Mistaken Transported to a world: I was crushed to death by gravity. Book

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Mistaken Transported to a world: I was crushed to death by gravity.


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Many people get transported to a world, so I was from Japan but who would have thought I will almost crushed to death by just lying down there. Harashi was a normal kid, who had come back to village remote mountain area where his grandfather used to live and had been seven years since he was back to that place, he had no parent and his grandfather had raised him up from the childhood, but finally when his grandfather died he told me to go to this old House and check the secret chamber, since his last wish was so odd, Harashi was a little confused. Moving inside the room he felt a little weird where an unknown voice told him something but his consciousness faded just like that. "Ugh! Hoho." Harashi felt crushing pain as he felt his breathing heavier while his body was in pain. "Hey! someone there is seriously injured, I think he is about to die any moment now, let's help him out our village chief will decide who is he and why he is here." "Good, let's get to work, you there cast healing magic on him and preserved his life for me." " My goodness look at his weak body he is about to die just because of he is is lying there." " His vitality must have struck out by some kind of monster or witches." Harashi was fainted due to anger since, he realise his condition was at prime and it was gravity of this world which is way too abnormal. What did they mean by weak body, his body is strongest among the whole middle High School. Look forward to the story where Harashi grow stronger with working harder in this world. Our protagonist gonna have to travel both world and due to which he will become near to super human on earth, since 5 times gravity is something which can even soldier can't train under, So on earth he will be an overpowered character.


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