133 I Don’t Know Her Well, So This Has Nothing To Do With Me

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[I think Huo Yao is an embarrassment. She failed the language paper even though it was the easiest. I'm starting to suspect again that she took the back door to get into the school.]

[How could she have stood first in the National Quiz Contest if she failed her language paper? Mind boggling!]

[Was it because she was assigned to the last exam hall, and there were no good students for her to copy from? Are these her true grades?]

[Sounds about right. After all, she was the one with the most unusual seat during the exam. It seems the school intentionally arranged it.]

[I was wondering if Huo Yao would rank first in the exams, but judging from these language grades… erm… even if she scored full marks in other subjects, it's practically impossible.]

[She did so badly even in the language paper. How can you expect her to do well in other subjects? I think it's a lost cause.]


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