7 Transition

" Yeah. She said I should stay away from you. That you are both betrothed to one another. Is it true or not?"

"It is true," Lucien said with his back turned to me. I was very happy that he wasn't facing me to see the tears that were building up in my eyes, I can't believe it is only three days ago that I met him and I have completely fallen for him, his words 'It is true' kept ringing in my ear as I felt my heart fall apart.

Why the hell did he lead me on, if he knows we aren't going to work. I felt very envious and angry at Freya even knowing it is not her fault I fell for me. Lucien didn't say anything, he was quite like he wanted me to process what he said.

"It is a deal between our families, we were betrothed to each other since she was born."

"Do you love her?" I asked wanting to know even though I dread the answer.

"No" he whispered defeated.

"Does she loves you?"

"I think she does."

"Why did you make me think we would work out?"

"Because I am going to make sure we do."

"You can't promise me that can you?"

"I know I will do anything to make us work, as long as you are with me in this."

"Your families are expecting you both to marry, she is looking forward to marrying you, do you want to break her heart for some you just met three days ago."

"You are right, I just met you, but throughout my life, I always felt that I am incomplete but since I met you I know that you are the missing part, Silver, I am not just sweet-talking you, I know ahead of us, we will face many challenges, but we can overcome them if we stick to each other, I know that I really should save you the struggles that will come your way by not getting involve with you at all, but I am too selfish too, so please I am begging you to be selfish for me.'

Lucien said staring right at my eyes, with his hands on my face, and I was his sincerity, I felt that I deserved being selfish, and be happy. But I do hope I don't regret it.

I nod my head and he hugs me telling me to thank you.

"I will make sure you don't regret this chance you have given me."

It is been a week since that night, I and Lucien had got more close, we have been sneaking around lately, I didn't want anyone to know about us because Mrs. Jackson told me to stay away from him and I don't want her to find out, not that I told him that.

He comes at night to my room through the window, because Mrs. Jackson won't allow him in my room at night.

I always leave my window open for him and he leaves before morning. That has been our daily routine, I barely see Nicolette and Freya, like they were both avoiding me or something.

Well Daniel is sometimes with Lucien, he doesn't seem to like me but he is very friendly with me like when we first met.

The bond between me, Linda, and Janet become stronger. They know about me and Lucien, they are happy that I can keep Lucien's attention.

The people at school got tired of gossiping, as I hardly hear whispers when I am around, but according to Linda and Janet, they still talk about me, but only when I am not present.

I didn't go to the diner today, following Mrs. Jackson's order, she said I deserve a day off, so I am on my bed in my room snuggling with Lucien.

"I really would like it if you and my sister got along because you are both important to me."

"It's not like I don't want to get along with her, I do for your sake but it like she is avoiding me, I barely see her, even though I didn't like her at first, but I am willing to try but I don't think she likes me.''

"Nicole can be strong-headed and imposing on strangers but when you get to know her, you will love her, she is very nice and also a wonderful person, I told her about us, although she does not like it, but will support us."

"Okay, okay I will try to talk to her but if she does something that gets on my nerves and that is it." I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my chest, my whole body felt like it was on fire.

Then the worse started, my bones start to crack.

"Silver! Silver!"

I could hear Lucien's desperate call but couldn't respond or indicate I could hear him.

I screamed again and jumped away from the bed, I was feeling very hot, I tore my clothes off me like it was paper, I kept screaming, When Lucien tries to approach me, I growled inhumanly at him not to come any closer, that made him froze, he looked torn between trying to get to me and following my wishes.

The door of my room suddenly slammed open, and Mrs. Jackson came in whispering some words.

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I heard her ask Lucien what he was doing in my room, but she didn't let him reply before coming close to me trying to make me drink something, as she continues whispering some words like she was chanting.

I felt a little bit calm, I drank what she offered to me, then it became worse, I pushed her, fortunately, Lucien caught her, I don't know how he moved so fast, because I am sure he was at the entrance of the room.

I started vomiting blood as my bone cracks more loudly, I fell on, kneeling with both my hands and knees.

"What is happening to her?" Lucien asks worriedly.

"Her body is going through the transition."

"Transition? What do you mean by transition? Her body is transiting into what? Do something!"

"There is nothing I can do to help her, the herbs I gave her are the strongest, that I have been keeping for her, for years now, but her body is rejecting it, and that is something I have never seen before, she has to go through the transition."

I was hearing their conversation like it was not happening because all I felt was heat and pain. Lucien came closer to me and hugged me to his chest despite Mrs. Jackson's warning and my growl.

I instantly felt calm, my body stopped cracking, I felt no pain and my body temperature was gradually reducing, it felt like a miracle, I snuggled more in his arms.

'Oh my goodness!" Mrs. Jackson exclaimed.

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