Miss Ghost meets Mister ShinigamiMiss Ghost meets Mister Shinigami

Miss Ghost meets Mister Shinigami

by Callicco

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She found herself floating above her lifeless body. Not knowing why she died, she aimlessly wanders around not knowing what to do. She found out that she is not the type of ghost that is stuck in one place to haunt and she is freely able to go anywhere... Suddenly it hit her! Since she wasn't well off to go traveling while she was alive, why not start today? It's not like she will get in trouble stowing away in a plane since she's a ghost now. As if anyone will see her?! First-class, here I come! ***** "Tomete! Naze koko ni samayō seishin ga aru nodesu ka? Kimi wa! Watashi to kite! (Halt! Why is there a wandering spirit here? You! Come with me!)" He ordered. I stared at the weird Japanese guy pointing at me. What the heck is he saying?! English, please! ******** Hiya! This is my first attempt to join any contest here in Webnovel. For the cover it's not mine, its from a game I used to play that I screenshot before. Hope you all will like this novel. English is not my first language so there will be errors with grammar, spelling, and stuff, but I will do my best to improve. Also, I don't know the Japanese language I just used google translate. If anyone knows Nihongo and read that it's incorrect, I will stop putting the Japanese words and I will just put a bracket on the dialogue to distinguished that they are speaking different languages. (⌒_⌒;) Thank you! ********************* A little warning that I forgot to put here, there will me inappropriate language and might have some mature content in future chapters. If that isn't your thing then I guess this story isn't for you, but thank you for checking out my novel! (⌒_⌒)

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