97 Second Older Brother Now Online!

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It was a rare occasion that Huo Yao had asked about any of her brothers, so Song Ning replied with a smile. "He's a lawyer."

When Huo Yao learned about this, it toppled the myth that her older brothers were good for nothing and lived off their parents.

"Your second older brother was out on a business trip all this while, but you'll get to see him now," explained Huo Jinyan.

He was worried that Huo Yao might think that his son had purposely not come home.

Huo Yao nodded absently and looked adorable as usual.

20 minutes after the waiters served the seafood, Huo Tingrui arrived there.

At first glance, Huo Tingrui looked a little reserved. He had deep eyes and wore a pair of rimless glasses on his high nose bridge. He seemed refined and sharp and had the aura of an elite lawyer.

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