1 Missing In Venice

Once there was a cruise, a cruise with over four hundred thousand families on it. It had been ten days since they had settled. On the eleventh day at 8:37 am, the co-captains were listening to the radio. As they heard the word 'storm,' they started to listen thoughtfully. "Oh yeah! I overheard that there is going to be a storm later near Venice," the radio played. When they had heard this, they immediately told the captain.

"Captain!" one of the co-captains said, walking thru the door leading to the captain's part of the cruise.

"Yes, Joseph?" the captain replied, slightly looking at him.

"It seems as tho we might run into a storm on our way to Venice later," Joseph answered. As Joseph said this, the son of the captain, also known as Zach, had left the room.

"If there is going to be a storm, I'm sure it won't last too long," the captain said, ending their conversation.

When it was 6:19 pm, people gathered in the dining hall. It was 500m wide and 750m long. Some tables were 1m wide and 1.5 m's long, while others were 2m's wide and 3.5m's long. They were made out of agarwood, while the chairs had been made out of Grenadil, African blackwood. The rug was the 17th century, antique Persian carpet. Families usually had been consisted of a mother, father, grandparents, and a child or two. Altogether, 248 695 of the families had consisted of a mother, father, grandparents, and two kids. The rest of the families, or 208 953, families had a mother, father, grandparents, and one kid.

At 7:43 pm, a storm caught the cruise captain's eye. As the cruise got closer, he realized it was going to be a nasty one. As he started the intercoms, he began to speak, "All passengers must be seated, we are heading into a storm, if you have a child, I suggest you keep them in your rooms. Thank you." as he heard the echoes, he stopped the intercoms. When the passengers had listened to this, they gathered their children and put them in their rooms.

As they headed into the storm, things were going smoothly until the clouds got darker.

As they went deeper into the storm, the clouds got darker. As they went from light grey to grey to dark grey to black, the storm got thicker. Lightning striking and thunder booming in all directions! When the captain tried to turn the cruise around, he couldn't, "Everyone, get into the emergency hatch immediately! I repeat! Everyone, get into the emergency hatch immediately!" the captain said into the intercoms making everyone freak out. As the co-captains rushed in, they began to help stop the cruise.

About three minutes later, they began to see the light, but what they couldn't see would soon be a problem.

As they saw the light, smiles filled the room with joy! When the cruise was fully covered with sunlight, they saw their worst fear, their destination right in front of them. When they saw this their smiles soon faded away.

Once again, the captain, along with the co-captains, tried to put the engines in reverse, but Venice had gotten too close, and the cruise crashed.

When the cruise hit Venice, thousands of people had screamed, some people had been crushed by the cruise, and if lucky, they either had got hurt or made it out in time.

When the cruise had stopped, the sun had started to set. Police and doctors gathered around the cruise. The doors then started to open, revealing crying children and relieved adults. The doctors went in first to see if anybody had been hurt, or even died. The kids and grandparents got out first, then the mothers and aunties. Lastly, the fathers, uncles, co-captains, and captain.

The doctors had found 30 000 dead children, 50 000 dead grandparents, and 200 000 dead aunties, uncles, dads, and moms. The cops had to question all the co-captains and captain, but that day might as well be the next, for it was midnight, and the cops would have to clear that section of Venice for however long it would take.

The next day the co-captains and captain were being tested in a machine that knows if you're lying or telling the truth because it had turned out that the engines had been sabotaged.

------with the captain------

"Alright, are you ready?" a cop who had a nametag with the name 'Nick,' on it.

"Yup," the captain replied, "I think," he muttered to himself.

"Okay, Lilac, turn it on," said Nick.

"Kk! Beep! Vrrrrrrr," Lilac said, trying to copy the sounds of the machine as it turned on. When the machine was fully on, Nick had asked questions like, 'what is your name?' or, 'how old are you?', and the captain answered truthfully with 'Peter,' and '35'. He kept telling the truth, and so did the co-captains. The cops had no idea who could have sabotaged the engine and left it alone for the day.

When Peter woke up the next morning, he realized that they had security cameras on the ship. He quickly got changed and went to tell the cops. When he told the cops about the camera's they went to the cruise to find them. Luckily, the cameras hadn't been damaged. When they checked the cameras, they saw that Peter's son Zach had purposely recked the engines. When they went to ask why he said that his dad never spent any time with him and he wanted attention. Zach wasn't thinking and agreed to go to jail for seven months, as long as his dad spent time with him after.