8 Chapter 8: Her Acting Skills

Hearing Julia's words, everyone looked at Ana thoughtfully.

Indeed, why did she keep crying?

It was clear that Julia was more miserable.

Ford, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly stood up and walked to Julia. He was tall and blocked the dazzling light above.

Julia could see his long and straight eyelashes and his mole which was inexplicably attractive. He pursed his lips and said softly, "I send you back."

Ana stopped crying because she realized that no one was paying attention to her.

She said delicately, "Ford, I can rest assured that you send my little sister back."

She said that as if Ford was her husband..

Julia looked down and said coldly, "No, thanks." She didn't want to get close to him.

Julia cherished her life and only wanted to stay away from him and Ana. She didn't want to die. After leaving the Greens, Julia felt relieved.

Every time she came here, she would feel extremely depressed. She thought it would be good to live alone. It started to rain. Then she looked at the rain sadly.

Damn it!

Even the rain looked like feeling pity for her. She wasn't sad at all. She wanted to rush to the bus stop but was caught by a large hand.

Ford held an umbrella for her. She was slightly stunned and then tried to break free from him. But he grabbed her wrist more tightly. Ford frowned slightly. Julia's wrist was even thinner than he had imagined.

"Let's go." He said calmly.

Seeing that Julia was stunned, Ford impatiently pulled her to go. Ford drove the car by himself, and Julia was still stunned when she is pulled into the car.

She was confused, wondering why he actually cared about her. It was very quiet in the car. Ford didn't say anything along the way, and the atmosphere was very strange.

When they arrived at Julia's apartment, Ford took an umbrella and escorted her to the door

.Julia thanked him kindly and then turned around, but he grabbed her wrist. They were close and could even feel each other's breath. Julia's heart was beating wildly. She was nervous. Did she have a heart attack?

Seeing Julia's nervous expression, Ford frowned. He took out of a pot of cactus magically.

"Happy Birthday!"

She was shocked. 'What happened?'

Her future ex—husband gave her a pot of cactus. Somehow, this green plant made her feel that something was wrong! Why didn't he give her money directly? Julie restrained her anger and forcefully pretended to be calm.

She went home and placed the cactus on the balcony. She actually had six pots of cactus. Ever since high school, she would find a pot of cactus in front of her house every year on her birthday. So that her birthday wouldn't be so miserable.

Therefore, when she left the Greens, she only took away the cactus which had brought her happiness. Looking at the six pots of cactus which were identical but in different sizes, a thought flashed through her mind. But she didn't want to think that way.

Before she fell asleep, she decided to talk to Lily about her job tomorrow. It was more important for her to make money and save her life, so she must stay away from Ford and Ana.


The next day, Julia arrived at the set and read the script in a relatively quiet place. This was her last scene in [My Princess]. The female supporting role went mad because the Highness was about to get married, so she killed a group of guards and kidnapped the Highness at the edge of the cliff to prepare to die together.

In the end, she still couldn't bear to do that and jumped off the cliff alone. Julie had her own thoughts about the scene. In her dream, she kissed Lucas to say goodbye.

Although they didn't really kiss, she was still scolded badly when it was broadcast. Julia racked her brains to think about how to show her love and her emotions more vividly. During this period of time, she would follow the director to watch the play when she was free.

Now she felt so easy!

Not long after, she changed into a red wedding dress with exceptionally gorgeous makeup, looking very overwhelming.

She held a long sword in her hand and felt good when she thought that she could grab Lucas's neck and ruthlessly torture him later!

Lucas came earlier than usual, because he didn't sleep well last night. He had been wondering if his words had hurt Julia.

He looked around for Julia. But because it was her last scene, she seemed to be extremely busy. Looking at the script, putting on makeup and changing clothes, she didn't even glance at him every time he passed by her.

Lucas was arrogant, so he naturally wouldn't took initiative to come to Julia. The director had already made preparations.

"3, 2, 1, begin!"

"Henry! Why! Why aren't you willing to look at me?"

At the edge of the cliff, a beautiful woman dressed in red had a dagger stabbed into her chest. Her mouth, hands, and chest were covered with blood. She hugged a severely injured man and looked at him with infatuation.

"Let's die together!"

She displayed her mad and devilish love vividly. The next second, she fiercely pinched Lucas's neck and Lucas struggled heavily.

Lucas almost lost his breath. Julia was obviously venting her anger!

Julie laughed desperately, louder and louder.

"I still can't do it."

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"I don't want to meet you in the next life, Henry!"

After saying this, she calmly fell off the cliff alone.


The director took the lead in applauding, and everyone finally came to themselves from the shock. Julia actually had acting skill?


The director gave a thumbs up and was also very shocked. He really didn't expect that Julia could interpret such a vicious and infatuated villain so vividly. In the end, the explosion of her emotions was excellent! He really underestimated her who was actually smart.

Julia calmed herself down and said, "Thank you, director."

"Mr. Lucas, you're also very good." The director praised him. But Lucas didn't look happy at all.

Julia really pinched him, could the scene not be good? He suppressed his anger. Forget it. Just took it as an apology for his words last night. But he was also a little surprised just now. He really didn't expect that Julia could interpret the emotion so well.

Cindy, who stood in the crowd, was extremely angry. She wished she could rush up and tear Julia apart. Wasn't Julia a good—for—nothing who only knew how to hype up and piggyback on others' popularity? Why was her acting suddenly so good?

Right now, even the director, who had always been harsh, praised her in front of everyone! He had never praised Cindy before.

Cindy couldn't accept it!

Moreover, Julia had humiliated her twice. Today, Cindy would definitely take revenge on her. Thinking of the good show later, Cindy suddenly smiled. The smile was too sinister and scary.

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