20 Freya - Part 1

Today is my engagement party, I am so excited, I have been waiting to see this day since I understood power.

I had craved it since then, marrying Lucien Thorne will make me Queen of vampires. I can't wait, I won't have to answer to anyone, everyone will be beneath me like they are supposed to.

I am sick and tired of answering to that bitch Nicolette, she is so full of herself, sees herself above everyone like she is queen, well she would have ruled if she was a male. Nicolette is firstborn, so she acts entitled, because of that I have to kiss the floor she walks on.

She doesn't even respect her father, my father's cousin, only respects Lucien, I am sure it is because he is to be king so she wants to be in his good grace.

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But now that I am so close to being queen, I will make her regret ever acting entitled with me.

I will just have to poison Lucien's mind against her because he cares way too much about her. I was a little bit okay with that but not when he showed care for that human whore.

I was so pissed, he even confronted me when she vomited blood in school, so did Nicolette telling me she was off-limits because she is a ward of their godmother.

It must be my destiny to rule because I hadn't even executed my plans to tear his attention off the girl before he left her and even went as far as to accept his father pressure to proceed with the engagement even if he said he doesn't want the wedding any time soon, that fine with me, the engagement will lift my status from the king relative to the crown prince fiancée.

There is a knock at my door, "come in" I call out. Daniel, my cousin comes in.

"Freya, are you ready? The party has started, we will have two make to make an entrance anytime soon."

"I am so ready," I said excitedly.

"I am sure you would be so happy to be engaged to the person you love, you have been obsessed with Lucien since you were little, cousin."

Daniel oblivious to the fact that I am obsessed with Lucien's status not him, well it is to my advantage that he doesn't know my true reason, he is Lucien's best friend and so loyal to him.

"Yes, I am so excited." I grinned. I decide to fish for some information.

"Daniel, everyone knows about my affection for Lucien even him, do you think he returns the same affection."

"When it comes to Lucien's emotion, I am sure it is only Nicole that knows that, he hides it from everyone, but I know he adores you, so he won't hurt at least not intentionally," Daniel explains.

I am going to have a hard time turning Lucien against Nicolette.


"What of that human girl, what's her name again?" I asked innocently playing with my hair.

"Silver you mean?"

"Yes, her Silver, can you guess what he feels for her? She is the first person he showed attention to aside from his sister."

"Yes, they dated briefly but he ended it, I think he wanted to use her to rebel against his father, you know how they don't get along.

Silver is human after all and he knows the vampire council will never allow the union, so it must be an act of rebellion.

I am sure he knew it won't yield anything, so his emotions won't have been invested.

So little cousin, you have nothing to be insecure about he agreed to the engagement on his own accord, if he doesn't feel anything for you, he would have gone against it to the end."

I smiled satisfied by the answer.

"Where is he? We are supposed to walk in together."

"Still getting ready, I came to ask if you were sure, but since you are sure. I am happy you are happy."

"Thank you, Daniel, you the best cousin."

"I know right, what would you do without me." He said grinning. I smiled back.

A lot cousin, a lot. I thought.

It was time for us to make an entrance.

Nicolette and Daniel walked in first arm in arm.

Lucien took my arm and intertwine it with his. I felt butterflies in my stomach, the moment I have been waiting for would be here soon.

I raised my head high and looking and feeling confident like a queen should just as I had practiced through the years.

We walked in together, then I noticed his grip on me tightened, I look at him to see him looking at something or someone, I followed his gaze to see both the human and him staring at each other. He is even smiling at her. He doesn't smile at me like that!

Did I make a mistake by inviting her? I just wanted to rub it in her face that I had him in the end.

I should have found a way for her not to come, when Lucien begged her to come, I hope I won't be jilted. Lucien won't dare disgrace me in public.

I smiled for the crowd pretending to be alright not doubting the outcome of today.

Lucien's father went up the podium.

"Evening everyone, I reckon you are having a splendid evening, this gathering was called together for an announcement that will be announced later, so drink and be merry."

He chuckles after explaining to the guests.

I and Lucien moved around greeting everyone, making small talks like a good host.

Although I still notice his attention on the human girl. I have to think of something to do about it.

"Excuse me,"

Lucien said as he removes his arm from mine, where is he going, my eyes trail him then I noticed he was walking towards the human and her guardian Martha.

I was fuming inside, I am going to kill that girl.

After he said something to Martha, she left them alone. I couldn't hear what is being said because he used his powers.

Rage blinded me, what is he saying to her that he doesn't want everyone present to hear.

Lucien better not jilt me, there will hell to pay.

Every second they spend talking made me more nervous, I decided to go to them, that when Lucien come back to me. He held my hands and led me to the podium, my confidence returned slowly.

He is about to propose, I shrieked inside. I could feel everyone's attention on me.

He kneels and I knew he is all mine.

"Freya Michaels, would you do me the honors of being my wife?" I smiled widely. Now it is official I am his fiancée.

"Yes," I whispered. He slides the diamond ring into my fingers, I was expecting his mother's ring, it has been passed down to all firstborn for generations, but this is fine, the ring was engagement anyway.

The crowd shrieked and clapped.

I searched the crowd for the human girl not wanting to miss the look on her face, but I couldn't find her, the little girl couldn't handle the heartbreak, I laughed.

My eyes met with Daniel who was smiling at him, strange he is standing alone, the queen bitch is also not here to witness my happiness.

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