Missed Marriage : Loving Losing Book

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Missed Marriage : Loving Losing


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Two days before the proposal ceremony, her future husband brought her a wedding invitation that made her taste the most terrible hell of love. "What do you mean?". Liana asked with tears starting to fill her eyes. "Sorry, because I will marry another woman". Danu Prayoga answered without guilt. At that moment, her world felt like it was collapsing, her heart was crushed, mixed with a great sense of shame. How should she explain everything to her extended family? ... After her illness was betrayed, Lia changed jobs. She accidentally met the nephew of one of the President Directors of a well-known hospital in the city center where her ex-husband worked. The man was very cold and domineering. However, he has a warm heart. His name is Marvin Alexander. Will Lia be able to heal her wounds? Find the story by reading each chapter in this novel!


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