18 Secrets

The next day at school, Lucien and Daniel were absent. A part of me was happy I won't have to see him while another was sad.

During lunch, while we ( Linda, Janet, and I )were in the cafeteria, Freya walked to our table, like she owned the place, I think the girl's ego grew overnight, well duh she is engaged to the heir of the vampire king, what did I expect.

I thought with a mental eye roll.

"Hey!" She got to our table and was staring at me as she shouted, drawing everyone's attention to the scene she was creating.

Linda attempted to respond but I cautioned her with my look.

"New girl! I am talking to you," she said with a smug on her face. I have had it with her.

"Talk with caution will you? Wouldn't want your saliva all over my food."

"Uhhh!" the crowd exclaimed, patiently waiting for a fight to break out.

She became flushed.

"I am not the slut trying to steal someone else fiancè." She retorted.

Another collection of Uhhh and laughter is made by the crowd. She smirks thinking she has won.

"That's so funny! It is not my fault your what did you call him again, oh 'your fiancè' can't stay away from me." I said, lacing the words 'your fiancè' with sarcasm. The crowd this time added beating their tables.

"Stay the hell away from my fiancè, this will be the last tell I will tell you nicely." She warned.

"I am so scared!" I said making babyface.

"Freya deals with your insecurities and stops disturbing my peace," I said advising her seriously.

But the advice anger her, at that moment, she raised her hands to slap me, at the same time, instinctively, I caught her hands as a voice boomed.

"Freya Michaels!" Everyone became quiet, I look up to seeing Nicolette marching towards us like a woman on a mission. Freya snatched her hands away and looked in the direction of Nicolette flushed.


"Save your speech for someone who wants to hear it. Who or what gave you the audacity to go against me."

"I I" Freya tried to defend herself, but Nicole cut her off again.

"I clearly said you should save your meaningless explanation for someone who wants to hear it, I warned you that Silver is off limit, didn't I?

And it is not even 24 hours of being engaged to my brother and you think you can undermine my authority. Let me burst your bubbles, you are still beneath me, don't you ever forget that, even after you marry my brother. I hope we are clear." Nicolette stated to Freya.

Freya turned then walked away with her fist clenched.

"This warning goes to everyone, Silver Jacobs and her friends are off-limits, anyone that goes against them, is against me and anyone against me, is against my brother, and believe me, you wouldn't want to be on the bad side of Lucien,"

Nicolette stated to the crowd, that had increased, watching the drama.

She turned to me and took my hands.

"Are you alright?" she in my head

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I am fine, you didn't have to defend me, now everyone will think I am a weakling who needs protection. I thought.

"I am sorry I hurt your pride, I couldn't have you shifting, to protect yourself out of anger." She said being sarcastic.

I signed out loud, thank you anyways. I thought.

She smiled "Thank my brother, I am doing it for him," She told me then let go of my hands.

"What was that all about?" Linda asks while Janet watched me like a hawk-like she is trying to decipher something. I averted her gaze as I told Linda it is nothing.

"Nicolette defended you and you say it is nothing, that is not 'nothing' as you out it, it is a big thing."

"Linda later." This time Linda looks like she wants to argue.

"Linda, drop it." Janet scolds.

She stares at both of us angrily, then signed. She didn't say anything for the rest of the meal.

I looked at Janet and it seems we are both thinking the same thing.

The secret we are keeping from each other will keep driving a wedge between us. We have to open up and soon.

Throughout the rest of the day in school, Linda was quiet and it Is so unlike her.

After school, I propose we all went to my place, which they agreed to. I am nervous, I don't know how to tell Linda or Janet what I am.

When we got there, I look at Janet knowingly, to see if she got the reason for inviting them to my place, she knows and is on board with it.

"Linda, I know you guess we are keeping something from you, you guessed right. What we are about to tell you, must not be said elsewhere, do you understand me."

"What you possibly tell me that I won't keep?" She asked rhetorically.

"There are supernaturals that exist in this world, vampires, werewolves, witches, gods, goddesses, and the likes. Linda, I am one of them."

"Stop pulling my legs, I get it if you don't want to tell me, there are needs to joke about it."

"Linda, she is serious, I am a witch," Janet said which caused Linda's laughter to increase. I guessed right, Janet is truly a witch.

"And you are what Silver, a goddess?" Linda said still laughing.

"No actually, I am a werewolf, my ancestors were gods and goddesses." I corrected.

She looks at our serious faces.

"oh my God! You are serious."

"Linda, I know it is hard to take it, I am sorry for keeping it from you for a long time, I only kept it, because it is against the rules, but if the rules are going to drive us apart, then fuck the rules," Janet explained.

"Why are you sorry?" Linda said with such much anger.

I and Janet looked at ourselves not knowing what to say.

"No, answer the question why are you sorry? I have supernatural friends, it is so cool" Linda laughed changing her expression.

"I got you right? That is for keeping it from me Janet for years." She said laughing. I was so relieved, same was Janet, It would have hurt to lose Linda.

"Come here you devil, you had me so scared." Janet shrieked as she tried to catch Linda who started running. I joined in the chase and once we caught her on the bed, we started tickling her.

"Stop it! I am ticklish." She screeched. After having a good laugh, we all lie on the bed looking at the ceiling, trying to catch our breath.

"Silver what color is your werewolf? Or is the myth incorrect, don't you change into a wolf every full moon?"

"I do change into a werewolf but not only on full moons, and my wolf is silver color."

"Silver? Like your name? That is an unusual color." Janet inputs.

"You didn't know?" Linda asks sitting up.

"No, I didn't know till now, just guessed she wasn't human, but I didn't know what she is."

"Wow! So Silver also didn't know what you were till now."

"Yep, I didn't. Besides, I changed for the first time three days ago."

"Oh! That's why you went for that trip." Janet exclaimed.


"Wait, why did she have to go that far to change into a werewolf?"

"Because this town is owned by vampires and they are long-time enemies."

"This town is owned by vampires, meaning The Thorne's are vampires. What the fuck?"

Linda exclaims and I just nod my head to confirm it.

"I get it now, why you can't be with Lucien, because it isn't allowed, that's outrageous," Linda said annoyed.

"He must love you if he is having his sister protect you."

I smiled tightly.

She noticed my tight smile so she changed the topic and shifted her attention to Janet.

"Are there another witches in town?"

"Yes, there are, all around you, Mrs. Jackson is our high priestess even Layla is a witch…" Janet stops like she said something wrong. I look at both her and Linda confused.

"Layla? my mother?"

"Hmmn yes, your mother," Janet said looking anywhere but at Linda who was oblivious to her actions. I wonder what is wrong


"Then I am a witch, or isn't it hereditary?"

I understood now. Who would have thought?

"So I am which?" Linda said beaming from ear to ear."

"No," Janet whispered.

That's when she noticed the change in Janet's face.

"Was it a generation skip?"


"Then what is it? You look worried."

"It is not my place to say, Linda, I am sorry, I have said too much."

"Then whose place is it? You are scaring me, is anything wrong with me?"

"Talk to Layla, please." Janet pleaded.

Abruptly, Linda stood up,

"Since you are not saying anything, I will go ask my mother bye."

She said and walked out, I stood to follow her when Janet stopped me, she deserves to know the truth.

I have never seen Linda this angry, she deserves to be, I was when I found out grandma lied to me, I feel sorry for her, she is about to find out she is adopted.

"She is adopted right?" I asked to confirm my suspicion.

"Yes," Janet whispered.

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