23 Memorial Service

The memorial service is today, it was scheduled for 10 am so Janet slept over, so we could all go together. We as in Mrs. Jackson, the girls, and me.

There will be two memorial services, one for the general public including the humans, that is the one I am invited to.

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Although just a few people were invited as it is a private ceremony.

The other is for the supernaturals or magical beings, where a ritual would be performed by Mrs. Jackson as the high priestess of the town's coven to invited the spirit of Margareta.

It was called Mnimosino, the Greek word for memorial service translated 'calling to mind'

I wouldn't have known of the second ceremony if not for Mrs. Jackson and Janet because I was not invited same as Linda.

We got to Thorne's castle early because Mrs. Jackson is one of the organizers.

A huge picture frame of a beautiful woman who looks exactly like Nicolette, only older is hung on the wall in the room the engagement party took place.

Candles were lit on the floor around the frame, a banner was placed over the picture. "Memorial of Mrs. Margaret Thorne"

I wondered why the vampires are holding this memorial service for the humans, because that what I see it as, why two?

The only answer I got from Mrs. Jackson is that the humans adored Margareta same goes for Margareta so she would want this, she even said she as in Mrs. Jackson was the one who came up with the idea 17 years ago to Mr. Thorne and he agreed to so they have been doing it ever since.

The guest started arriving and I see it is more of humans that were invited, later the Thorne's including Daniel and Freya arrived.

Nicolette came to greet and thank us for making it.

A prayer was said to begin the ceremony then people went one by one to talk about her.

It was Mrs. Jackson's turn.

"Margareta Aletha Ambrose was a friend, sister to me, a wife to Mr. Thorne, a mother to the twins.

She was like royalty in this town, kindhearted, and the best woman in the world. She didn't deserve the cruel fate she was subjected to.

Even after 18 years she still in my heart in the heart of some of us present and will forever be in our heart."

Ambrose? Why did Mrs. Jackson call Margareta by her maiden name?"

I looked at Mr. Thorne immediately she said the name and I can see he was furiously staring at her but she looked at him like she doesn't care.

This is something I must ask her about. Why is he angry about the name but considerately, she should have added Thorne to the name.

Next is Daniel.

"Aunty Greta was a wonderful woman with what I remembered about her and she will be remembered by all."

Then Freya,

"I wish death wasn't cruel to her and she is here to put me through being the heir of the Thorne's empire's wife because she was wonderful at it. I know she is in peace where ever she is."

Really? I thought with a raised eyebrow, is she that immature that she has to remind the guest that she will be married to Lucien? Like anyone forgot.

"18 years ago, I lost my mother but she forever lives in my heart."

That was the short speech Lucien had to say.

Nicole is up next.

"I don't remember much about my mother same goes for my brother, we were but a babe when we lost her, but through this memorial service we hold every year, I learn many things about her from what people got to say about her, so I look forward always to this service to retain the little memory I have of her.

Mom, I know you are listening, I just want you to know how much I and Lucien love you."

Nicole's speech made me feel weary and sad, I don't even remember anything about my mom because we didn't have the time to create such memories.

Mr. Thorne was the last person to talk.

"Although, our marriage was an arranged one, we were so happy together with the kids. I loved her so much, still do that why I find it hard even after 18 years to get over her. I pray her soul is in peace."

After the service was over, I was eager to leave because I could perceive the stench of death.

That's if death has a smell it definitely smells like this.

Once we were home, we ( Janet, Linda, Mrs. Jackson, and I) gathered around the dinner table.

My mother's locket was placed in the middle along with an old picture Mrs. Jackson had of my mother, Margareta, and her.

They all looked happy as they smiled at the camera, my mother had a look of mischief in her eyes, Margareta looked so fragile and innocent, unlike her daughter who looks like a vampire warrior princess even if they looked so identical.

Mrs. Jackson looks genuinely happy and I have never seen such a look in her eyes since I knew her. It is like her happiness died with her friends.

We lit a candle and placed it beside the picture and locket.

Mrs. Jackson said a spell to appease the dead and request her presence.

We all said everything we had to say to her silently in our minds.

Mom, are you doing okay where you are? I am sorry I couldn't do this for you for the past eighteen years, I am sorry for you had to sacrifice yourself for me.

You allowed me to live and I promise to live it in a way that will make you proud.

I will clear your name because I don't believe you are truly responsible for what happened.

I need to talk to you, so help me find the key.

Please give me a sign if you are listening.

I waited for the sign, my eyes wandering around not knowing what to look out for.

Then I saw it.

The flame in the candle rose higher changing its color to blue.

We all gasp.

Thank you for the sign mom. I told her silently as the flame went back to it original form and color.

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