what happened.

"Yes and no. You didn't die. You conned that man for that artifact that has been sealed in that box since it was discovered thousands of years ago. By opening the box you freed me and alerted the security. You got shot by them. Before you could cease to exist, I transported you here"

"That hair pin is a magical artifact?" Yang Wei was curious now.

"That's not just an artifact. It's a divine weapon called The Blood Sword. I'm it's guardian spirit and you're it's recognized master. Only the master of the weapon can freed me. So, you're my master too. You'll understand what it is slowly. For now, I've cleared your blocked meridian, so you can cultivate again." Si Xiao smiled.

"It's not that I have any purpose to go back to my world. I understand the ways of this world thanks to the actual owner of this body Yang Fei's memories. Although she was weak and had a timid personality, she was quite intelligent."

"I know your memories and feelings too. And by that, I can tell that you're going to wreck havoc on this kingdom. I'm originally from here, so I can help you with things you don't know. However, you need to become strong first. Your cultivation speed in this field will increase by tenfold because of the thick spiritual energy here." Si Xiao explained. He was completely prepared for the fun ride. After all, his master was a con artist in her previous life. It would take her a second to transform from a shy little flower to a sensual vixen. But only he knew how devoid of real emotions she was. And this excited him even more. A ruthless and merciless master who only cares for her own people is way better than a weak and kind one who dies because of her goodness.

Yang Wei had already accepted her new life. And she was quite content with it. She didn't have any friends or family back in her world. And now she has a father who loves her and a way to rise to the top. Why would she want to go back?

A sinister smile grew on her face as she thought of her "best friend" Laoshu and "fiance" Wu Shao. Maybe the old Yang Wei still had some residual integrity towards Lushao even after she tried to seduce her father and made Wu Shao murder her, but the new Yang Wei only had two words in her mind - Expose and kill.

Within a week, the whole Tingruo Kingdom was going to go through severe changes. A new power would be recognized and a devil shall be feared.

"I will avenge Yang Wei and her father. Because I'm Yang Wei now , the daughter of Yang Fu! I will rise to the top where no one will be able to hurt me. I'll con people, deceive them and even become a fraud to protect myself and the people I hold dear." Yang Wei vowed in a righteous tone.

Hearing the girl, Si Xiao's mouth twitched, but then a warm smile enveloped his face as he thought that the girl held him dear too. He became one of her people the moment he saved her life.

"I'll be with you through every phase of your growth. Till the very end. I'll grow with you and protect you. Forgive me for I told you my fake name. My name has power within it and anyone with low spiritual power will have their soul dispersed the moment they hear it." Si Xiao gazed tenderly at the girl who had already sat for cultivation long before.

"Please grow stronger quickly and I'll reveal every bit of my soul to you." Si Xiao whispered.

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