Miracle Doctor Miss Jiu Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Miracle Doctor Miss Jiu

Yin Ping

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“Madam, your husband is sick. I’m lovesick, I’m incurably sick. There’s no medicine that can heal me, I beg for your remedy!” “My men, your Emperor is having a relapse. Bring the silver needles!” “The silver needles will not work. Only you, Madam, can cure me. Your husband lay ready in bed.” “……” She was a miracle doctor with the most vicious methods. One fine day, she traversed worlds only to realize that she had become an ultra-worthless piece of waste. Through gritted teeth, she made an ambitious wish for herself, “I can lack everything in this lifetime of mine, the only thing that I must never lack is the company of men!” He was the two-faced Demon Emperor with a cruel heart under the cover of sugar-coated words. On the surface, he laughed things off with indifference, but secretly, he was really a wicked and merciless man who had destroyed woman after woman. Having undressed himself, he said, “Just in time, one of me can handle ten of you. You’re welcomed to inspect the goods.”