1 chapter 1


'your highness!!'


my eyes wide with shocked as i touched my chest where my heart suppose to be. fresh blood came rush down. I looked at man who used to be the adorable and kind boy that I to took in under my protection. Now looking at me with hatred and disgusted as he shot me.

'Why' I weakly said as I fall down backwards. I stare at the dark sky as I recall my life. My name is Sophie also known as famous spy, Scarlet , famous singer, Mary and the cold hearted CEO, Lucy.

I feel my eyes become heavier as I closed them waiting for the god of death taking me away.

'Sophie please don't leave us, your people and I need you.'

My people?

'your highness, please don't leave your substances.'

Highness? me?

I tried to open my eyes but fail. I was about to give up when I feel strong pain in my body.

'Haaaaaa!!!! ' it hurt like hell!

my body started to sweat a lot as my body ache with pain. I could feel my blood one by one pop.

my body started to self-destruct. yes, when someone die they will automatically self-destruct. Now I know how it feel to die T-T





I hated my self for not being strong enough to protect her. The only thing I could do was watch her self-destruct as she slowly turn to ashes.

tears roll down my cheek as I have lost my beloved for the second time. my beloved why do you have to leave us, leave me.

I don't know how long we all kneel there as a fools but I really don't give a damn shit about it.

'Prince Alex, your mother the queen as you to come back immediately.'

I turn to look my loyal servant, Luke and giving him a lifeless look.

I was about to get up when Sophie ashes shines in a bright golden light. I cover my eyes from the brightness.

when the light fade away, I slowly open my eyes as tear roll down again. Sophie?

the ashes was no where to be seen instead a golden feather was left behind.

I quickly take the feather afraid that it would be blown away. Sophie I knew you would not leave us hanging.

'Master' Luke said softly.

I stood up and put the feather in my pocket. Luke guide me to my car leaving her substances still sobbing of their lose.

I stop in my track as Luke look at me in confusion. I look up at the bright moon as I smiled.

' Sophie if you knew that the weak devil child you save before now is the mighty devil prince, what face will you show..... Sophie I promises I will bring you back.'

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