Mischievous Time Stopper Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Mischievous Time Stopper


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A mischievous young boy, an orphan, of thirteen years, discovered that he had a one-of-a-kind ability. An ability that could easily bring him to the peak - or you could say that it had already brung him to the peak! The ability to stop time! With this ability, he would do whatever he desired! Tags: Action, Eastern Fantasy, Harem, Overpowered Protagonist, Super Handsome Protagonist, Romance (kind of), Sex, Incest, Loli, Underage Sex, Consensual Sex, Unconsensual Sex, Plot (i think?), Fast Cultivation, Dual Cultivation, Unique Cultivation Technique, Special Ability, More Hot and Steamy Sex, is this illegal?, probably, Mischievous Protagonist (at some point, somehow), Smut everywhere, Abusing Special Ability, Arrogant Young Masters, Arrogant Young Misses, Heavenly Beauties, and more!