Miss Spinster Book
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Han Jiu Die ended up stuck inside the palace. Thinking about it, makes her cry. How about her businesses? How about her money? She doesn’t want colorful expensive clothes nor sparkling heavy accessories, all she wants is the sound of clinking golden and silver coins endlessly playing like music in her ears. ‘’Aish! I miss you...I love you...my treasures.’’ She said then wiped the invisible tears in her eyes and lifted her hands, formed a heart-shaped on her chest then sent it to the air. You know that that's a bit...crazy. Yeah, that’s Han Jiu Die, obsessed with making more money although she already has tons of it. Desperate, she dared to sneak outside the palace but unfortunately, she didn’t make it. Who would want to miss a great opportunity! A big scandal of the century is happening in front of her. ‘’Yay! When did I enhance my sixth sense - err my sense of smelling some gossip, you know. Han Jiu Die, I’m really proud of you.’’ She muttered while patting her chest as if she just won some achievements. Thank goodness! It’s dark tonight. She hides behind the bushes. In a deep corner inside the palace, two figures seem like having an intimate - ahem! An intense discussion. Under the beautiful moonlight, facing each other, the two figures in the dark slowly and little by little bring their faces closer to each other. Even in the dark, she could see clearly what’s happening. The two figures both have outstanding appearances. The other has sharp and rough features while the other one has a feminine-like allure, even Han Jiu Die’s breath was taken away by this rare beauty. ‘’Wait...how could it be. They have something similar! That kind of... work, isn't it only allowed to do between the opposite --?’’ She couldn’t process her thoughts. She looks at the scene more clearly. My eyes can’t possibly trick me or am I just missing my lovely rice cakes at home? She blinks once again. They really...really really both have appl --- Before she could finish her thoughts and in-depth analysis, a hand harshly grabbed her behind covering her mouth with a cloth then she lost consciousness. Han Jiu Die, little did she know, caught herself in a much deeper darker secret that night.


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