14 An Eye for an Eye

"Because she killed Lucien's mother."

Because she killed Lucien's mother.

Because she killed Lucien's mother.

I kept echoing it in my head trying to comprehend what the hell Mrs. Jackson is talking about.

I have a picture of my mother, she looks so innocent, so fragile, so sweet. How could she kill someone or anybody or even Lucien's mother?

My desperate means to rationalize what my mother supposedly did make me remember Mrs. Jackson's statement.

"The werewolves and vampires have always been enemies since that time till now."

"Margareta was a vampire, my mother a werewolf, and you a witch. How were you trio even friends to begin with."

"Annalise was no werewolf, she was a witch, a good one. Her predecessors were always the High priestess, she was to be our high priestess, but then fate was awful to pair her with a werewolf, your father, who brainwashed her that Margareta is the enemy."

Mrs. Jackson spits with so much bitterness.

"Who is my father? Is he alive?"

"Your mother realized that you were not safe with the werewolves that why she left you with me. I can't tell you who your father is, but he is alive."

"I want you to tell me what happened."

"Witches had always been indifferent about the war between werewolves and vampires, so you will find witches amidst werewolves packs and the vampire communities.

Your mother, Margareta, and I were born in a vampire community, it was our hometown.

Margareta was a vampire princess, she was the king's only child, as she was a female, she had to marry a strong bloodline of vampire to continue her family's reign, so she was married to Lucien's father, an arranged marriage but Margareta was contented in granting her father's wishes, she spent her life trying to make him see her as his child, not a girl who was a liability.

Annalise never supported the marriage, she was the type that believed in love, so full of adventures, she sneaked one night into the Sliver wolf pack, and came with the news that she is mated to the alpha of the pack, she had to leave the vampire community to be with her mate.

But it came at a price, our friendship. Since she would be the alpha female of the first werewolf pack. She couldn't be associated with the vampire queen nor the high priestess of a vampire community since I had to take her position, we would all be committing treason.

But she left, she said she was following her heart.

One day, she sent a message to Margareta that they needed to meet, they met at our secret hideout, I don't know what happened during the meeting but only Annalise came out alive, she came to my house heavily pregnant and covered with Margareta's blood"

Mrs. Jackson sobs loudly as she recalls what happened.

It was mid-noon and I was taking a nap. Knock knock! "Martha please open the door it is me." Isn't that...

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"Anna." I rush to open the door and lock it, after checking if anyone was watching.

"Anna! What are you going here?"

Then I look at her and notice her teary eyes, her bloodied hands, and her cloth.

"Anna. You are pregnant?" I asked surprised, I didn't know she was pregnant.

"Whose blood is it? Why are crying?" I ask terrified something bad has happened.

"It is Greta's blood, she is dead. It is my fault, I didn't mean to."

I was shocked as Anna convey the bad news. Anna won't have killed Greta right, but her look and what she just said confirm it.

"Anna. How could you? Why?" I ask with tears in my eyes.

"I am sorry, please you have to help me, they are coming for me."

"Anna, you killed Greta! The vampire queen! They are going to kill you. Nothing can save you, not even me."

"You think I don't know that Martha! Just help me save my child, that's all I ask for the sake of the bond we share."

I was dumb, I try to say something but I couldn't form any meaningful sentences because I was in shock.

"Martha! Please snap out of it, my water broke a while ago, the baby is coming you have to help me!" Anna's frantic plead snapped me from my shock. Yes, I have to help Anna, at least for the sake of the baby.

"Come let get you relaxed, then I have to make a magical barrier so they won't be able to detect you here. I will be back."

I need to make a barrier, yes salt, I need salt, I said to myself as I frantically search for salt and started the ritual.

I sprinkle salt around all entrances and windows to make sure no one can come in unless I invited them non could they detect the presence of Anna.

I need hot water, towels, scissors. I am a mess.

Calm down Martha, Anna needs you! I got everything I need and went to Anna.

"Anna I need to breathe, you can do this, push Anna."

"Anna, push please we don't have time, they will soon come here. You have to push!" Anna pushes

"You are doing great, just keep pushing."

Then there was a loud at the door.

"High priestess! High priestess! Open up, it is an emergency!" the voice of the chief guard broke through.

Cold sweat broke out from me. Oh no! They are here!

"Ahahhaa! Martha please I can't do it."

"You have to do it for your child, they don't know you are here, they can't smell nor hear you. You always wanted children to remember, you will be a great mother."

Anna pushes harder.

"You are crowning, the baby will soon be here," I announced.

"Hahaha!" Anna pushes with renewed strength.

We heard the cry of the baby, I carefully carried the baby and cut the placenta.

"You have a cute werewolf princess. Her eyes are silver."

I said excitedly as I pass the baby to Anna, forgetting Margareta is dead, Anna killed her, Anna is now a fugitive and I am aiding her fully knowing it is treason. If only Anna was not mated to a werewolf, we would all be alive, Margareta would be here, she would have fuse over the baby.

"Martha, you will have to do me one last favor please." Anna cut off my thought.


"My baby and I are not safe in the pack neither here, I want you to take her somewhere far away from this madness, werewolves, vampires, and even witches.

Can you take her to that your human friend of yours, that way you can keep your eyes on her and make sure she is safe?

I will distract them so they won't come after you."

"Anna I don't care what happened between you and Margareta but I know Margareta would never want you to use yourself as bait or would she want you to abandon your child.

You can go far away with your daughter, I will go answer the door, act like I don't know anything, use the back door and run, don't ever come back."

I told Anna and went to answer the door without waiting for a reply.

I whisper a spell of composure they open the door, to see two guards, one the chief guard and the other, Greta's guard.

"High priestess, Queen Margareta was murdered." The chief guard informed me.

"What?" My surprise was real because the guard confirms what I had been in denial about.

"What happened?" I whispered.

"It was your witch friend who left to be with the werewolves, Annalise." Her guard spoke with so much hate.

"Anna killed Greta?"

"Yes, she lured the queen with a message saying she wanted to see her urgently, told her to come alone.

Our innocent queen didn't see anything amiss as they were once friends, she went and the witch used magic to bleed her dry." The chief guard explained.

I couldn't say anything, how could Anna be so cruel, the Anna I knew would never hurt a fly intentionally, it couldn't be true, but she confessed.

"You didn't answer the door in time High priestess, what were you doing?" her guard asked suspiciously.

"I was in the middle of a spell, I couldn't stop."

"What spell?" he pressed on.

"Are you insinuating I had something to do with the queen's murder?"

"We can't be too sure, can we? You were friends with the witch."

"So was the queen." I defended.

"When was the last time you spoke with the witch?"

"Since she left."

"I hope for your sake that's the truth."

"Sir! The witch was just spotted going towards the palace." A voice notified over the radio, the chief guard was holding.

They left in a hurry without a word.

I ran inside to make sure Anna was still inside and wasn't the one spotted.

The room was empty aside from the baby and a letter.

"Take Silver to your human friend now, I will distract them, I already performed a ritual, her werewolf side would be suppressed.

Don't let her know of this cursed world. I am sorry about Margareta, even in death, I will carry this guilt. Thank you very much, Martha."

That was the last time I saw Anna alive, the next time I saw her she died, they killed her.

It was a big war between Vampires and Werewolves that year, but the council settled it.

An eye for an eye. The debt had been paid.

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