Miss Frail And Her Barmy BF
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Miss Frail And Her Barmy BF


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What is Miss Frail And Her Barmy BF

Read Miss Frail And Her Barmy BF novel written by the author KwimZhi on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, action, comedy, weaktostrong, faceslapping. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"Miracles do happen when you are with your best friend!" ---- "She will sleep with me even after your marriage! Do you have a problem with it?" Laura questioned loudly, earning everyone's attention present in that hall. "And we are thinking to even share our husband," She continued looking at Ayra who was now whiter than a ghost. When did she agree on such a crap? "So, Mister X! Do you accept this buy-one-get-one-free offer?" Laura calmly asked, her eyes sparkling with nothing but mischief, "You have 10 seconds to reply!"  "Ugh Ugh Ugh." The guy, Ayra's suppose to be date choked out his drink. "I I," He fumbled, it was just too much for his brain to replicate! "Times up Mister X! Babe, let's go." Grabbing Ayra's hand, Laura got up to leave. And when people thought she was crazy enough to say such words, she stopped in her way and walked back to his seat. Taking the untouched wine she had ordered earlier, giving the poor guy a second to blink, she poured it down his head. Gasps and murmurs built around a commotion but the manager stood behind, not daring to trigger the girl who had this city under her feet. "A wealthy man...." With a scorn, Laura continued, "With an octopus-like-physic like you would never earn a few bitches to play around. So, Mister Humanly-Octopus, do have plastic surgery before your next date!"  Her words turned him red while people around controlled their laughs. Wearing her sunglasses, she glanced around the room before dragging Ayra out. "What What was that?" Ayra trembled, her forehead dripping in a pool of thin sweat! "The act of a Wicked BF saving her Frail Girl-Friend!" Chuckling at her own comment, Laura entered the car. "BF?" Ayra halted, confused and surprised by the turn of events. "Of course, Best Friend darling!" Saying that, Laura winked at her and drove off at a high speed. … Disowned by the family, ditched by her husband who turned out to be jerk, Ayra Dale is now set to sail alone, to find happiness even on the darkest days of her life. But what would be the tragedy when she is offered a contract marriage? To be the mother of a 3 year old cutie pie? Laura Davies a headstrong doctor, the craziest one you will ever meet had everything her heart desired. Wicked and immoral, this heiress ruled the world with her own principles. But when the guy she had hated all her life returns back, will she still stick to her plans or open her heart for him? Curious about these best friends? Then add this book to your library and if you can afford, please support me with your golden tickets! XOXO~ Note - Story has TWO FLs with two different male leads. If you love revenge and faceslapping, this story is all you need XD!


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