19 Guardian Witch

I feel bad for Linda. I sign. We were in the kitchen, I was doing this morning's dishes.

"You are thinking about Linda," Janet said.

"Yes, I don't know why people keep secrets, it tears them apart."

"Do you want to know why I don't let you come to my home?"

I looked at her surprised she brought it up. "Yes,"

"It is because of my mother." She stated.

"I don't understand, why don't want me to meet your mother?" I asked wanting her to clear my confusion.

"Let me tell you a story, a story of a girl born into a lineage of witches, not just any kinds of a witch, but seer kinds. She was born blind but she could see better than anyone in the world because of her powers.

When she conceived, she saw a vision of the unborn child being the guardian witch to 'an abomination."

"Guardian witch? What is a guardian witch?" I asked confused, as I turn to her, not yet done with the dishes.

"A guardian witch is assigned to the lineage of the ancient witch to protect and guide them because they are born with so much power that only a person can't handle, a guardian witch balances that power."

"Why didn't Mrs. Jackson tell me anything about it?" I asked hurt that Mrs. Jackson is keeping secrets from me again.

"It is because she can't, it is a taboo of the coven, to reveal secrets of the witches to non- witches, most especially ancient secrets."

"Ancient secrets? Then why are you telling me?"

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"You are an exception because I am supposed to be your guardian witch."

"What?" I asked stunned.

"I don't get it, I am a werewolf, not a witch, how are you my guardian witch or whatever you call it."

"I don't understand it either, I don't think you are descended from the ancient witch."

"Who is this ancient witch?"

"The first witch, but their bloodline already ended."

"Ended? As in died?"

"Yes, their surviving bloodline died years ago, I think seventeen, yes I was a year then, so it must be seventeen years ago that she died."

Was death on a killing spree seventeen years ago, because I don't think it is these death are normal anymore. I continued doing the dishes I was previously doing as I was lost in thoughts.

"How did the last of this bloodline died?" I asked curiously.

"She was killed by vampires." She said slowly.

My heart beat faster at her statement. Killed by vampires, is this a coincidence that another witch dies at the hand of vampires 17 years ago.

Or… oh my God! I swallowed at the thoughts swimming in my head, it can't be true.

"Why was she killed?"

"I don't actually, nobody talks about it, even Mrs. Jackson, though she was the witch's guardian."

I abruptly drop the glass cup I was holding as I turn to look at Janet in shock. She jumps in surprise.

"What was her name?" I asked, my tone cold.

"Annalise" Janet answers moving back slowly, I wonder how I look like, scary maybe. But I have been lied to over and over again through omission.

I am tired of Mrs. Jackson's secrets she keeps from me even when they have to do with me.

"Do you know who Annalise is to me?" I asked in a deadly whisper.

"No Silver, I don't. Who is she?" She asks with fear clear on her face.

"My mother."

"Wh.. w..hat? Ho… how? She stammers looking stunned. I didn't say anything, trying to process that I could also be a witch, it never crossed my mind I could have inherited the gift of witchcraft from my mother, my father is a werewolf, so I am one, I didn't think it is possible to be a hybrid. A witch and a werewolf.

"There was no record of her ever being pregnant, how could you possibly be her daughter."

"She was mated to a werewolf, had to leave town to be with her mate, she got pregnant with me, the day I was given birth to, moments later she was killed by vampires, in other to protect me." I explain with tears in my eyes."

"It all makes sense now." She whispered to herself, I would not have heard if not for my werewolf hearing.

"What all make sense?" I asked, she looks startled at first, then realization set in, as I tap my ears.

"My mother is the seer who was born blind, when she was pregnant with me she had a countless vision of me being a guardian to someone who is 'an abomination according to her. She tried to abort me repeatedly but, it was impossible, herbs, poison, spells, drugs name it, none of it worked." Janet pausing as tears gathering in her eyes.

"You are not the abomination, just the guardian what would she gain by killing you?" I asked sadly for Janet, guilty I am the reason a mother tried to kill her child.

"Let me finish, like I said earlier, the guardian balances the witch's power, makes her stronger, she felt if she kills the guardian, she weakens the witch and does mankind a favor.

After I was born, my mother plan to kill me but Martha stopped her, she reasoned with my mother that the bond could be severed, she is a living witness that it is possible.

The bond between Martha and Annalise was severed before she left to be with her mate. My mother agreed to it hence I am alive, I owe Martha my life.

A year later Annalise died, so my mother thought the abomination died with her. Over the years as I grew up, I have been having visions about you, so I thought, the ancient witch bloodline had a child that wasn't recorded, an illegitimate child, I thought that is why my mother called the witch 'an abomination'. But you are Annalise's daughter so I must be wrong."

"Why do you think I was labeled 'an abomination?

'With the circumstances surrounding you, it could be anything."


"You are a silver werewolf, for instance, the second of it kind, only the first werewolf was silver, it could be because your mother's bond with her guardian was severed which has never happened before, it could be that you are a hybrid but we don't know it yet, there has not been anybody with a werewolf and witch parents take the ability of both supernaturals. It is only common among vampires, but at the same time rare. It could be anything we don't know of, your life is a complete mystery Silver."

"Yes, a complete mystery even to me," I added.

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