3 Meeting Lucien

After Nicolette and Freya left, everyone started openly pointing and whispering about me, am sure my attitude surprised them, it's even surprising for me, I have not met someone who makes me uneasy as Nicolette does, I am neither rude nor arrogant person, but something about her doesn't sit right with me.

"Are you alright? Why would you turn down Nicolette's invitation?" Janet asks me.

" As I already told Nicolette should there be any other reason aside because I don't want to?"

"I believe the gossip now that you are strange indeed." I laughed as I stated.

"Excuse me, I want to use the rest." I stood in the restroom.

When I get to the restroom while rinsing my face I notice blood trickles down my nose, I stare in shock at it, I had a gut feeling that Nicolette is the cause even if it sounds strange to me. On my way going out, I bumped into a girl, she looks at my bleeding nose and gasped.

'My advice is that you be careful about people you piss off, you just made yourself an enemy. I hope you survive.. " she left without waiting for me to reply.

After lunch, the day went by fast, I went to the diner Mrs. Jackson owns, after promising to meet both Linda and Janet to see a movie together.

We quickly became friends even though they kept questioning my earlier actions, which I had no answer to.

There were not many people in the diner, so we had time for a chat.

Mrs. Jackson asks me how my day was.

"My day was better than I expected, I already had two friends Linda and Janet."

'I heard Nicole invited you for dinner at her home tonight.'

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'Yes,' I replied even though I am shocked that she already knew, the people in this town gossip a lot.

"Why did you reject the invitation?"

I sign before replying honestly since I had been asked. "It is because there is something strange about her. I just don't like her."

"As expected" She stated blankly.

'What do you mean as expected?'

The bell jingles indicating that someone had entered. Mrs. Jackson's attention goes to the people coming in.

"Good day, Martha." I Turn to look at the person that got Mrs. Jackson excited and I became shocked, being as handsome as the guy should be illegal.

He is a tall, light-skinned guy with black curly hair that makes him cute and at the same time dangerous. I instantly became attracted which is so unlike me.

'Lucien!' Mrs. Jackson exclaimed, she looks excited like she was some she is very fond of...

Wait what? Lucien? As in Lucien Thorne, the bad boy of the school? The twin of Nicolette, the person I made an enemy with, oh! Kill me!'

I notice he is with another guy who is handsome but is nothing compared to Lucien, I guess that's Daniel. I am thankful for Linda's supply of information, it gives me the upper hand.

After Mrs. Jackson, Lucien, and Daniel exchange pleasantries, they are turned to me.

"Lucien I want you to meet my ward, Silver I took over her responsibilities when her grandmother a good friend of mine died, may her soul rest in peace. And Silver, this is Lucien, my godson."

I notice that Lucien was gawking at me strangely throughout the exchange like there was something he doesn't like, it is likely he heard what happened between me and his twin sister.

"Nice to me you," I said for the sake of Mrs. Jackson still ogling at Lucien who was glaring at me. Daniel coughs that call both our attentions.

Then I notice that both Mrs. Jackson and Daniel were watching us stare t ourselves.

"And this is Daniel, Lucien's best friend and also my godson."

'it is an honor to meet the person that turns down Princess Nicolette' Daniel says not even bothering to hide his mischievous smile, so it means I am right Lucien knows what I did to his sister and he is annoyed with me.

I felt a throb in my chest at the prospect of Lucien infuriated with me, which disturbs me because why do I care what he thinks of me.

Lucien immediately leaves to sit down, while Daniel orders for the both of them, they didn't order much as regular guys do, and it is something I notice in school also most students ate so little during lunch while some didn't eat at all. I wonder why?

Lucien and Daniel conversed quietly among themselves as they eat, but Daniel talked more. My eyes kept going to Lucien, even without meaning to. After they are done eating and left the diner I immediately feel lonely and alone, what's wrong with me.

"I noticed you kept looking at Lucien," Mrs. Jackson says.

"Was I, didn't notice," I said playing dumb while feigning to be busy.

"Lucien maybe my godson, but I want you to stay away from him."

I gawked at her weirdly. "I never plan on being close to him."

"Silver, I notice you were attracted to him, you may just start living with me but, I watched you grow up. I know you, it is for your good if you don't fall for him, because you will regret it. Mrs. Jackson said worriedly.

I was very quiet for the rest of the day, I kept trying to figure out the reason Mrs. Jackson would say I would regret been attracted to Lucien. Is he a player? He looks like one but I can't judge base on looks.

Mrs. Jackson's advice made me more curious to know everything about him.

I had forgotten of the plans I made with Linda and Janet until they came into the diner. After greeting Mrs. Jackson, by her first name Martha, it seems everyone in town calls her that except me, it is because I grew up calling her Mrs. Jackson. I tell her of our plans and she agrees to it but told me to be back by 10.

I can use this opportunity to question both Linda and Janet about Lucien because I am really curious about him.

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