Mint And Martin 2 :This Man Is My Property
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Mint And Martin 2 :This Man Is My Property


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What is Mint And Martin 2 :This Man Is My Property

Read Mint And Martin 2 :This Man Is My Property novel written by the author Nick_BL on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering romance, bl, sex, lgbt. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


My Dear, This is Mint. this story's main Protagonist. you guessed it right, I like men. like a lot, literally. yes, I am the one, belong to that 10% population which consider as the minority, The LGBTQ+. but if you take aside the sexuality agenda, I'm a normal person like you. I have a family, friends like more than brother and sister. suitable college life and a friend that I have a crush on. I wake up early daily, take bath, eat meals regularly, and always be on time for college, being studious is my nature. posses talents and hobbies and thinking uniquely. facing difficulties and stress, dealing with them, and all stuff like that. I am as normal as you are as extraordinary as you are. practically I possess every characteristic of human beings. and this is my story. "Mint, have you make contact with any of our friends?" "I trying to call them, but no one is available at this moment. I'm now afraid. they might not get hurt?" "I don't know but I think they may be safe. I trust God for their safety. we just need to configure this Idea." "You might be true. I guess this earthquake might not cause any damage to them. but still, can't make any contact with them makes me more worried as per second passes." "Keep Hope Mint. everything will be fine. the disaster has passed. now we just have to figure out where their locations are. but first, you need to take a deep breath and calm your blood pressure down. don't be panic." "I am trying to calm myself down. but, as time passes I can't stop worrying about them. and I might keep worrying like this until I discover they are safe." I say a msg dropped into my phone. I rapidly get up and gear up for helping them. "Han, I should go and look for them. you have to rest" "I can't sit around and do nothing. when I knew my friends are out there. they might need my help. I should go too." "No, please, you are in no condition right now. look at you. you barely even walk right now. if you get out like this you have me behind to worry about you too." "but!" "I do not afford to listen to any excuses right now. just be here and I take the rest of the part to make sure they are safe." My heart-eating me out of worry. this is a case of emergency, of course, I would. why not. but nonetheless, I wasn't thinking straight. when I started to think, why I was running so desperate to the first destination. when I received the location like this crazy? I might say I can't judge myself for what reason my heart is shouting me to 'run' fast as I can. move my feet as I can, towards the person it might desire to take a glimpse to his safety. yes, I am figuring out myself too, why? why him? why this particular person my heart has a desire to see this extensively out of anyone in this entire planet right now? The upper phase might not be a question. but it might rather be it's an answer to itself. I just have to figure out what.


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